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SOSU Management Turkey Hofstede Dimensions Work Teams Research Paper

SOSU Management Turkey Hofstede Dimensions Work Teams Research Paper.

The country chosen is Turkey. The reason for choosing because is the most country I want to live there and the culture kind close to my country which is KSA.More details in the file.Write a 1000 word paper answering all of the attached questions. Use Hofstede’s dimensions to justify your decisions. Use APA formatting, and CITE ALL SOURCES. You should have at least three peer reviewed sources. The following website is a great resource but can not be used as a peer reviewed source: (Links to an external site.)Here is an example of using Hofstede’s dimensions for the USA: “How would you form work teams?”The United States scores 40 in Power Distance (Hofstede Insights, 2019) meaning workers don’t accept inequalities, they expect to be close to the leaders, and expect a voice in decisions. Therefore, the teams would need to be democratic in nature. The USA is also highly Individualistic, 91 on Hofstede’s dimensions (Hofstede Insights, 2019) showing that teams only function as long as every member can see the personal benefit of the team winning. I would make sure the team is evaluated on individual input and effort, not just as a team win. The USA scores a 46 on Uncertainty Avoidance (Hofstede Insights, 2019), so teams can work autonomously and, when a problem arises, they can have the freedom to problem solve without having to be micromanaged….
SOSU Management Turkey Hofstede Dimensions Work Teams Research Paper

Southwestern Community College Lactic Acid Compounds Discussion.

Summarize that acids are compounds that release hydrogen ions (protons) when dissolved in aqueous solution.Discuss how bases are compounds that are proton acceptors.Summarize the mathematical definition of pH is the negative of the logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration.Discuss how pH is a measure of the acidity of the solution. The lower the pH, the more acidic the solution.Summarize how buffers work based on the nature of weak acids and their conjugate bases that compose the buffer.Summarize how buffers are not just an artificial system used in the laboratory. Living systems are buffered by naturally occurring compounds.Instructions:Respond to the following:Why is lactic acid not always a bad thing?Rubric:-Posts well developed answers that fully addresses and develops all aspects of the concept-Posts factually correct, reflective and substantive contribution; advances discussion.-Use REFERENCES to literature, readings, or personal experience to support comments- be 500 words minimum :APA writing style
Southwestern Community College Lactic Acid Compounds Discussion

Capella University SLDC Best Practices and Implementaion on Her Presentation.

Create a slide presentation (12-15 slides; 20 minutes long) for a HIM team of a health care organization that is considering upgrading its existing EHR or implementing a new one. Address in the presentation: SDLC, migration plans, and best practices for successful EHR implementations.Take a minute to think about this scenario:The hospital where you work spent more than $1 million dollars designing and developing an EHR system. However, hospital leadership decided not to train employees on the new system. Why? They were operating under the assumption that in our technology-oriented society, everyone knows how to use computers. Right? The first day the system went live, everyone relied on paper records. No one documented anything in the brand new, $1 million EHR system.What went wrong?HIM professionals can help their organizations find solutions to critical, expensive problems like these. Knowledge of the systems development life cycle (SDLC) and skills in using this cycle can help to answer these questions. Remember that the EHR is a system. And like other information systems, it follows the six stages of the SDLC. These are:Identify need.Specify requirements.Design or acquire.Develop or Implement.Maintain.Monitor results.In particular, HIM professionals’ focus on the SDLC’s design, implementation, and maintenance phases and how those phases interact can add tremendous value to a successful EHR implementation. For example, in the design phase, HIM professionals skilled in using different tools within the EHR for workflow and process mapping can help to ensure that the business processes are organized in a way that produces the organization’s desired results each and every time.Likewise, knowledgeable HIM professionals can offer value in the SDLC’s implementation phase by citing credible, authoritative evidence to show their organizations that successful EHR implementations expend resources on end user training. The people using the system need to learn how to use the system so it can help them do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. After all, whether or not an EHR implementation is successful depends on whether the people using the system want to make it work and know how to make it work.In addition, HIM professionals can help their organizations understand the importance of regular, ongoing maintenance of its EHR system. Just as regular, ongoing maintenance of a house can prevent costly repairs and a depreciation of value, the same holds true for an EHR system.In this assessment, you will have the opportunity to educate fellow HIM team members about the SDLC and its application to EHR implementation as Vila Health considers an important strategic initiative. Should it keep and upgrade its existing EHR system, EHR Go? Or would it be better served by replacing the existing system with a new one?Demonstration of ProficiencyBy successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria:Competency 2: Evaluate the strategies for EHR design and implementation in the SDLC.Describe the SDLC stages.Explain the requirements for a successful EHR implementation. Evaluate a migration plan for an EHR implementation. Evaluate workflow and needs assessment in relation to EHR implementation. Competency 5: Communicate in a professional manner to support health data management.Create a clear, well organized, professional presentation that is generally free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.Follow APA style and formatting guidelines for citations and references. PreparationEHR GoComplete these specific EHR Go activities before beginning Assessment 2. You will be incorporating information from these activities into your assessment:This activity will provide you with a chance to document new information in an EHR. As you complete the activity, think about the workflow process. How could it be improved?EHR Go: Documenting a Patient Phone Call.This activity will help you identify best practices for an EHR implementation. It will also introduce you to meaningful use. As you complete the activity, think about the workflow process. How could it be improved?EHR Go: EHR Implementation.Case StudiesFor Assessment 2, select a different case study than you selected for Assessment 1. This time, choose a case study that allows you to focus on various aspects of the system development life cycle (SDLC). Analyze your selected case study and then incorporate appropriate elements into your assessment. Remember: Choosing a case study that allows you to meet the assessment’s scoring guide criteria is your responsibility. (n.d.). Case studies. Retrieved from this link, you will find EHR implementation stories from providers around the country. In addition, case studies from specific categories, such as meaningful use and health information exchange, are provided. On the left hand side of the screen, be sure to click the + sign to open the list of case studies.Michigan State Medical Society. (n.d.). EMR in physician practices: A summary of 14 case studies to guide Michigan physicians [PDF]. Retrieved from…These studies fill a gap in research by providing physicians with examples of adoption by practices of various sizes and settings.Capella Library Databases.This link takes you to a list of all Capella Library databases. Within this list, PubMed Central is a good resource for case studies. Search electronic health records to get started.Independent ResearchIf you are less familiar with EHRs, you may wish to conduct additional independent research. The suggested resources provide a good starting point. You may also wish to consult the Health Care Administration Undergraduate Library Research Guide for research tips and help in identifying current, scholarly and/or authoritative sources. Audio Recording of Your PresentationTo prepare for the audio recording of your presentation:Set up and test your microphone or headset using the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. You only need to use the headset if your audio is not clear and high quality when captured by the microphone. Practice using the equipment to ensure the audio quality is sufficient.Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to record your narration with your slides. If you choose to record your presentation using this tool, simply submit your presentation to the appropriate area of the courseroom. Your narration will be included with your slides. Consult the Using Kaltura [PDF] for guidance in how to record your presentation and upload it in the courseroom if you elect not to use Microsoft PowerPoint to submit your slides and narration.Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in this activity, please contact Disability Services to request accommodations.InstructionsIn this assessment you will continue on in your role as Vila Health’s EHR implementation consultant. Your boss, the HIM director, wants HIM department staff members to be informed about best practices for EHR implementation because Vila Health is considering whether to implement a new system or upgrade its existing one, EHR Go. The HIM director has asked you to prepare a 12–15 slide deck and present it at the next HIM department meeting. You will have a maximum of 30 minutes to deliver your presentation (20 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for Q&A;). Specifically, your boss wants you to cover SDLC, migration plans, and best practices for a successful EHR implementation. Your director also wants you to weave into your presentation examples from a case study, from the independent research you have conducted, and from your personal experiences.Your boss has approved the outline below. Use the notes portion of your presentation to build out what you will say during the presentation. As a reminder, be sure your slides cover highlights. Your notes section will spell out what you will say. Welcome (1 slide)How will you open your presentation in a way that engages your audience? For example, consider a compelling quote, a startling fact or statistic, or a thought-provoking question.Best Practices (1 slide)What is a best practice?How do we know something is a best practice?System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Stages (2 slides)What are the SDLC stages? What occurs during each stage?Why is it important for your audience to understand the SDLC stages?Successful EHR System Implementation Requirements (2 to 3 slides)What are the best practices for a successful EHR system implementation? Was the EHR implementation from your case study successful or not? Why or why not?What could have been done differently for a more successful implementation?Migration Plans for EHR Implementation (2 slides)What were the process steps (migration plan) used to implement the EHR in your case study?How effective was the migration plan for the EHR implementation in your case study?What could have been done differently in the migration plan for a more successful implementation? Workflow and Needs Assessment for EHR Implementation (2 slides)What are best practices for workflow and needs assessment for EHR system implementations? How effective were the workflow and needs assessment processes in your case study?What could have been done differently in these processes for a more successful implementation? Be sure to provide examples from your EHR experience in this course or in the workplace.Closing (1 slide)Prepare a list of three to five questions that you would expect to receive during the Q&A; session.References (1 slide)List any references used during the presentation.Once you have completed your slides and prepared your presentation notes, your next step will be to practice giving your presentation multiple times and then record it. Additional RequirementsFormat: Slide deck with 12–15 slides and notes. Include your voice-over narration (maximum of 20 minutes) with your slides.Visuals: Balance visuals and text in your slides. Incorporate appropriate charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, pictures, visuals, et cetera to help convey your message. Avoid making your slides too text heavy. Place additional information in your notes. APA: Follow APA style and formatting guidelines for citations and references. This guide is a good refresher on APA style and formatting guidelines: APA Style and Format.Writing: Create a clear, well organized, professional presentation that is generally free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
Capella University SLDC Best Practices and Implementaion on Her Presentation

Libyan Agricultural Infrastructure Analysis Essay

Introduction Libya is normally considered as the main gate between Europe and Africa. Research shows that it enjoys a varied climate. This permits desert and Mediterranean crops. Libya produces quality vegetables and fruits that are of better quality than that which is produced in the neighboring countries. A look at the weather conditions in Libya shows that the weather is very conducive to the production of quality products which makes this nation to be advantaged over the others. This nation can make good use of climatic diversity in the production of crops. They include olives, date palms, and citruses. This nation also grows potatoes, vegetables, peppers, and squash. History of Libya agricultural infrastructure development Research shows that since the early 8th millennium BC, Neolithic people inhabited the coastal plain in Libya. This group of people was quite skilled in crop cultivation and the domestication of cattle. For thousands of years, this culture continued to flourish. This continued until the barbers came in. It was later occupied by Greeks, Romans, and Phoenicians. This group of people was the first one to establish various trading posts in Libya. Rail infrastructure in Libya does not exist. There hasn’t been any railroad operating since the year 1965. This is when the rail services that existed were destabilized. Research shows that plans have been there to construct a new rail. The Libyan government has identified that this area needs immediate attention. It has allocated a sizeable amount of the budget for the upgrading of this sector. The rail sector is part of agricultural infrastructure. The telecommunications network in Libya is in the process of being modernized. There is only one internet service provider in this nation. Irrigation schemes are in operation and others are still in the process of development. In this nation, there is irregular rainfall which is not enough to support agriculture. Currently, there is a great man-made river project which has the potential of bringing approximately four hundred thousand acres of land to be cultivated. There is the installation of farm power in farms so that agricultural production is enhanced. Road network is part of the agricultural infrastructure that has been developed in Libya. This development has been done even in the rural areas. Libya is at the heart of Northern Africa and has got the fastest growing telecoms market. This is in the region of MENA. By the year two thousand and eight it is set to reach the United States $ 13.4 billion. Research shows that the Mahgreb area shows the fastest growth. Agricultural infrastructure development has gone through a major transition since the eighteenth century. The role of Libyan agriculture infrastructure in the economy Libyan agricultural infrastructure is essential in economic growth. This plays a big role in rural development in this nation. This is because agricultural infrastructures like irrigation schemes help to increase the agricultural produce in the rural areas. Farmers in the rural areas are in a position to produce more than they can consume hence sell the extra. Through this, the rural areas are developed. Agricultural infrastructure also plays a role in poverty alleviation in Libya. Improved agricultural infrastructure in Libya has played a big part in increasing productivity therein. An increase in productivity in this nation has become a very effective driver of economic growth. It has played a big part in poverty alleviation within and also outside the agricultural sectors in Libya. An increase in productivity largely depends on access to appropriate technology, well-functioning domestic markets, and rural infrastructure. The core of the economy in most countries is based on the agricultural sector. Research shows that due to the existing agricultural infrastructure in Libya, the agricultural sector generates thirty-three percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This constitutes fifty-two percent of total merchandise exports in the year two thousand and two. The agricultural sector accounts for forty-six percent of the employment in Libya. The development of agricultural infrastructure has played a big role in alleviating poverty in this nation. Rural agricultural infrastructure has played a big role in enhancing semi-subsistence and subsistence agriculture in Libya. This results in a productivity increase which also increases the farmer’s incomes. Farmworkers’ incomes are also increased through this. The purchasing power of citizens, in this case, is enhanced. Research carried out on Libya shows that each dollar of income from agriculture generates approximately $ 2.50 of the overall economic growth in this nation. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Irrigations schemes have been widely incorporated in Libya because this nation does not receive adequate rainfall. Irrigation schemes have been installed in the rural areas and they have enabled farmers to grow various crops like. Role of Libyan Agricultural infrastructure in the agricultural sector Libyan agricultural infrastructure plays a big role in enhancing the increase in the product in the agricultural sector. These infrastructures include roads, telecommunications, and electricity supplies. These are key in the stimulation of agricultural growth and investment. The availability of better communications helps in reducing market margins, increasing competition, and reducing transportation costs. Through this, there is a direct improvement of private investment opportunities and farm incomes in Libya. The current government in Libya is developing the agricultural infrastructure which is increasing farmer’s access to output and input markets. The agricultural infrastructure in Libya helps in the stimulation of the rural nonfarm economy. It also helps in the vitalization of rural towns such that consumer demand for agricultural products therein is increased. This plays a big role in the facilitation of the integration of un-developed rural areas into international and national economies. Agricultural infrastructure like irrigation, telecommunication, energy, and transportation sectors have got positive effects on the agricultural sector either directly or indirectly. An example of the improved road in Libya network has got positive effects on the agricultural sector. This is because farmers can easily transport perishable farm products like horticultural products from the farms to the markets. This helps to minimize loss through damage to the products. Research shows that the improved road network in this country helps in the fast transportation of farm inputs like seedlings, manure, and also farm machinery. Through improved road networks farmers are in a position of getting preventive pesticides on time. This leads to an increase in the production of agricultural products like potatoes, vegetables, peppers, and squash. Analysis in this nation reveals that solar power is used in the farms. This is sometimes referred to as wind power. This has played a big role in improving the agricultural sector. Solar power helps in the preservation of farm products. This is especially on the perishables like horticultural products that are normally exported to other nations. Such products include vegetables, flowers, oats, olives, date palms, and citruses. Solar power is also used to dry up some of these agricultural products which need to be dried up before processing. This has made it very easy to install agricultural machinery that uses solar power. This machinery makes farm preparation for planting very easy and also the period taken for carrying out such farm activities is shortened. Another role of the agricultural infrastructure is to ensure that there is provision for certain necessities such as farm input, pesticides, irrigation water, etc. This will therefore enhance the agricultural sector especially in the arid areas of the country. Libya for example is a semi-arid country that is just next to the Sahara desert and therefore it needs to utilize the external water available for irrigation purposes which can only be provided by an efficient agricultural infrastructure. We will write a custom Essay on Libyan Agricultural Infrastructure Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion Agricultural infrastructure in Libya is one of the best developed in North Africa and it is the backbone of the economy after oil. It has significant contributions to the agricultural sector and the economy of the country in general especially the provision of employment to the low-income population. This improved agricultural infrastructure leads to increase in production in the agricultural sector. It has played a big role in the enhancement of the economy that is worth emulating. Reference: Adair, M. (200): Agriculture in North Africa; Publications on Economics; Lawrence; University of Kansas. Banning, E. (1998): Impacts of Agricultural Infrastructure on Libyan Economy; 61(4); 188-237. Donkin, M. (2005): Libya’s Agriculture; How It Works; New York; Macmillan Press. Harris, D. (2001): Agricultural Infrastructure in Libya; an overall overview; KTAV Publishing House; Inc. Adair, M. (200): Agriculture in North Africa; Publications on Economics; Lawrence; University of Kansas. Banning, E. (1998): Impacts of Agricultural Infrastructure on Libyan Economy; 61(4); 188-237. Harris, D. (2001): Agricultural Infrastructure in Libya; an overall overview; KTAV Publishing House; Inc. Not sure if you can write a paper on Libyan Agricultural Infrastructure Analysis by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Banning, E. (1998): Impacts of Agricultural Infrastructure on Libyan Economy; 61(4); 188-237. Harris, D. (2001): Agricultural Infrastructure in Libya; an overall overview; KTAV Publishing House; Inc.

Deanza College Color Science and Fabric Technology Presentation

best essay writers Deanza College Color Science and Fabric Technology Presentation.

Create a PPT presentation identifying and exploring the theme of your new four-look fashion collection. Be sure to address all of the points listed in the Final Project Brief. Combine text and images to express your ideas. Cite your sources.Your presentation should include the following slides in this recommended order:Include a title page. Include your name, ID number, class title and section, and representative imagery.Provide an overview of color inspiration from fashion design.Include specific example of color use from stated inspirations, with analysis.Provide an overview of fabric inspiration from fashion design.Include specific fabric examples from stated inspirations, with analysis.Include other elements of color and fabric inspiration from other sources besides fashion design.Provide an overview of market for the collection. Who is buying it and why?Identify season and price point of the collection.Include a conclusion slide reviewing major points.more details Milestone 1: Identify Project Inspiration First, choose a framework for your drop. What is the theme behind your new collection? For your first milestone, you will outline and present your ideas for your drop. Create a PowerPoint presentation that answers the following questions in a thorough manner. Please combine text and images to illustrate your choices for each of the points listed here. • What designer fashion collections inspire you by their use of color? • What specific color examples of the above collections inspire you and why? • What designer fashion collections inspire you by their use of interesting fabrics? • What specific fabric examples of the above collections inspire you and why? • What other elements inspire you? Consider art, movies, music, celebrity influence, etc. Why? • Who is the market for your collection? • In what season will your collection be offered? • What is the price point for the products offered?there are two examples below
Deanza College Color Science and Fabric Technology Presentation

Personal Philosophy of Education

Personal Philosophy of Education. I’m studying and need help with a Philosophy question to help me learn.

This topic brings you full circle. You have an understanding of historical events that occurred in early childhood education, as well as theories and philosophies that influenced educational models. You researched current trends and issues in order to develop an advocacy speech, as well as a professional growth plan. This information will assist you in creating your own personal education philosophy.
An educational philosophy is often part of a teaching application, which lets your future employers see your classroom management style without seeing you teach. Although your philosophy will be adjusted throughout your program as you learn more about young children, how children learn, and developmentally appropriate practice, your educational philosophy will serve as a foundation.
In 500-750 words, describe your current philosophy of education. Include the following concepts:

Your belief about how learning occurs grounded in preferred theories and perspectives.
An explanation of how your teaching style will facilitate students’ learning and develop the whole child. Include your philosophy on the integration of technology with instruction in the early childhood environment.
Your beliefs about guiding children’s behavior and creating a welcoming learning environment.
Steps you will take to collaborate with families and the community in the growth and development of young children.
Ways in which you will create an inclusive learning environment.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
Personal Philosophy of Education

University of Maryland The Economic Disparities in Baltimore Research Paper

University of Maryland The Economic Disparities in Baltimore Research Paper.

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THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY FOR THIS REPORT IS DUE TOMORROW AT 8PM ESTPLEASE REALIZE THIS BEFORE ACCEPTINGThe executive summary must follow the Victoria Business School format as outlined in this video: The purpose of this report is to make recommendations, based on your research, to the mayor of baltimore city (the decision maker) about the disparity between upper and lower classes in the city. YOUR RESEARCH MUST SUPPORT YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS. Remember that the audience of the report is the mayor of baltimore city and that the end goal is to persuade him to follow the recommendations provided. The report MUST include the following: • title page • letter to the decision maker (this can be a business letter OR a memo) • executive summary • table of contents • introduction • body of the report to include headings and subheadings • conclusion stated as a recommendation for implementation of the solution • References page, with references listed in APA format (at least 10 references) • Any appendix (or appendices if there are multiples)FULL INSTRUCTIONS AND RUBRIC ARE ATTACHED
University of Maryland The Economic Disparities in Baltimore Research Paper