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Thesis statement: However, the originality of its movie plot is questioned and looked upon as a very close likening to Disney’s 1995 production Pocahontas. And we can discuss it in two major aspects: the plot and the topic. II. BODY A. Support Paragraph 1 1 . Thesis statement: “Two different worlds, one true love” is the major story line of both. 2. Supporting Ideas a. The male character gets an opportunity to step on a brand new world, and then makes the acquaintance of a girl with whom he will be in love. b.

The girl is the aughter of the local chief. c. Overtime, the male as well as female characters fall in love with each other. d. The best warrior in the world cannot accept the newcomer all along, and later be killed by the intruders. e. With the passing of time, the male character gradually identifies himself to be one of them and will try his best to protect the place when it encounters big trouble. f. The two distinct cultures eventually resolve their differences. 3. Summarizing/Concluding/Transition sentence: B.

Support Paragraph 2 . Thesis statement: They also resemble in the topic, or the message conveyed in the film. 2. Supporting Ideas a. Self-protection for the place which certain people belongs to: Even confronted with an all-time catastrophe, all the creatures pluck up their courage, arm themselves, and fight for their land to the last minute. b. Destruction through colonialism and the accumulation of wealth: The settlers are mining for gold in Pocahontas and unobtanium in Avatar. c.

Wrongs in modern society: The society focuses on the dvancement of modern technology, but overlooks the necessity of the abstention of exploiting the environment. 3. Significance of the theme song related to the message conveyed in the film: The singing female character is the representative of the new world where the male one never pictures and he is served as a stranger. 4. Summarizing/Concluding/Transition sentence: In both of the movies, a strong sense of identification with and unshakable resolution to stick up for the people’s home can

Formal analysis

For this assignment you will be given one scene from a television episode we’ve already screened and you will write a 400-450 word analysis of the formal and stylistic properties of that scene, as they relate to the meaning generated by that scene.
Vocabulary to Use in Your Analysis
(you don’t necessarily have to address all of these)
visual style
narrative structure
narrative complexity
production design