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some of your learning from this unit, you’re required to collect appropriate learning experiences/resources related to arts subjects you have examined in this unit. The purpose of this assignment task is to collate and justify resources to create a folio of creative arts experiences for the early years education.

Part A: Arts resources for inclusive practice (3 x 200 words—600 word total): Throughout the unit you’ve been collecting resources related to the disciplines of the Creative Arts: Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts. For Part A of this assignment, you’ll select three resources from your collection (linked to three different Arts subjects), to include in your folio. The selection of learning experience/resources is deliberatively open. Examples of resources you might select include physical objects such as a famous painting or a recycled artefact. They might also involve using a special piece of music, or an inspirational short video clip. They may even be learning experiences based on actions, such as demonstrating a particular movement sequence or a pattern of handclaps. For each of these learning experiences/resources, discuss: the broad aim of using this learning experience/resource and how it links to one of the creative arts subjects how the choice of learning experience/resource promotes inclusive creative arts practice. Part B: Detailed discussion of 3 resources (3 x 700 words—2100 word total): Choose three more resources for detailed discussion (make sure that across Part A and B you have covered each arts subject studied in the unit) and using the following points, explain how you’ll incorporate the resource into a meaningful Creative Arts experience for children aged from birth to five years. You’ll need to include the following points in your discussion: a brief description of the context: the setting, the age and background of the children your learning experience/resource is designed for a description of the learning experience/resource and how you would intend children to experience it how your learning experience/resource fosters children’s creativity, imagination, self-expression and aesthetic awareness the creative arts skills and understandings that you intend children to learn and how they link to national/and or state learning frameworks an outline of some of the teaching strategies that you would use to support the learning experience/resource a brief analysis of how the learning experience/resource supports the development level and particular interests and skills of the children in your description. Across Parts A and B you need to: provide at least one learning experience/resource for each of the creative arts subjects studied in the unit provide learning experience/resources for a range of age groups from birth to five. Your folio is to be submitted as a Word document and can include resources in the form of a URL (if from an external source), filename or screenshot.