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Some interpret this to mean that if you cannot say or write a point clearly, then you don’t really understand

Some interpret this to mean that if you cannot say or write a point clearly, then you don’t really understand the point well. Do you agree or disagree with this? Why?

LEVEL 1 – Writing about 10 jobs according to the conditions

Write a paragraph about Talk about every job like it’s your dream job
Describe the job responsibilities.
Explain why the job is right for you.
It is forbidden to quote and it is forbidden to use the Internet, it must be in your own style
You must apply the complete grammar rules in three sentences in each topic and underline themYou must use eight words from the unit in each topic and put a highlighter on them (you must apply the required)
Avoid plagiarismYou should use your own words and your own style

Self-esteem: Over-praising kids does more harm than good

Some interpret this to mean that if you cannot say or write a point clearly, then you don’t really understand Self-esteem: Over-praising kids does more harm than good.

It is an development advice critique, I will provide the link to the advice, please support the advice. I will also provide a research paper to use as the main support for the advice. I also have the instructions provided by the professor. It can be max 3 pages double spaced.

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Defining and Measuring Biodiversity

Defining and Measuring Biodiversity.

Defining and Measuring Biodiversity

Overview In response to the variable effects of conservation efforts and loss of biodiversity, zoos began to turn their attention to the conservation of endangered species and wildlife in the 1970s and 1980s. Supporting conservation efforts became an important goal for the modern zoo. A major milestone towards this goal was the Convention on Biodiversity which was signed at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. As the modern zoo continues to focus its efforts towards conservation, it has been seen by many as a sort of “Noah’s Ark,” primarily focused on conserving the precious few endangered species. Unfortunately, genetic, ecosystem and economic issues have created challenges for the conservation model of the modern zoo. Read the following articles that expand on the conservation efforts of zoos and their use of technology towards this goal. Readings Keulartz, J. (2015). Captivity for conservation? Zoos at a crossroads. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics. Kobilinsky, D. (2016). New live cam technology might help conservation. Accessed August 13, 2016, at Genetics Research has shown that zoos currently hold about 15% of the endangered land animals in captivity. There remains a continual struggle to breed these animals due to low numbers. A zoo’s ability to maintain enough genetic variability among individual species is impossible and space limitations prevent expansion to allow the influx of more animals. Economics The secondary goal for many zoos, that of reintroduction to the wild, also faces challenges due to the costs involved, from financial to ecological. Animals living in captivity often lose the necessary skills to survive in the wild once released. Ecosystems Lastly, the ecosystems into which the captive animals are eventually released are constantly changing. Many factors may have affected their previous habitat, preventing the animal’s chance at a successful re-introduction to the wild. Education and Technology Technology and education have also been identified as important components in maintaining the biodiversity of the natural world. Zoos are in a unique position to educate the public about conservation issues and they are continually looking for ways to convey this information to visitors. The Metro Richmond Zoo uses video cam technology to encourage cheetah conservation by streaming live footage of cheetah litters online. Viewers witness the day-to-day lives of the cheetah cubs without human interference or disturbance. Answer the following questions in complete sentences using an essay format. See the SLP Assignment Expectations for further directions on formatting and organization. Assignment Directions: Discuss how zoos have evolved over the past 50 years to become conservation centers. Incorporate the role of zoos in educating the public into your response. Discuss some of the economic pressures faced by zoos—namely space, capacity, and resources—that can affect their conservation efforts. How does a species get on the Endangered Species List? Take a virtual trip to the zoo using one of the links below and observe at least one of the endangered species. Take a Virtual Visit to the Zoo You can take a virtual visit to the zoo any day of the week by tuning into any of the following live webcams, which feature many endangered animals. The World Wildlife Fund lists many of these animals as priority species. Watch elephants at the Smithsonian Zoo on the elephant cam: The Houston Zoo has some of the best webcams of gorillas, rhinos, elephants, flamingos, and giraffes here: The Reid Park Zoo in Arizona has webcams of lions, giraffes, elephants, lemurs, grizzly bears, and flamingos here: See pandas, elephants, apes or polar bears (the elephant has the most informative cam view) at the San Diego Zoo Pick an animal webcam of your choice Make your own ethogram. An ethogram is a graph or chart of animal behavior that is used to compare certain behaviors that can be observed while animals are in captivity. Choose one animal from the webcam links above and observe its behavior at several different times during the day or over the course of several days. Take notes on its behavior using the ethnogram (include this chart in your essay). Choose 4 or 5 different time points (on the hour or half hour, it does not need to be the same day or the exact time point).

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Book of Amos, Habakkuk, and Malachi

Book of Amos, Habakkuk, and Malachi.

 Based on Hill & Walton chapters 35, 40, 44; videos; and your personal experience answer the following questions: How would you summarize the messages of Amos, Habakkuk, and Malachi? Does our world still struggle with social oppression, the issue of theodicy, and religious ritualism without a covenant relationship? Are the messages of these three prophets still relevant for the church today, why or why not? 2. Briefly describe what has been the most informative, and/or mind-opening lesson you have learned from your study of the Old Testament this semester. What is one thing that you can take away from this course and apply to your personal life, ministry, and/or career?

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Nurse Leadership Memo

CompetencyEvaluate leadership and management attributes that support critical decisions for nursing practice.
ScenarioYou have recently started a position as a department director with five managers reporting to you. Earlier today, one of your managers reports that a client expired on her unit. She suspects that a factor that may have contributed to the client’s demise may be related to actions of a nurse on her unit. This nurse has several notes in her personnel file that reflect potential client abuse. You and the nurse manager both have concerns that this sentinel event must be investigated.
Later in the day, the Chief Nursing Officer asks you to speak to new nurse managers to share attributes of leadership with the plan of enhancing their leadership skills. You see an opportunity to combine the situation of the client with a bad outcome, due to the alleged influence of one of the nurses, while building information to share this real-life situation with new nurse leaders.
InstructionsAs a follow up to the investigation of the client’s unexpected death, generate an internal memo to your managers to reflect leadership and management attributes and include steps taken to investigate this unfortunate situation. As you create this memo, keep in mind that you should include:
At least five leadership and/or management attributes for nurse leaders, as well as how they can improve client outcomes.
Steps you would take to ensure collection of data regarding this incident.
Describe how transformational leadership style may influence the process of investigating this professional nurse colleague that reports to one of your unit managers.
Provide stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.