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some important economic and environmental problems facing China’s agricultural sector?

Whatever research orientation you adopt for your report, you must outline the issue under examination by providing its geopolitical context, causes, extent, and examples. You must use geographic concepts and techniques in your analysis of the issue. You will discuss how the issue is being addressed by the people/organizations in the region, and critically assess their reasonableness and effectiveness. You will state and support with argument your group consensus on how the issue ought to be dealt with.
(Please describe the environment and economical effects in the north of China or the northwest of China. And you can choose a city in the north of China to be an example).
Don’t forget the bibliography, please!

Should we continue to administer IQ tests?

Should we continue to administer IQ tests?.

 Should we continue to administer IQ tests? Why or why not? Include at least one piece of evidence from an academic journal article to support your answer. Please include the appropriate reference. Your answer should be at least two paragraphs long.

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