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SOCW 6301 Walden University Same Sex Marriages Challenges Research Proposal

SOCW 6301 Walden University Same Sex Marriages Challenges Research Proposal.

Assignment: Introduction to Research Proposals Just because you thought of an interesting
research question and have a desire to conduct research does not mean
that your research will automatically be supported by faculty or funded
by an organization. In order to gain stakeholder approval, you must
submit a research proposal. Much like an outline of a paper or a
treatment of a movie script, the research proposal contains several
parts that begin with a research question and end with a literature
review. For this Assignment, you compile a research proposal that
includes a research problem, research question, and a literature review.For
this Assignment, choose between the case studies entitled “Social Work
Research: Couple Counseling” and “Social Work Research: Using Multiple
Assessments.” Consider how you might select among the issues presented
to formulate a research proposal.Be sure to
consult the outline in Chapter 14 the Yegidis et al. text for content
suggestions for the sections of a research proposal. As you review
existing research studies, notice how the authors identify a problem,
focus the research question, and summarize relevant literature. These
can provide you with a model for your research proposal.By Day 7Submit a 5- to 6-page research
proposal stating both a research problem and a broad research question
(may be either qualitative or quantitative). Use 6–10 of the most
relevant literature resources to support the need for the study, define
concepts, and define variables relevant to the question. Include a
literature review explaining what previous research has found in
relation to your problem and question. The literature review should also
include a description of methods used by previous researchers. Finally,
be sure to explain how your proposed study addresses a gap in existing
knowledge.Yegidis, B. L., Weinbach, R. W., & Myers, L. L. (2018). Research methods for social workers (8th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.Review Chapter 4, “Conducting the Literature Review and Developing Research Hypothesis” (pp. 71-99)Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen S. M. (Eds.). (2014). Social work case studies: Foundation year. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. [Vital Source e-reader].Social Work Research: Couples Counseling
SOCW 6301 Walden University Same Sex Marriages Challenges Research Proposal

NYU Zooming in And Zooming out Whats Private Zoom & Privacy Experience Essay.

Overview:For many of us, this semester is the first time that we have spent so much of our time on Zoom both in our personal and professional lives. You have already documented three of your experiences with Zoom throughout the semester in the diary study entries. In this written assignment, we will ask that you return to those diary entries, connecting themes you surfaced to topics that we have discussed in this course. Assignment Instructions: You are welcome to complete this assignment either individually or with one colleague. If you submit individually, your assignment should be no more than 3-pages; if you submit with a colleague, your assignment should be no more than 4-pages. Papers should be double spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins.Your written reflection should contain the following:Provide an analysis of your diary entries. What similarities do you notice between the entries? What differences do you notice? What stands out? In what way, if at all, did documenting your use of Zoom influence your use later on? Briefly reflect on the diary study as a research method. What data were you able to gather? How do the insights from the diary study compare to insights that might emerge from analyzing data collected via tracking users’ passive behavior (i.e., analyzing Zoom recordings)? Using the privacy analytic developed by Mulligan, Koopman, and Doty (2016), analyze your diary study entries. Your analysis should engage with two parts of the privacy analytic: (1) ‘dimensions of harms’ and either (2) ‘dimensions of protection’ or ‘dimensions of provision.’ In addition, engage with at least one other academic course reading from week 10 (i.e., no podcast episodes or news article).Please engage with at least one of the following articles:
NYU Zooming in And Zooming out Whats Private Zoom & Privacy Experience Essay

writing a memo. I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.

nner Office Memo Assignment
Write a memo
To: new office hires
From: your name
Date: due date
Subject: Importance of good writing skills and amount of time spent writing
The contents of this document is to be a discussion about the average amount of time spent on various forms of communication required for the position of a computer professional. In addition, the discussion should include the importance of effective communication to meet minimum requirements of satisfactory job performance as evaluated by the immediate supervisor.
Locate some information about what has been published regarding these two issues on the Internet. Find at least two recent, not older than two years, articles on the Internet that discuss these issues. At least one article about the average amount of time spent in communicating; and at least one article about the importance of effective communication in receiving a satisfactory job rating. Summarize the information found in this memo for the intended audience. Include the URLs where the articles can be found on the Internet at the end of your document and suggest that the recipient of the memo read the articles.
writing a memo

20 multiple choose from international finance.

Final Exam: 2 qual; 18 quant; breakdown of quant. questions: A question on PPP; a question on IFE; a question on technical forecasting; 2 questions on fundamental forecasting; a question on forecast error; a question on calculating average net inflows/outflows; a question on translation exposure; 2 questions about hedging using money market/forward hedge; a question about hedging using currency call options; 3 questions pertaining to multinational CB (eg. in Ch. 14 which we discussed during last week’s web conference); 2 questions on country risk analysis (eg. in Ch. 16 which we discussed tonight); 2 questions from section 21-4 (calculating effective yield)
20 multiple choose from international finance

CTU Wk 1 Marketing Plan Factors and Variables Discussion

CTU Wk 1 Marketing Plan Factors and Variables Discussion.

Michelle, Elena, and the Mobile Manufacturing, Inc. (MM) board of directors know how important it is to understand the environment in which it is operating. They hired you—a highly-regarded marketing consultant—to bring a fresh perspective to the marketing plan. You are scheduled to meet with Michelle and Elena next week to discuss the environmental conditions that are relevant to introducing the new product.As you prepare for the meeting, you consider all of the possible environmental issues. You recognize that Elena brings an interesting perspective to the process because she has experience designing mobile phones for the Eastern European market, and she is pushing for a new product that can be marketed worldwide. On the other hand, Michelle is more concerned with the domestic marketplace and is worried that trying to market a new product anywhere outside the United States—much less worldwide—could be very risky.You sit down to start your work on the marketing plan, and you begin by drafting some goals that the marketing plan needs to address.Primary Task Response: Write 400-600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.Walking through the halls at MM, you ponder the job that lies ahead. Coming out of her office, Michelle spots you and heads in your direction.”I’m so glad you’re here,” she says. “Have you settled into your office?””Yes,” you say. “I’m eager to get started.”Michelle enters your office and takes a seat in a chair. “I’m scheduled to make a presentation to the board at the quarterly meeting next week. I know it’s short notice, but I was wondering if you could pull together a 30-minute presentation for them?” she asks.”What would you like me to present?” you ask.”As you know, you and Elena have been brought on to revitalize the product line for the company. Your role is to create a winning marketing plan that will allow us to capitalize on the new product that Elena is designing. The board would like you to discuss some of the issues that you will be considering as you develop the marketing plan for the new product. I know they’re especially interested in your thoughts on the global market.””That sounds like a great idea,” you say.Consider the environmental variables (i.e., technological, demographic, economic, political, and cultural variables) that you must include in your marketing plan, and answer the following:Which of the environmental factors do you feel is the most critical, and why?What might someone with an opposing viewpoint think is the most important?Given this opposing argument, how would you argue your opinion?What solutions should be considered as you seek to develop a sense of ownership of your plan?What solutions would you recommend to the board, and why?Is a compromise feasible?
CTU Wk 1 Marketing Plan Factors and Variables Discussion

Joining the Club: Accession to the GATT/WTO article analysis

assignment writing services Joining the Club: Accession to the GATT/WTO article analysis.

I have an assignment due, there are 10 parts that are supposed to be identified in the article. I will post that article and the questions below. Going in depth a lil bit is fine. EASY WORDS are to be used. Here is the article =…and here are the ten parts that need to be identified Title Main Point and Question Puzzle Debate Theory Hypotheses Research Design Empirical Analysis Policy Implications Contribution to the Discipline and Future Research
Joining the Club: Accession to the GATT/WTO article analysis

Discussion board

Discussion board. I’m studying and need help with a Anatomy question to help me learn.

1) comment to this and ask a question related on this comment.
Our voices are all unique, and no two voices are the same. Voice production stems from the larynx of the lower respiratory system. Folds of the laryngeal epithelium branch into the glottis, and covers the vestibular and vocal ligaments. “Air passing through the glottis vibrates the vocal folds and produces sound waves. The pitch of the sound produced depends on the diameter, length, and tension of the vocal folds”(Martini, 2017 p. 631). The tension is determined by the contractions of skeletal muscles. Another factor that determines the differences in voices would be the voluntary movements one makes with their tongue, lips, and cheeks.
Children tend to have higher pitched voices because of the length and shape of their vocal folds. “Children have slender, short vocal folds, so their voices are high-pitched”(Martini, 2017, p. 631). Overtime, the length and shape of their vocal folds will change, thus creating a new voice. In males, during puberty the larynx enlarges more than a females would. “The true vocal cords of an adult male are thicker and longer, and they produce lower tones than those of an adult female”(Martini,2017, p. 631). We have our larynx to thank for our unique voices.
Martini, F. H., Tallitsch, R. B., & Nath, J. L. (2017). Human Anatomy (9th ed.). The Sympathetic Division. Glenview, IL: Pearson.
2) comment to this and ask a question related on this comment.

Throughout my life, I’ve paid close attention to the gradual changes in vocal pitch exhibited by my younger brother. I remember as a child, his voice was similar to mine: high-pitched, airy, and not particularly powerful. This was due to my brother’s “slender, short vocal folds” which aided in “creating a high-pitched sound” (Clark, 2018). Differences in vocal pitch are hugely determined by the “diameter, length, and tension in the vocal cords” (Clark, 2018).
In the case of my brother, when he reached early high school his voice began to change dramatically. His “vocal folds… [became] thicker and longer thus producing a deeper voice” (Clark, 2018). My voice, which had leveled off and remained the same since puberty, was noticeably higher than my brother’s. This suggests that as a female, my vocal folds are not as thick and long as my brother’s, which accounts for differences in vocal pitch between males and females.
Each person’s anatomy is unique, therefore, each person’s expression of vocal pitch will be unique. This is why a cross-sectional study of vocal pitch in mature males and females would conclude in a vast variety of results spanning the spectrum from very high to very low.
Reference:Clark, R. J. (2018). Chapter 24: the respiratory system. Mira Costa College.

Discussion board

Competency On Job Analysis Management Essay

Yeo Hiap Seng Malaysia Berhad Yeos Company is a manufacturing company that involved in production, sale and marketing of bevarages and food. Yeos Company has created a few brand names, such as “Yeo’s Company”, “Cintan”, “Soyrich”, “Fizzi” and “Goodtase”. The manufacturing factories are located throughout the whole Malaysia. Vision of Yeo’s Company is ‘to be the No.1 Asian Food and Beverage Company in Malaysia’. (Yeo’s) In job analysis, Yeo’s Company focus on enriching the skill, knowledge and competency level of the employees. The main purpose is to increase its productivity and profits as well. By this, Yeo’s Company has focusing on several different matters in competency on job analysis, such as competency-based training, competency-based recruitment and selection. There are also some legal considerations that are needed to be considered in job analysis as well. Competency on Job Analysis In human capital, Yeo’s Company claims that it always offers training and development programs in order to provide a supportive working environment, culture and norm in the organization. By this, Yeo’s Company employees participate in many different types of in house as well as external training courses in order to improve their technical-related skills and soft management skills, such as communication skill, adaptation skill and leadership skill every year. This will help the employees to perform better. Since Yeo’s Company is producing food and beverages products, so the core competencies of Yeo’s Company are behavioral competencies, functional competencies and leadership competencies. Behavioral and functional competencies are required for employees while leadership competency is required for managerial position. There are a systematic manufacturing process in producing food and beverages. Thus, all employees especially those who are from production department need to have behavioral competency to work as a team and also functional competency to have high productivities. For example, when Yeo’s Company is producing a soya drink, there will be several procedure and step to be followed. First step is procuring raw materials. Second step is de-hulling followed by invalidating indigestible, rough grinding and so on. The last step is packaging and labeling as well. All the procedure must be done from the first to the last, otherwise the product unable to be produced. Thus, all employees in each of the process must have the specific technical skill and work together to have better performance. (Rank, J) Furthermore, the employees at the each of process must have a very high specific competency level, ability and knowledge about the task, what should they do and how they do. For example, employees who are working at packaging stage must ensure that all the drinks do not leak out of the package and do not expose to the air, otherwise the drinks is spoiled. Besides, they also need to make sure that the volume of the drinks must be accurate. In order to eliminate the mistake made by the employees, Yeo’s Company has provided different types of competency-based training programs for the employees, especially specific technical-typed of training. This means each of the employees will be trained as a expert in that particular job scope. For example, employees in packaging process will attend only for packaging training rather than others. This is because Yeo’s Company must make sure that the employees know 100% of the job responsibilities and requirement as well. Other than that, all the directors play an important role in the work force, department and also organization. The directors with good leadership skill, effective communication skill, high effectiveness and efficiency can influence or change the attitude and behavior of the employees. With this, higher working spirit among the employees will automatically become the norm of the organization. Thus, directors’ roles are increasingly demanded in Yeo’s Company. The Board of Directors of Yeo’s Company updates and improves themselves with some relevant and important training programs, such as talks, seminars and workshops. For example, all directors attended an in-house training program named “Competition Law in Malaysia” on 27 July 2010. The next example is all members of the Board have also attended the Mandatory Accreditation Training Programme (MAP) provided by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Name of Directors Training Programme Tjong Yik Min Far East Organization Leadership Talk Series on 26 March 2010 Dato’ N. Sadasivan a/l N. N. Pillay Forum on FRS 139 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement – The Challenges of Implementing FRS 139 on 6 January 2010 Reclaiming the Commons: Collaborating and Competing in the new Economic Order on 4 October 2010 New Business Frontier: Innovative Human Capital on 12 October 2010 Workshop on GST and Transfer Pricing on 25 October 2010 Boardroom Experience on 26 November 2010 Razman Hafidz bin Abu Zarim 18th World Congress of Accountants 2010 on 8 – 11 November 2010 Yap Ng Seng Mandatory Accreditation Programme for Directors of Public Listed Companies on 22

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