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SOCW 6070 Tennessee Technology Center at Hohenwald Leadership & Management Question

SOCW 6070 Tennessee Technology Center at Hohenwald Leadership & Management Question.

I’m working on a sociology writing question and need an explanation to help me learn.

Assignment: Journal: Leadership and Management—A Personal PerspectiveLast week, you began exploring the similarities and differences of leadership and management roles and the contributions these roles make to an organization’s functioning. Social workers need to be aware of these similarities and differences in order to determine which management or leadership skills are most appropriate in a given position or situation.This week, you have focused on the influence of external factors on an organization’s functioning with a special focus on their impact on the leadership of social workers in supervisory roles.As you have explored leadership and management roles, skills, and behaviors, you may have become aware of how these align, or do not align, with your personal skills, strengths, and interests. You may also have begun to consider how external factors might influence you if you were to assume a leadership or management role in social work.For this Assignment, you assess your strengths and areas for growth in order to determine what aspects of leadership and management are a good “fit” with your personality, leadership style, and relevant skills. You also address how external factors might influence you as you serve in a leadership or management role.Assignment (4–5 paragraphs): Complete the following:
Assess your strengths and areas for growth with regard to both the leadership and management roles based on what you understand about these roles so far. Be sure to address whether your skills and interests align better with the leadership or management role.
Identify at least one area of growth in either of these roles you would like to further develop, and explain why.
Identify two significant external factors that might influence your work if you served in a leadership or management role in social work. Explain why these external factors are significant and how they might affect your work as a leader or manager. Required Readings

Northouse, P. G. (2013). Leadership: Theory and practice (6th ed.). Los Angeles: Sage PublicationsReprinted by permission of Sage Publications via the Copyright Clearance Center.

Chapter 1, “Introduction” (pp. 1–17)
SOCW 6070 Tennessee Technology Center at Hohenwald Leadership & Management Question

Digital Marketing Roles & Companies Discussion. I don’t understand this Marketing question and need help to study.

Discussion 300 words

Imagine that you are looking for a job in digital marketing. What would be your ideal position? What type of company would you want to work for (think both in terms of company size and company stage)?
Write a short paragraph stating the following:

The type of marketing you are interested in (e.g., content marketing, social media marketing, display advertising). If you need a refresher, return to this lesson on types of digital marketing.
The kind of company you are interested in working at. If you need a refresher, return to this lesson on digital marketing workplaces.
The business model and lifecycle stage of this potential company. If you need a refresher, return to this lesson on business lifecycle and models. (As a bonus, you may want to do some research and select a specific company to support your post.)
Your rationale for your choices above. Consider using your results from the 16Personalities test to explain some of your choices.

Digital Marketing Roles & Companies Discussion

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i already do my slids and my teacher write commend to fix it this what my teacher say : Make your title slide look better. It needs pictures, so it won’t look so empty. Use a title on every slide. Don’t use “Con’d.” Fix the order of your slides, so the order matches the order we covered the topics in class. Start with oral presentations… then soft skills…. then non-verbal communication…. etiquette and business behavior… teams… job interviews…. customer service… conflict resolution, and feedback.Be sure to proofread everything. I didn’t try to look for writing errors.i will put file
edit my slids

SEH 495 CSUDH Sport Students Tuition Discussion.

Topics/Issues- *Should college players get paid?(why/why not etc.)*How much contact in sports is too much contact?T(CTE,injurie,lshort/ong term)*Should woman get paid more in the NFL? (compare men/woman salaries,)Select an^^ topic/issue^^ that was studied during the fall semester and is relevant/of interest to
your chosen career path. Your topic, which must be approved by the instructor, and may deal
with any Sport Industry-related topic found in the textbook.
This assignment provides you with an excellent opportunity to engage in scholarly
investigation and writing. The paper is required to be 8-10 pages in length, not counting your
title page and reference page.
In order to provide an in-depth analysis, you should include at least 5 references from peer reviewed academic sources in your research paper (2010-present).
You must prepare a well-written document according to the current APA standards which are
found in the current APA Publication Manual and in the link to Style Guides on the library
home page (title page, page header, subheadings, etc.).
I. Introduction – with a proper heading
a. Significance of the topic to the Sport Industry
b. Explain important concepts, principles, and terms
c. State the purpose of the paper (e.g., inform, persuade, debate, etc.)
II. Literature Review – with a proper heading
a. Must include a minimum of five (5) academic journal article (2010-present).
b. Incorporate the information from the articles in your own words.
c. Synthesize (not summarize) the information.
III. Summary and Conclusions – with a proper heading
a. Conclusions are mandatory – this is where you will suggest changes (based on the
relevant literature) and future directions of the issue.
b. State your own detailed personal position, values and philosophy regarding the topic.
c. Papers will be evaluated according to their clear, concise rational argument.
d. Papers will not be evaluated on the particular position taken, but instead on the quality
of your work.
IV. References – with a proper heading
a. Proper APA format requiredAttached example paper attached a good example.
SEH 495 CSUDH Sport Students Tuition Discussion

ISSC471 AMU Compliance Within The System/Application Domain

ISSC471 AMU Compliance Within The System/Application Domain.

Class, I appreciate your participation in this forum. For this forum, create an original post addressing the topic(s) below, preferably prior to midnight ET on Wednesday. Continue to follow your classmates’ posts for the remainder of the week and respond to two or more of your classmates prior to midnight ET on Sunday. Your follow-up posts may add additional insights to a classmate’s opinions or may challenge posted opinions. Use examples from the readings, or from your own research to support your views as appropriate. Be sure to read the follow-up posts to your own posts and reply to any questions or requests for clarification. By the way, include the name of the person’s post you are replying to and your source for further research or reference.Where necessary, include in-text citations in APA format within the text of your post and a reference list in APA format at the bottom of your post. For examples of APA format, review the pages on “in-text citations” and “reference list” in this tutorial: Points:Discuss best practices for the system/application domain.Forum Rubric for Grading: Rubric for Learner PostsPointsSynthesis of concepts in 250 or more words (critical to class performance)30Applications of personal experience20Clear citation10Writing standards20Responses to two or more students (at least 150 words each)20Downloadable Rubric Description
ISSC471 AMU Compliance Within The System/Application Domain

University of The Cumberlands Computer Science Technology in Business Question

online dissertation writing University of The Cumberlands Computer Science Technology in Business Question.

Portfolio Project: Please approach this assignment as a Consultant writing a Business Portfolio on the use of a technology discussed in our book for an industry of your choice; it could be your place of employment. Discuss the industry’s current business processes, and explain how their business processes can be improved by utilizing concepts surrounding analytics, data science, or artificial intelligence. Be specific about the type of technology, for example:New Technology – Smart Automation Specific Technology – Light-Dimming TechnologyIndustry – Energy Saving IndustriesDescribe the current business situation and how your selected technology can improve their business. Identify the pros and cons of your research paper, in addition to the benefits. Also, identify the various business factors that should be considered before deploying the new technology.The above submission should be three pages in length. Remember the total length does not include the APA approved cover page or the references. There should be at least three APA approved references to support your work.
University of The Cumberlands Computer Science Technology in Business Question

Reflection Essay Help

Reflection Essay Help. I’m studying for my Writing class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

REFLECTION PAPER – Throughout the semester students will be asked to reflect on different topics related to their professional development and personal growth. Regularly reflecting on your internship experience should provide a basis for the Critical Reflection paper due at the end of the semester.
This two-part reflection paper should be approximately 800-1000 words and clearly label each section:
o Part #1: Challenges (400-500 words)
o Name 2-3 challenges you are facing in your internship; how are you coping with them?
o Since starting your internship experience, what has struck/surprise you the most (i.e. what did you least expect about your role and responsibilities, the environment, etc.)?
o What lesson(s) can you draw from these understandings? o How will these lessons support your professional development?
Part #2: Strengths & Weaknesses (400-500 words)
o Describe your strengths are as an aspiring professional in your field (i.e. in what activities or projects do you advance with confidence? How so?)
o What would you consider your weaknesses to be (i.e. are you not organized? Do you struggle with socializing in large networking events? Are you afraid of giving a public presentation? Etc.)
o What can you do to address these weaknesses? (Important: make references to particular activities or projects you are involved with in your internship site)
o How can you continue to utilize your strengths to simultaneously challenge any foreseeable weaknesses and develop your professional toolkit?
All written work must be typed, single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1-inch margins on all sides, and page numbers. All written work must fall within the word count listed in the syllabus (word count: in parentheses & included after the conclusion or last section of an assignment)
 All citations and reference list must adhere to the style manual of the American Psychological Association (APA)
 Cite your sources (always). Failure to cite sources appropriately will not only result in deduction of points but also in failure of the assignment
 No title page. Name, course number and date of the assignment need to be on the left top corner of the first page. For group assignments, all members must be identified by name
Reflection Essay Help

Georgia Military College Milledgeville Campus Critical Thinking Paper

Georgia Military College Milledgeville Campus Critical Thinking Paper.

For the first assignment, find an article in the news demonstrating a person’s character, either good or bad and answer the following questions: What makes this person’s character good or bad? How do other sources agree or disagree with you? Based on the results of your Critical Thinking Mindset Self-Rating Survey, what can you do to improve your everyday critical thinking and reasoning skills and how could these skills help you achieve good character? How did critical thinking or the lack of it play a part in the character of the person you discussed in question 1?How do the GMC core values – Duty, Honor, Country and the GMC Honor Code (“I will neither lie, cheat, steal nor tolerate others who do.”) attempt to help you achieve good character? Do you think having these values and an honor code help you achieve good character? Why or why not? Does the person you researched have any stated values? Do they live up to them?in MLA format
Georgia Military College Milledgeville Campus Critical Thinking Paper