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Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help. The annotated bibliography for your Diversity Management Proposal is now due. Create an annotated bibliography with four scholarly sources that you may use in your proposal to support your discussion of the problem or the solution. Scholarly sources include academic journals. Make sure to format your annotated bibliography according to APA formatting guidelines.For this Annotated Bibliography assignment you can utilize the APA guide in the Resources area of the course. Click on Resources at the top of the course page, the APA guide, then click on the left side of the page where it says Annotated Bibliography. There are a lot of resources here to help you.Also one of your sources for the annotated bibliography will need to be an actual interview. One suggestion would be to interview your HR manager at your job regarding the diversity problem you selected for your paper and get their perspective on the problem. You can also interview a neighbor, friend, coworker, etc. The key is to discuss the diversity issue you chose for your project with someone to help you get ideas on how to resolve the problem. You are required to put the interview in APA format too.An example of a personal communication in-text citation might look like this: According to F. Bennis (personal communication, January 29, 2016)Below is a link to a document to help you with formatting your Annotated Bibliography:APA Guidelines: Annotated BibliographyBelow is an example for your reference and in-text citation for an interview….Frank, Bennis M., head of Marine Corp Oral History program at Pentagon. Telephone interview, 29, January 2016. This informant discussed the top secret classifications of the Navajo code. He stated that there is no documentation in Marine Archives of the Japanese being able to decipher every American code, but it was a known fact during World War II that Japanese were deciphering many American codes. He acknowledged that the Navajos developed their own codes. He stated that although the Navajos did nothing spectacular, their contribution was uniqueBelow is a sample of the assignmentÿAnnotated Bibliography Anderson, K. F. (2013). Diagnosing Discrimination: Stress from Perceived Racism and the Mental and Physical Health Effects* Diagnosing Discrimination: Stress from Perceived Racism and the Mental and Physical Health Effects. Sociological Inquiry, 83(1), 55-81. doi:10.1111/j.1475-682X.2012.00433.x Anderson?s article discusses the damaging effects that racism has on health. Several methodologies for understanding why such disparities in health exist are examined through research and surveys. The article documents the relationship between stress from racism and its impact on higher rates of anxiety disorders.ÿ Reports reveal that individuals experience both psychological and physiological disorders from racism-related stress; this results in poor performance. The study reported that whites and non-minorities also experience stress when learning of minorities who are victimized. This article will support my course work emphasizing the need for organizations to adopt strong policies to prohibit discrimination and encourage diversity in the workplace. International Sociology Honor Society is the publisher of the article and is a reputable source for scholarly medical journals. Martin, R. E., & Hill, R. C. (2000). Loan Performance and Race. Economic Inquiry, 38(1), 136. Retrieved from COURSE PROJECTÿ 3 The article discusses the impact of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (“ECOA”) and the protection for borrowers to reasonably obtain credit. The topics covered are credit discrimination, administration loan cost, and foundations of statistical discrimination.ÿ The article also discusses, class action lawsuits brought against major auto finance companies, who engaged in a finance practice known as APR split where dealers were marking up interest rates on loans to minority borrowers. This practice provided finance and sales managers incentives to discriminate. Profits increased if they discriminated, thereby subsidizing a culture in the workplace for bigotry.ÿÿ I found this article helpful because it contained detailed statistical data from cases heard by the Supreme Court. The case studies cited in the article are useful in validating the conventions in my course work on discriminatory lending, and its effects on the work environment. Wiley-Blackwell is the publisher of the article and is a reputable source for technical, medical, and scholarly journals.ÿ INDIVIDUAL DISPARATE TREATMENT. (2004). Employment Discrimination (Aspen), 1/2726. This article contains a case with Sweierkiewicz v. Sorema where the plaintiff says he had been terminated due to his nationality and age. It was alleged that the 53year old plaintiff was demoted and had his duties transferred to aÿ 32-year-old even though the plaintiff expresses that the replacement was less qualified and had less experience. The article states other cases that help in the ruling of Sweierkiewicz v. Sorema based on discrimination. The findings were used to see COURSE PROJECTÿ 4 if there was a case or motive for discrimination. This article is written to record the case and document all findings related to the case for discrimination. ÿThis article relates to actual cases in discrimination against employees and employers and provides insight of how they were being discriminated against. The information is reliable as it documents several cases of discrimination. I believe the article is written as-is without any bias opinions of discrimination. This source was very helpful by learning how other people went through discrimination through different cases. They combine different cases of discrimination to help determine what the rulings of those cases play a role of Sweierkiewicz v. Sorema.Sociology homework help
The chapter from Sturken and Cartwright explain the evolution of the concept of ideology and how different thinkers, building upon each other’s ideas, explained it. 1.How did Karl Marx explain ideology? What role do media industries play in maintaining a dominant ideology? 2.How did Antonio Gramsci explain ideology? Why does he refer to multiple ideologies coexisting? 3.What is hegemony? How does Gramsci explain the relationship between a dominant ideology and dominant cultural systems? 4.How did Louis Althusser explain ideology? Does he still view it as ‘false consciousness’, the way Marx did? Explain.
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First assignment
Guide: You have now had a chance to implement your new curriculum. Please share your experiences with others in the course. Go to the Discussion Forum and answer these questions by responding in complete sentences:1) What was the age of the child you observed and what technique for documentation did you use? 2) What curriculum change did you make and why? 3) How did the child respond to the change? 4) How did this change help them work on the abilities and build on their interests? 5) How did this change result differently than you expected? 6) Comment on at least one other person’s pos
5 modules to be completed!

The Prescriptive Authority in Florida Reflection Post

The Prescriptive Authority in Florida Reflection Post.

Write a reflection that addresses a peer’s post following 
Peer Post:
Victor Tatis
Advanced Primary Care of Family Practicum I-DL-MSN41
Prescriptive Authority in Florida
The prescriptive authority initially underwent various adjustments and revisions to allow the advanced practice nurses and other physicians assistants to be involved in prescribing treatments and other controlled substances under strict supervision and appropriate protocols. As such, the prescription of controlled substances was revised, thus limited to at least a 7-day supply. Besides, revisions regarding withdrawal and uplifting of most advanced practice registered nurses’ restrictions and ban on the prescription of controlled medications were also implemented (Kaplan, 2016).
According to Reynolds et al. (2021), other major revisions required the advanced practice registered nurses to maintain continuous education, especially after every two years, to maintain an effective and safe prescription of the controlled substances. The bill further added on crucial disciplinary provisions in the nursing practice that advanced practice registered nurses and physicians would be liable to upon violation of the protocols regarding the prescription of controlled substances.
The prescriptive authority requirements in the bill proposed by Florida regarding the prescription of controlled substances significantly enhanced the quality of nursing practice by promoting the prescription of effective and safe treatment modalities (Reynolds, 2021). In addition, the proposed continued education among advanced practice registered nurses in which they spend additional crucial three hours of education every two years is essential in the overall practice of nursing. Through the continued education, the advanced practice registered nurses would acknowledge the need to provide evidence-based practice and holistic care in clinical settings.
The new adjustments and revisions in the Florida bill call for an extra involvement in continuous education, which most advanced practice registered nurses might be unmotivated to engage in. As such, the overall nursing practice would be liable to substandard nursing interventions that attract negative patient reviews. Medication errors and other compromises pertaining to controlled substances are some of the most anticipated repercussions regarding physician assistances and advanced practice registered nurses in the initial stages of the continued education requirement.
Kaplan, L. (2016). Florida NPs advocate for controlled substance prescriptive authority. The Nurse Practitioner, 41(5), 14-16.
Reynolds, A. M. (2021). Factors Influencing Controlled Substance Prescribing Behaviors Following Changes in Prescriptive Authority.
Reynolds, A. M., Reynolds, C. J., & Craig-Rodriguez, A. (2021). APRNs’ controlled substance prescribing and readiness following Florida legislative changes. The Nurse Practitioner, 46(6), 48-55.
The Prescriptive Authority in Florida Reflection Post

HIM 215 SNHU HIM Coding and Classification HCPCS II Coding Discussion

assignment writing services HIM 215 SNHU HIM Coding and Classification HCPCS II Coding Discussion.

This is HIM Coding and Classification Overview: In the final project for this course, you will be tasked with reviewing a patient record and applying the appropriate coding to the different sections. While coding the patient record, you will work with ICD-10, HCPCS II, and CPT classification systems to accurately code diagnoses and procedures.Prompt: In this milestone, you will practice coding HCPCS II, which will prepare you for the final project. You will identify the proper procedures and main terms for each procedure, and use SelectCoder to code HCPCS II. Use this patient record. In Milestone One, you reviewed an outpatient record, but for Milestones Two and Three, you will work with an inpatient record to prepare you for the final project. This is a good time to iron out any specific issues you are having and to contact your instructor with questions. There is a great deal of information in the patient record, so to help you focus on the HCPCS II coding, the relevant sections of the record are highlighted. The following steps will also help you review the record: Begin by reviewing the entire record. Evaluate the face sheet for any diagnosis and/or procedures. Proceed to the discharge summary to evaluate whether anything further is discussed or explained as far as the patient’s treatment is concerned. Proceed to the history and physical section. It should be reflective of the discharge summary; however, pay close attention to anything that you did not see in the discharge summary. The progress note is a step-by-step, day-by-day breakdown of the history/physical section. Much of it will duplicate what you have already reviewed; however, it is important to review it to ensure that nothing else should be coded. The reports at the end validate the procedures that were completed. If you find an emergency report, you should review it for consistency with the history/physical section and the discharge summary.Note: The patient record you will use in this milestone is not the same record you will use for the final project. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:AI. HCPCS II: In this section, you will review the patient medical record and apply the appropriate HCPCS II coding to the procedure(s). You will also be asked to provide your rationale for how you arrived at a particular code.Review the chart notes and determine the HCPCS II procedure. Explain how you arrived at your determination.Identify the main term(s) for each HCPCS II procedure and provide a rationale to support your identification.Use an encoder and search for the main term of the HCPCS II procedure. Describe the results of the search and the process applied to effectively use the encoder. Note: You will use SelectCoder as your encoder for this task.Describe how you narrowed down your HCPCS II procedure selection based on descriptions and adjectives while using the encoder. Provide the narrowed-down list to support your response.Assign the HCPCS II procedure code to the record and explain why this code is the most appropriate for this procedure.
HIM 215 SNHU HIM Coding and Classification HCPCS II Coding Discussion

PSY 120 GC Economic & Physical Effect Caused by Covid 19 Discussion

PSY 120 GC Economic & Physical Effect Caused by Covid 19 Discussion.

Brainstorm a list of needs/motivations. These needs/motivations should encompass all aspects of a very full life—however YOU decide to define this. Once YOU have developed comprehensive lists of needs/motivations, organize them into a “Hierarchy of Needs” starting with the most basic of needs/motivations up through the most complex, higher-level needs/motivations– keep the list manageable, with 10 as an upper limit.Describe your Hierarchy of Needs (You can create a graphic if you think it’s helpful) and answer the following questions for your prompt:Which motivations/needs did you place at the lowest level? How much consensus do you expect to see when comparing your list to others?Which motivations/needs did you place at the top? How has the pandemic changed what you value most?in your own words plzAnd no word counts
PSY 120 GC Economic & Physical Effect Caused by Covid 19 Discussion

Modern Grocery Retailers and Supermarkets in Bangladesh Discussion

Modern Grocery Retailers and Supermarkets in Bangladesh Discussion.

1.Go to this website: Country to Bangladesh3.Look at the graphs on the site and pick one to compare. THESE ARE ONES WE CAN NOT CHOOSE-Production Systems Food Supply Chain: Share of Employment in Agriculture- Storage and Distribution Agricultural Infrastructure Index- Storage and Distribution Losses of vegetables, fruit cereal and pulses- Food Availability Share of dietary energy from cereals, roots and tubers- Food Availability Supply of vegetables, fruit, pulses, meat, fish, eggs and milk- Food Affordability Cost of nutrient Adequacy- Drivers Urbanization-Vegetable yield-Population Growth-Cereal yield4.Make sure you do not have one of the ones listed above.5.After you find out which graph you are analyzing. Compare the same graph to United States and Cuba.6.Post those three Graphs to PPT in one slide. Type summary of comparison.
Modern Grocery Retailers and Supermarkets in Bangladesh Discussion