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Provide a Conflict Theory analysis of the role of the police in our society showing knowledge of C. W. Mills’ understanding of power. 4. Choose one social institution in society and identify how Neo-Marxist social heritors would analyze how it is affected by the context of a capitalist economic base. 5.

According to Critical Theory, how does the culture industry promote and legitimate capitalist values in contemporary popular culture?

• To understand different perspectives and concepts in setting up a plant location in different business

No Plagiarism, No Matching will be acceptable.
All answers must be typed using Times New Roman (Size12, Double-space) font.
No pictures containing text will be acceptable and will be considered plagiarism.
proper examples and explanations for each questions.
– No short answer as it’s not acceptable for this assignment
the answer should be sufficient
References are very important to put them under the solution
I want the solution on the same page of the questions that I attached, under the word answer

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