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The set of social and behavioral norms that are considered to be socially appropriate for individuals of a specific sex are called gender roles. Depending on the different cultures and traditions that each family follows will depend on how gender roles vary. There is a cliche regarding gender roles which depicts women as the caregivers and men as the breadwinners, but I feel like this is an old-fashioned concept and not at all the way things work in my family and life these days.

So, through these pictures of my family and friends I’m going to point out the ways I feel about how traditional gender roles have changed, and also talk about some instances in which more cliched gender roles are still prevalent. Over the weekend I decided to help my mom cook for our traditional family dinner, (Picture 1) while my dad (Picture 2) helped to watch my little cousin Sean. This helps to show some evolution from the traditional gender roles of the family.

Decades ago, the woman would be expected to cook, clean, and care for the children all at the same time while the man relaxed after a day of work. However, in this situation you can see that my dad is taking some responsibility in helping to play with my cousin so that my mom and I can prepare a meal for my family to enjoy. While out at the Target one afternoon, what was once a woman’s role to go food shopping in the past, has now become a gender neutral activity as you can see in (Picture 3).

In my family, my mom makes the food shopping lists, and my dad does the food shopping so that my mom can get other things done around the house like laundry and cooking dinner for the night. Something similar to this concept that caught my attention was when I saw my friend Mike (Picture 4) doing his laundry at his house. Although doing the laundry used to be considered one of many of the wife’s roles in the household, in today’s society many kids start doing their own laundry at a very young age.

I was very fortunate in my household that my mother always did our laundry for us until I went away to school. Another concept that comes along with more old-fashioned gender roles besides the idea of women being the caregivers and men being the breadwinners is that men are the more educated or smarter sex. Many problems in life that have to do with construction or electronics are thought to be only done by men.

My friend Casey (Picture 5) however changes this because in her house at school their internet was not working and was able to figure out how to fix the problem without the help of a man. As you can tell from the pictures I’ve included above, I feel strongly about the fact that old-fashioned cliches about gender roles have changed. But, I feel there are some instances where we regress. One of these instances is the interactions between men and women regarding dating. Here, (Picture 6) my friend Mike is holding open a door for his girlfriend Casey because it’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

Economics Question

Case Study: Auctions and Dynamic Pricing
There are many types of auctions, each with strengths and weaknesses at uncovering the real price or value of an item. Auctions are widely used in finance, e-commerce, and e-games. They are also widely used to generate revenue for not-for-profit organizations.
The following video describes auctions as price discovery mechanisms:
The Ideal Auction.
Use the video on auctions and at least three academic or high-quality business publications (see acceptable types below) to compare and contrast English auctions and Dutch auctions, and sealed-bid first-price auctions and Vickery auctions.
Address the following questions in 5–7 pages:
Compare and contrast how each of the following uncovers value:English and Dutch auctions.
Sealed-bid first-price auctions and Vickery auctions.

Compare and contrast surge pricing and congestion pricing. Give an example of each currently in use.
Identify three examples of auctions used in finance, e-commerce, and/or e-games. Explain the following in-depth:The need for an auction to uncover value in the product or service.
How the type of auction used to uncover the value of the product or service is better at uncovering value than other types of auctions.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of auctions as revenue generators for not-for-profit organizations?
Suggest ways in which a for-profit company, such as the company for which you work or a company for which you aspire to work, can use auctions or dynamic pricing to better uncover value and increase revenue.
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
Acceptable Types of Publications
A high-quality, professional business publication is one that is primarily directed at reporting or analyzing the workings of the business. Examples are the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Reuters. Avoid general news publications such as USA Today, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. Other articles and resources can be found at the Strayer Library.
Please do not rely on Wikipedia, Investopedia, or similar websites as references at any time in this course.
The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:
Propose ways in which a company can use auctions to better uncover value and increase revenue.