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Social Work Values Development During Internship Essay

Internships equip learners with adequate concepts to support their career objectives. I started my internship on January 10, 2018 at First Home Care. The facility is found in Portsmouth, Virginia. This journal gives a detailed reflection of my achievements and development of social work values. Personal Reflection My internship at First Home Care has widened my skills and knowledge in service delivery. The first training program after starting my placement focused on CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention. This program equipped me with satisfactory competencies for managing assaultive and disruptive behaviors. I understood how to improve the level of relationship between practitioners and their clients. Additionally, the training process focused on the CPI Crisis Development Model. The tool guides practitioners to implement desirable approaches for dealing with crises. From 15th January, the team received CPR and First Aid training. Personally, I learned how to help individuals with stings, strains, cuts, burns, splinters, and abrasions. My team also learned how to give CPR on children, adults, and infants. On 19th January, I started my training in a program known as Day Support Program for Autism. It mainly focused on autism in adults. I understood how to empower, teach, and guide adults with the condition to engage in various activities or aspects in their communities. I collaborated with a counselor who was in charge of three adults with autism. My experience with these three patients made it easier for me to understand the issues associated with autism. I am also expecting to acquire and use numerous theoretical models to support the needs of patients with diverse health and psychological needs. These tools and programs resonate with most of the values and concepts gained in class. For instance, the above ideas have empowered me to meet the changing needs of different patients, support their developmental goals, and offer exemplary services. Since patients usually require personalized services, I have understood how to offer the best support to them. Individuals in need of exemplary services should be empowered using the right techniques. This analysis indicates that my internship will eventually support my future clinical goals. I am yet to learn new techniques that can be embraced to support persons experiencing different challenges in life. This gap explains why the remaining days will be taken seriously in order to acquire adequate skills for empowering more people in need of exemplary social or health services. I will also engage in lifelong learning. This practice will equip me with new insights for efficient social and clinical care delivery. Saint Leo’s Core Value My internship experience has guided me to develop and apply each of Saint Leo’s core values. The value that has supported me throughout the internship experience is that of community. I have been able to interact with many people such as patients, instructors, and community members. Consequently, I have acquired powerful attributes such as a sense of belonging, interdependence, and unity. I have also understood the importance of respecting and trusting others. The value of community has guided me to listen, serve, and meet the needs of more people. Conclusion This reflection shows clearly that my internship is already a success. I have gained new competencies, skills, and ideas that echo most of the concepts studied in class. The value of community will make me successful in my clinical practice. I will also be in a position to address my clients’ social needs. The acquired attributes will empower me to transform the experiences of many people. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More
Classification Systems for Paralympic Sports. Integrity can be defined as demonstrating ethics and values by endorsing trust in sport where fair and honest performance and results are not enhanced or influenced by external interest. This including the support and conduct by athletes, administrators, officials, supporters and other stakeholders, on and off the sporting field, ultimately implementing a greater reputation and standing of the sporting contest and sport as a whole (HarveyClassification Systems for Paralympic Sports
Regression Analysis in Economic Analysis Practice Tasks.

Two tasks: NUMBER ONE. For each of the following: write down the null hypothesis (in formula and in words), research hypothesis (in formula and in words) and identify the test you will use to determine the answer. Explain your selection!Mr. Grass, is working on a research project but is unsure of how to analyze his data. He would like to find out if people who participate in the Weight Watchers program weigh less compared to before they started the program. He has data on the weight of the participants before and after the program. (6 pts).You want to compare the impact of the amount of screen time per day as well as their gender on how much they weigh. You have 3 categories of screen time (less than 3 hours, 3 – 8 hours, and over 8 hours), and 2 categories of gender (Male and Female and a sample of 30 people. (Hint: there is more than one null/research hypotheses!) (10 pts)Suppose Dr. Moo wants to determine whether people identify themselves as being “happy” based on their education level. She has collected the frequency table on people who claim to be happy. (6 pts)High SchoolBachelor’sMaster’sDoctoral / Post-doctoralHappy10253728NUMBER TWOYou are trying to estimate the effect of the infant mortality rate, violent crime rate (per 100,000 people) and the percentage of population that is white on the poverty rate of a given state in the US. Using a sample of 50 states, you obtain the following regression output table. Write down the regression equation based on the following table. Predict the poverty rate, given that the infant mortality rate is 9, the percentage of population that is white is 71 and violent crime per 100,000 people is 450 . What is the correlation coefficient r? How much of the variance in the consumption of roses is explained by these three variables? Interpret the coefficients and remark on their statistical significance, including whether you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis at the 5% level. Be sure to write down the marginal effects precisely!
Regression Analysis in Economic Analysis Practice Tasks

A T Still University Issue of Drugs Discussion

A T Still University Issue of Drugs Discussion.

I’m working on a criminal justice question and need support to help me study.

For this discussion, think about how the police address drug use in your area. What legislative actions should be taken to combat illegal drug use? Do new laws need to be written or existing laws revised? What would you suggest if you had the opportunity to talk with your local legislator? Don’t forget to include research and statistics. I don’t want to hear “we should all be able to get high because this is America!” You can certainly make this argument, but address it using research, case law, or other academic sources. You will need to post your initial response before seeing your classmates’ posts. Include at least one APA reference.Question 1 (20 points):Discuss and describe the various approaches to combat bullying. Which one do you feel is most effective and why? Is there a link between bullying and school violence?
A T Still University Issue of Drugs Discussion

FIU Importance of The Human Service Professional Discussion

essay help online free FIU Importance of The Human Service Professional Discussion.

Understanding the differences in one’s values is very important. Having an open mind regarding value differences can allow you to see things from a client’s perspective leading to mutual respect and trust within the helping relationship. Your ability to demonstrate an appreciation for diverse factors while practicing confidentiality and understanding the need for professional boundaries, while also practicing appropriate self-disclosure, can foster client trust in the helping process.
In Chapters 4 and 5 of your textbook you read about the importance of the human service professional understanding the differences in one’s cultural values and how these values influence the helping process. Acknowledging the difference in cultural values can allow you to see things from another perspective and better understand the functions of human behavior while avoiding cultural tunnel vision. Additionally, the text discussed the importance of developing awareness of your own experiences and biases in order to allow for a healthy client relationship based in mutual respect. As you read about cultural assumptions, think about and acknowledge what shapes your belief system and understanding, as this may influence the helping process. Consider the importance of self-disclosure and confidentiality and how they can benefit the helping process.
Please respond to the following:

How do transference and countertransference emerge in the helping process?

Please identify and explain effective ways of dealing with transference and countertransference issues.

Based on your own personal experiences/issues, how might countertransference towards a client interfere in the helping process?
Human service professionals should maintain adequate safeguards when working with the client; communicating through verbal and nonverbal methods can reveal true thoughts and feelings.

Describe how the client’s nonverbal communication may affect the helping process

How might human service professional self-disclosure affect the helping process?
What skills might you as a human service professional need in setting appropriate boundaries while working with a client? Why is this important?

FIU Importance of The Human Service Professional Discussion

Gallup Poll Statistics Question

Gallup Poll Statistics Question.

A Gallup poll conducted in November of 2011 asked the following question, “What would you say is the most urgent health problem facing this country at the present time?” The choices were access, cost, obesity, cancer, government interference, or the flu. The responses were access (27%), cost (20%), obesity (14%), cancer (13%), government interference (3%), or the flu (less than 0.5%).The following is an excerpt from the Survey Methods section. “Results for this Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted Nov. 3-6, 2011, with a random sample of 1,012 adults ages 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. For results based on a total sample of national adults, one can say with 95% confidence that the maximum margin of sampling error is ±4 percentage points.”PromptIf we accept the maximum margin of sampling error provided above, find a 95% confidence interval to estimate the percentage of U.S. adults who feel that access to healthcare is the most urgent health problem facing this country. Interpret your interval in context.answer in 1 paragraph using the information provided above the promptno outside sources
Gallup Poll Statistics Question

Ethical problem and theory

Ethical problem and theory.

Note: don’t discuss whether to blame robots! If you discuss that robots are not to blame, then you are discussing whether to blame robots. First read:…Then, 1. In a sentence, state what is the important ethical problem in this case.2. In a few sentences, state a solution or a way to reach a solution to this problem.3. State which one ethical theory you think best fits this ethical problem & its possible solution. ( pick one from Utilitarianism, Virtues, Kant, Rights, Justice, Caring ethic, Rawls theory). 4. Explain why you think this ethical theory fits best (like a mini-argument)Don’t define the ethical theory in your answer: Don’t summarize the case details. Just give a succinct argumentThe argument should be about half a page, single spaced, longer is okay.
Ethical problem and theory

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