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Social Work homework help

Social Work homework help. I NEED A POSITIVE COMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT. BETWEEN 150-200 WORDS.The Caribbean nation of Haiti suffered a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on January 12, 2010. ÿ This resulted in over 200,000 deaths and over 600,000 injured or homeless, struggling to find the basic resources needed for survival. ÿ In my thinking, primary prevention would be with the building codes. ÿ At the time of the earthquake, there was NO building codes. ÿ In a perfect world, a force of nurses would act on an intervention of establishing safe, strict building codes with the officials. ÿ Haiti is built on a natural slope so buildings are weaker and prone to falling during a quake (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2010) . ÿ Even now, they issue no more than 10 building permits a month. ÿ The people disregard the laws and the officials can do nothing to stop it. ÿ If codes would be followed, lives would have been saved.Secondary prevention intervention would be education about the importance of clean water and sanitation, and providing water and water purification methods.ÿ ÿHaiti had NO infrastructure before the earthquake hit, only 50% of the people had access to an improved water source. ÿ The people had to depend on lakes, streams, rivers for their water source, regardless of it cleanliness. ÿ Another 80% did not have adequate sanitation available. ÿ This intervention would have been good even before the earthquake, however, with so much destruction, the threat of cholera was real and teaching about safe disposal of human waste, providing latrines, and safe water sources would be more important than ever (The Borgen Project, 2015) .Tertiary prevention intervention would be help for the amputees that have been left with a lifelong challenge. ÿ People in Haiti with amputations need more than artificial limbs; they need prosthetic rehabilitation including not just the prosthesis but post-fabrication adjustments, physical conditioning, emotional, psychological, and post-traumatic stress disorder counseling, vocational rehabilitation, and social reintegration. ÿ Teams of volunteers would fly in and dedicate time to work with these people to get them back on their feet, so to speak (United States National Member Society of the international society for prosthetic and orthotics, n.d.) . ÿ Providing funds to the Brac Limb and Brace Center would be a good start. ÿ This is an organization that provides low cost, high quality artificial limbs and braces (Global Giving website, n.d.) .Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, they need the most help.Of 488 million dollars collected, Haitians got less than 1% of all American money pledged. ÿ ReferencesGlobal Giving website. (n.d.). Borgen Project. (2015, September 9). Top 5 facts about poverty in haiti [Blog post]. Retrieved from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (2010). States National Member Society of the international society for prosthetic and orthotics. (n.d.). Work homework help
the “because clause” in writing. I’m working on a English question and need guidance to help me study.

write 250 (minimum) word response in which you explain how using a “because clause” helps you (by “you,” I mean you specifically) create a thesis that has a claim and reason. As you know from the first essay, what comes before a “because clause” in a thesis is the claim, the argument you want to make, and what comes after the “because clause” is your reason in support of your claim (argument). Consider the difference between “You should not write without taking breaks.” and “You should not write without taking breaks because time away from your writing allows you to return to your draft with a more critical eye.” The second version offers a reason in support of the claim. Keep in mind that a thesis needs to be debatable. Please cite only one of the thesis handouts in your response, being careful to explain the quotation and how it relates to your main point. Additionally, please be specific and give an example of your own writing from our class. You may use, for example, completed writing or in-progress writing from our class. Regardless of what example you use from our class, it needs to be specific, e.g., “In my thesis for our first essay, I could have used a because clause, which would have helped me develop my argument. My thesis was, ” __________.'” Of course, you could instead note an effective use of a because clause in one of your theses and explain how the because clause helped you.
Thesis handout can be found here:
I provide you an example as well. that’s how my classmate do it.
the “because clause” in writing

Write TWO 4 page essay for Cinema Class.

Write TWO 4 page essay for Cinema Class. Please read about 100 pages of book and watch three films “dope, selma, the birth of a nation(there are instructions on the first page of pdf.)” You need to finish both section A and B by answering questions. 4 pages for each question. You may not read all of the readings and watch all the films. But you are going to use some points from those materials. I will attach the requirement, but the reading materials are too big to be upload, I can send it to your personal email after your bid is accepted. Thank you!
Write TWO 4 page essay for Cinema Class

Elon Musk, Business Leader and Superhero, law homework help.

Read the attachments first.1-8d Leadership Case Problem A Elon Musk, Business Leader and Superhero While still in his early forties, Elon Musk had established himself as one of the world’s best known entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. His rise to fame began in 1999 when he founded, an online payment company that eventually became PayPal, and was later sold to eBay for $1.5 billion in stock. In a few years, Musk invested this large amount of money into three start-up companies. Musk wanted to start a low-cost Mars mission that would capture the imagination of thousands of people about space travel. To make life interplanetary, Musk reasoned that a transport system was needed that would be completely and rapidly reusable. To meet this need, in 2002, he founded Space Exploration Technologies (or SpaceX). In 2012, the Dragon spacecraft of SpaceX delivered 500 pounds of provisions and equipment to the International Space Station. Dragon returned nine days later, landed in the Pacific Ocean precisely on target two minutes ahead of schedule and in excellent condition. In his quest to help Earth become less dependent on carbon-generating fuels, he cofounded Tesla, the electric car company and SolarCity that manufacture and markets solar-energy systems. Tesla automobiles are sold directly to consumers, often through two dozen stores of galleries in the United States. Traditional dealers dislike this direct approach to sales because they say it violates state franchise laws. Musk was raised in South Africa and Canada before coming to the United States to complete his college education. He holds undergraduate degrees in physics and business from the University of Pennsylvania. Musk acquired his expertise in aerospace engineering on his own, including being guided by textbooks on subjects such as fundamentals of liquid propellants as well as propulsion elements. Musk has also carefully studied the biography of Albert Einstein. Musk is a strong believer in simplicity in technical design, manufacturing, and in running an organization. Tim Mueller, the director of propulsion systems at SpaceX, says that the bureaucracy is much simpler in his company than in an organization such as NASA that has to satisfy so many constituents. He says, “If you want to change something or fix something, just talk to Elon. It keeps the signal-to-noise ratio high.” Musk displays a strong belief in his own capabilities and creativity, seen as a sign of hubris by some observers. He believes that he has a design that will allow for the colonization of Mars. Musk has filed for almost no patents because he believes that he is so strongly ahead of the field that nobody else could copy his technology. Musk’s reasoning is that if you move fast enough, nobody can catch you. Several people who worked for Musk in the past describe him as autocratic and blunt, often to the point of being offensive. Steve Jurveson, a SpaceX board member said about Musk, “Like Steve Jobs, Elton does not tolerate C or D players. But I’d say he’s nicer than Jobs and a bit more refined than Bill Gates.” In 2013, when three battery-related fires erupted in Tesla cars, Musk responded combatively to critics via his blog. He pointed out that gasoline fires were a greater potential danger than battery fires in an electric vehicle. Musk is such a fanatic about design that he devotes hours to personally inspecting every Tesla car. He will notice a headlamp misaligned by a few millimeters. He once said that the wrong type of screw in a sun visor, “feels like daggers in my eyes.” Jon Farveau, a friend of Musk, and the director of Iron Man movies claims that Musk is the basis for his version of comic book hero Tony Stark, the playboy who invents a flying suit with built-in weapons. Questions Which roles does Musk appear to occupy as a leader of his companies?What would you perceive to be a key advantage and a key disadvantage of reporting directly to Musk?What is your overall evaluation of Elon Musk as both a business leader and a leader in society?What factors might have Musk, similar to the late Steve Jobs, going for him as a leader that people will put up with his blunt approach to people?
Elon Musk, Business Leader and Superhero, law homework help

Human Resource Management Challenges at Regional Bank Essay

During the 21st century, organizations in different economic sectors are faced by numerous challenges. Some of these challenges relate to changes within the economic environment. For example, there has been an increment in the intensity of competition amongst firms in the same economic sectors. Other environmental changes relate economic changes such as the recent economic crisis which have presented a challenge to most organizations (Cummings

College of The Canyons Why Is There a Market Failure in The 401 k Market Plan Ques

help me with my homework College of The Canyons Why Is There a Market Failure in The 401 k Market Plan Ques.

I’m working on a micro economics multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me study.

Assignment:Watch the following PBS Frontline video on the financial industry and its involvement in the 401(k) retirement system and read the accompanying publication: (Links to an external site.)TheRetirementSavingsDrain.pdfActionsundefinedWrite a minimum of at least three pages on the following questions (size 12 font and double spaced). The paper needs to be submitted as a Word document file. Cite all of your sources. For each of your answers please provide clear reasoning detailing your position using concepts and economic logic learned in class and from the textbook. 1) Why is there a market failure in the 401(k) market? (Hint: read chapter 8 and its description of imperfect information)2) Describe and detail all of the fees/costs associated with a 401(k).3) Calculate two individuals total amount of retirement assets after 30 years of investing using the following two examples to display and articulate the effect of compounded fees on two different individuals’ retirement accounts with the exact same mutual funds. The two mutual funds have the same before expense rate of return, but one mutual fund charges a higher expense ratio than the other. Describe what effect fees have on the two different individuals’ retirement assets:(a) Yearly Savings: $15,000, Inflation Rate: 2%, Rate of Return:(8.15%-.15%=8%), Expense Ratio of Mutual Fund: .15%, Periods: 30 years(b) Yearly Savings: $15,000, Inflation Rate: 2%, Rate of Return:(8.15%-.65%=7.50%) (It is lower than example (a) due to the increased expense ratio), Expense Ratio of Mutual Fund: .65%, Periods: 30 yearsUse this financial calculator website for the examples: (Links to an external site.)4) Describe and come up with your own solution to alleviate the problems with 401(k)s.—————————–Textbook used in class: Principles of Microeconomics 9th Edition by David Colander
College of The Canyons Why Is There a Market Failure in The 401 k Market Plan Ques

Family Health assessment

Family Health assessment. I’m working on a Nursing question and need guidance to help me study.

After you have read chapter 20 of the class textbook and review the PowerPoint presentation, choose a family in your community and conduct a family health assessment using the following questions below.
1. Family composition.
Type of family, age, gender and racial/ethnic composition of the family.
2.Roles of each family member.Who is the leader in the family?Who is the primary provider?Is there any other provider?
3.Do family members have any existing physical or psychological conditions that are affecting family function?
4.Home (physical condition) and external environment; living situation (this must include financial information).How the family support itself.
For example; working parents, children or any other member
5.How adequately have individual family members accomplished age-appropriate developmental tasks?
6.Do individual family member’s developmental states create stress in the family?
7.What developmental stage is the family in?How well has the family achieve the task of this and previous developmental stages?
8.Any family history of genetic predisposition to disease?
9.Immunization status of the family?
10.Any child or adolescent experiencing problems
11.Hospital admission of any family member and how it is handled by the other members?
12.What are the typical modes of family communication?It is affective?Why?
13.How are decisions make in the family?
14.Is there evidence of violence within the family?What forms of discipline are use?
15.How well the family deals with crisis?
16.What cultural and religious factors influence the family health and social status?
17.What are the family goals?
18.Identify any external or internal sources of support that are available?
19.Is there evidence of role conflict?Role overload?
20.Does the family have an emergency plan to deal with family crisis, disasters?
Identify 3 nursing diagnosis and develop a short plan of care using the nursing process.
Please present a summary of your assessment in an APA format on a 12 Arial font, word document attached to the forum in the discussion tab of the blackboard title “family assessment.” 4 evidence-based practice references besides the class textbook are require and must be quoted in the assignment.A minimum of 1000 words are required, excluding the first and reference page (Websites can be used but will not count toward grading).2 replies to any of your peer’s assessment/posting are required sustained with the proper reference.You must identify two family problems and present a nursing care plan using the nursing process addressing the problems.
Family Health assessment

BUSI 2063 Yorkville University Uber Eats Marketing Analysis

BUSI 2063 Yorkville University Uber Eats Marketing Analysis.

Your plan must be strongly communicated and demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the concepts learned in the course. Be creative in your work and ensure that all your recommendations are fully substantiated.The course will culminate with the assignment of a comprehensive case in lieu of a final exam. Students will be required to address the questions that follow the case using course materials to inform and support their answers. Additional research is likely to be needed to satisfactorily address the questions. Proper referencing is required. Hint: this is not a last-minute assignment; students need to allocate an appropriate amount of time to properly complete this assignment. Remember, this is a Marketing class. The Product (the content, the presentation, etc.), Place (the manner in which it is presented to the instructor), Price (the amount of effort required to read and consider the points – this is a place where clarity, conciseness and attention to grammar, and spelling and punctuation counts), and Promotion (how well are your ideas supported and whether you “sell” your position) work together as the professor evaluates your work.The written submission should be substantive, both in length 1500 words and content, directly and thoughtfully addressing the question or issue. Responses should draw on materials from the assigned readings and discussion materials to develop a thoughtful and reasoned answer.Students should not hesitate to draw on past experience, knowledge and external sources to support their position.The report should address each case question individually and the answers should be formatted in a manner where there is an introductory and a concluding paragraph. The report should also be free of spelling errors, be grammatically correct, written in full-sentences and contain full words (no shorthand, emoticons, etc.).Responses must be well written, properly cited and referenced, and be free of spelling and grammatical errors.EvaluationThe Individual Case Analysis will be marked in its entirety out of 100. The following rubric indicates the criteria students are to adhere to, and their relative weights to the assignment overall. ScoreDefinition90-100Provides thoughtful, reasoned and supported answers to the questions asked in the case. In addition to drawing on course materials, materials from other sources are also used to support the answers provided. The students bring an element of innovative problem solving to the issues raised in the case.80-89Provides thoughtful, reasoned and supported answers to the questions asked in the case. In addition to drawing on course materials, materials from other sources are also used to support the answers provided.60-79Provides thoughtful, reasoned and supported answers to the questions asked in the case drawing on course materials to support the answers provided.40-59Answers do not cover all of the base issues raised in the case questions but do incorporate some relevant course materials.1-39Answers do not cover the base issues raised in the case questions nor incorporate relevant course materials.
BUSI 2063 Yorkville University Uber Eats Marketing Analysis