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Social Work homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the control health and safety risks assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.,The control health and safety risks assignment,Control health and safety risks, Learning outcome, The learner will:, 1              be able to identify and evaluate hazards to health and safety in the workplace, Assessment criteria,The learner can:, 1.1         inspect the workplace and prioritise areas where hazards with a potential for serious harm to health and also safety are most likely to occur, 1.2          evaluate hazards through a review of work activities, 1.3   examine proposed activities to identify and evaluate hazards in existing and also new:, 1.3a      workplaces, 1.3b      equipment, 1.3c       processes, 1.3d      activities, 1.4              select and also use appropriate measuring equipment to evaluate the hazards, 1.5       maintain records of the hazards identified in sufficient detail to meet the requirements of:, 1.5a      statutory, 1.5b      organisational, 1.5c       industry best practice., Guidance Notes :, Firstly, requirements could include HSG65 guidance, access to previous inspection records, specialist assistance (chemist, vet), specialist equipment (dust, noise), individual health and safety records, ,maintenance records, etc., Secondly, ways to identify health and safety hazards may include observation, walkabout, formal and informal inspection, interview, questioning and consultation.,Thirdly, records could include risk assessments, inspection records, minutes, data sheets, interview notes and photographs., Lastly, you must provide evidence of them selecting and using appropriate measuring equipment. Equipment could be used for measuring noise, lux, gas, air quality and also vibration etc.,Learning outcome,The learner will:, 2           be able to assess risks to health and safety, Assessment criteria,The learner can:, 2.1         Firstly, select appropriate risk assessment techniques to assess the hazards identified, 2.2 secondly, select and use appropriate methods to determine the level of exposure affecting:, 2.2a      employees, 2.2b      others who may be affected, 2.3          thirdly, determine risks to health and safety of:, 2.3a      employees, 2.3b      others who may be affected, 2.4          fourthly, prioritise the health and safety risks to:, 2.4a      employees, 2.4b      others who may be affected,2.5          also, maintain records of the risk assessment in sufficient detail to meet:, 2.5a       statutory requirements, 2.5b      organisational requirements, 2.5c       industry best practice., 2.6 evaluate the existing risk control measures and current systems of work in the organisation, 2.7         also, ensure the training provides the required competences to implement the identified risk control measures, 2.8         lastly, recognise your own limits and where necessary bring in specialist or other assistance,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Social Work homework help

chemistry 5

chemistry 5.

Reducing the amount of error in an experimen…improves the experimental integrity.ensures that the hypothesis will be supported.eliminates any uncertainty in the results.reduces the need for instrucment calibration.
chemistry 5

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best essay writers you may make your own choices as long as the primary materials fall into the appropriate category of 19th to 21st Century American Literature. Should be about 7 pages long, and should be written in MLA format (which means you must document any quotes from the text and include a works cited page.

HU Assess Mavi Brand Architecture Portfolio with Recommendations Paper

HU Assess Mavi Brand Architecture Portfolio with Recommendations Paper.

I’m working on a business writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Assignment Questions:1.Assess Mavi’s current brand architecture and portfolio. Does Mavi have the optimal architecture for its growth plans? Why or why not? (4 points) 2. For its growth goals, what adjustments (if any) would you make to Mavi’s choice of target market and value proposition, and would you extend the Mavi brand up-market and/or down-market or not at all? Why? (4 points) 3. How extendable is the Mavi brand domestically? internationally? Which countries would you expand to and why? Would you use the shower, cluster, or waterfall strategy of expansion? Why? (6 points) 4. If Mavi decides to extend its brand, compare the pros and cons of the following 3 possible brand architectures the company could use:(a)a Branded House (using Mavi as the only brand on all offerings). (b) a House of Brands (preserving Mavi for the mass market brand and using different brand names in the premium or fast fashion segments). (c) Some type of Sub-Branding (combining Mavi with new sub-brand names for the premium or fast- fashion segments). (12 points) 5. Explain in detail with supporting rationale what Brand Architecture you recommend for Mavi. (4 points) 6. Evaluate the pros and cons for Mavi of the 3 positioning options “Perfect Fit”, “Maviterranean”, and “Celebrity Endorsement”. Which positioning option do you recommend? Why? (4 points)Guidelines:1.Utilization of some of the techniques, frameworks and learnings developed and discussed in class that you consider applicable to the case situation with the case situation and your recommendations mapped on to them. The applications and linkages of the frameworks to the case situation should be lucidly presented. The frameworks should not be levitating in mid-air divorced from the case situation.2.Qualitative and quantitative analysis backing up your assessment of the situation and your recommended strategy and action plan. Creative conceptual analyses, and cogent rationale and quantitative analysis supporting your analysis and recommendations regarding strategy and action plans will count towards the grade. 3.The presentation need not follow exactly the same sequence of questions in the assignment. You may structure the presentation covering the assignment questions in a different sequence, but the overall presentation should be cogent, lucid, and well structured. Effective content and presentation will count towards the grade.4.You may take the perspective of the protagonists having been asked by top management to provide a detailed assessment and analysis of the situation, identification, and evaluation of options, plus a recommended strategy and implementation plan with supporting rationale.5.Attempt the assignment using only the data and text information in the case and the extra information given in the discussion questions for the Vocera case if you have selected the case to write the assignment.6.In case you find some data unclear or missing, make any reasonable assumptions clearly stating the assumptions and your rationale.
HU Assess Mavi Brand Architecture Portfolio with Recommendations Paper

MKT 571 UOPX New Tesla Launch

MKT 571 UOPX New Tesla Launch.

I am leader for our week 3 assignment. Below are our portions as we claimed in the team charter. Each member must write at least 265 words to meet the minimum word count requirement. Please have your portion submitted by Friday evening so I can compile our portions and post a draft to the team for approval.Also, I believe Suzanne suggested Tesla as the company for the project. Is everyone okay with Tesla? Thanks!Include the following: Brief SWOT (emphasizes internal market–Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) and/or TOWS (emphasizes the external market–Threats, Opportunities, Weakness, Strength). A graph or chart if the team deems it necessary. Introduction- PreciousInclude at least three of the following: Definition of product or service. Precious Description of product or service–marketing message. Precious Why the product or service needs to be introduced or refreshed (target audience). Suzanne Address competition in each region and how the new product or refresh provides a competitive advantage. David (SWOT analysis and/or TOWS– please refer to above) Evaluate the potential growth rate. Look for information on similar products/services to determine a 3 year growth rate (Compound Annual Growth Rate-CAGR). Information may be located in the University Library. KylaThis is my portion it is a group project: Address competition in each region and how the new product or refresh provides a competitive advantage. David (SWOT analysis and/or TOWS– please refer to above)I need 265 words and refer to the TOWS method above. I also need one peer reviewed reference. I am attaching the guidelines and one piece from a group member.
MKT 571 UOPX New Tesla Launch

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