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Social Work homework help. What is a hypothesis?In science, you may have learned that the hypothesis is an educated guess.ÿ In statistics, the same definition carries over but has some different applications.ÿ A statistical study is similar to the scientific method.ÿ From science you have learned that the scientific method includes the following steps:ÿ 1) Ask a question 2) Do background research 3) Construct a hypothesis 4) Test your hypothesis by doing an experiment 5) Analyze the data and draw a conclusion 6) Communicate the results.ÿ In statistics, there are two hypotheses that need to be formed once you have defined the problem and completed background research.ÿ One is called the “null” hypothesis and the other is called the “alternative” hypothesis.ÿ Once the study is conducted, we can reject or fail to reject either of the hypothesis based on the results of the study.The Null HypothesisThe null hypothesis is composed of the fact that there is no effect of the treatment on the subjects in the study.ÿÿFor example if we were trying to investigate the relationship between two variables our null hypothesis may state that “there is no relationship between the two variables” or if we are trying to see if a new drug has an effect on weight gain the null hypothesis may state that “the drug has no effect on the weight gain of the subjects”.ÿ The null hypothesis is the one that we will fail to reject (accept) unless the data provides convincing evidence that it is false.The Alternative HypothesisThe alternative hypothesis may be referred to as the opposite of the null hypothesis.ÿÿFor example, if the null hypothesis states that there is no relationship between two variables, then the alternative hypothesis should state thatÿ”there is a relationship between the two variables that can be measured.ÿÿIf the null hypothesis states that there is no effect on the subject then the alternative hypothesis should state that “there is an effect on the subject”.ÿ We will fail to reject (accept) the alternative hypothesis if and only if the data provides convincing evidence that it is true.ÿÿPractice Writing Null and Alternative HypothesesThe hypotheses can be written out in words or we may use mathematical symbols to express the hypothesis.ÿ Here a few examples of how to write the null and alternative hypothesis.ÿ The most common symbol for the null hypothesis isÿH0ÿand the most common symbol for the alternative hypothesis isÿH1.Let’s Practice:ÿÿÿCase I:ÿAn agriculturist is doing a study to determine if a fertilizer has any effect on the average height of 100 apple trees.ÿ He knows that the average height of unfertilized apple trees is 10ft.ÿ The average height of the 100 apple trees that were treated with fertilizer is 10.8 feet with a standard deviation of .5 ft.ÿÿFor questions 1-5, write the null and alternative hypothesis.1.ÿ Does the water temperature have an effect on the number of people in the pool? 2.ÿ Does the weather have an effect on the number of people at the beach? 3.ÿ A fitness center is running a discounted membership fee.ÿ Did the discount increase the membership sales? Write your hypotheses mathematically. 4.ÿ A medical researcher gave 100 patients a new drug to see if it reduces their blood pressure?ÿ Did the new drug reduce the patients’ blood pressure?ÿ Write your hypothesis mathematically. 5.ÿ Some students took a conflict resolution class?ÿ Did this class help to reduce the number of conflicts that the students were involved in?ÿ Write your hypothesis mathematically.Social Work homework help
ApplichemCompany was one of the leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals in the early 1982s. As a result of the increased demand for its products in the global market, the company’s top management was forced to establish additional branches in different places across the world. Four of its major plants were built in Gary, Mexico, Frankfurt, and Sunchem. Release-ease is a product that earned the company a global recognition for many years. The company’s performance in terms of production and distribution of release-ease varied from one plant to the other. Looking at the general performance of all plants from a profitability perspective, one can easily note that Frankfurt plant was the best performer overall followed by the Gary and Mexico plants. The Sunchem plant was the least performing branch. Despite its expansive market, the Frankfurt plant incurred low manufacturing costs compared to other plants. The raw materials were relatively cheap in Germany compared to the US and Mexico. The manufacturing costs in Japan were so high that the Sunchem plant’s expenditure on inputs was huge. This reduced the revenues to a great extent and eventually affected the productivity of the plant. Since profitability is positively correlated to productivity, the different profit levels attained by different plants also impacted the productivity levels. This implies that the productivity of each plant depended on the prevailing conditions of the location. Labor productivity The productivity of labor was the highest in the Frankfurt plant. This can be attributed to the introduction of computerized processes. The technical team was equipped with computer skills making it to be effective with regards to performance. This not only ensured that time was put in its optimal use, but also minimized raw material wastage. Additionally, the Frankfurt plant was headed by an experienced manager who understood every detail of release-ease production. He understood the needs of customers very well. By doing that, he incorporated certain specifications in the production of release-ease. This attracted a large market for his plant in comparison to others. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Gary plant had the highest number of employees. However, the productivity of each employee was low, because the hiring processes were based on loyalty to the plant and the plant manager and not on merit. However, the Mexican plant had operators with the lowest education levels. This hampered innovation and problem solving as no decision would have been made without consulting the plant’s general manager. On the other hand, the Japanese plant had most of the processes automated forcing the employees to do product development work rather than production. Although the workers of the Sunchem plant acquired the necessary skills through training, their productivity was low. This was due to the few hours of work rule that was enforced by the Japanese labor laws. Capital productivity The Gary plant had more capacity and facilities required in the production and storage of release-ease. This explains why the products manufactured in the Frankfurt plant were shipped in bulk to Gary for packaging. Moreover, the computerization of processes in the Frankfurt plant increased the effectiveness and efficiency of production in relation to other plants. The same applied to the Sunchem plant. Nearly all production systems were automated and also managed to stand alone as the only plant that effected the recycling of waste. In summary, the success of the Frankfurt plant was not only due to the extensive investment in capital, but also as a result of its optimal utilization. This was the prerequisite for profit maximization that was sustainable in the long run. The least performers like the Sunchem plant needed to boost their productivity to allow for profitability in the long run.
Rutgers University Newark Dexter Gordon Tenor Saxophone Questions.

Written Assignment #2: BebopTenor saxophonist Dexter Gordon was a leading figure in bebop, drawing upon the styles of both of Count Basie’s tenor players, Lester Young and Herschel Evans, to forge his own style in the bebop idiom. His composition Bikini exhibits an interesting and unique hybrid form.
Listen attentively to Bikini performed by Dexter Gordon, tenor saxophone (ts); Jimmy Bunn, piano (p); Red Callender, bass (b); and Chuck Thompson, drums (d); and address the following questions:The order of solos in this piece is: Gordon, Bunn, Callender, and Thompson (at end). Provide counter numbers for the beginnings and ends of all four solos.Compare and contrast the solo styles, and describe them. Listen to how they phrase or create musical lines over the chord changes. Try to include some detail.How many choruses does each of them take? Note: This piece is a 44-bar hybrid AABA song form in which each A section is a 12-bar blues chord progression, while the B section (the bridge) is a standard 8-bar section. The first chorus is 00:11 to 01:00.What is your impression of this piece? How do these bebop soloists differ from the swing soloists that you have heard? Does the bebop ensemble treat or arrange the melody differently from the swing big band arrangements (of melody) that you have heard? If so, how?Generally speaking, this band would have performed for what type of audience?
Rutgers University Newark Dexter Gordon Tenor Saxophone Questions

Important Moment Exercise Discussion

Important Moment Exercise Discussion.

Write a scene of 1,000-1,250 words (4-5 double-spaced
pages) that depicts a familiar scene or moment in a new and interesting
way. Important Moment ExerciseIdentify an event in your life (or make one up) that conforms to the
conventional notion of life’s important moments: births, deaths,
weddings, car crashes, breakups, illness, coming out, jumping off the
high dive, etc. Briefly tell a story related to that event but that
expands the meaning of the event in a personal, complex way—the story
behind the story, between the lines. Writers have to develop the
instinct to find something new and vital in the familiar. In a story
about a grandparent’s death, grief can’t be the main point. Too obvious.
Make it new. Make it interesting. Make it more than what it’s expected
to be. A couple of quick anecdotes as examples. (Your exercises should be 4-5 double-spaced pages, and they should be dramatized.)
Example 1: Car Crash I had just gotten
my driver’s license. My mother had just bought our first “good” car, a
1966 Ford Mustang. (In 1981 this wasn’t a classic, just an old car.) She
parked it on the street. In the middle of the night, a sound like a
bomb exploded in the yard. A drunk driver had plowed into the Mustang,
destroying it. A power pole lay on top of the driver’s car. A policeman
reached to open the door to help him but a powerful shock knocked him
back onto our dewy lawn. I stood in that wet grass in my slippers
looking at my mother, who was looking at me. I knew in that moment what
she hadn’t yet told me: the car wasn’t insured. She had never done
anything to protect what little good we had in our lives, which was
always short-lived. The drunk was inevitable.

Example 2: Grandparent Death My
grandmother called me from California to tell me she was going to die.
She said she was tired and wanted to go be with Ned (my grandpa). Her
voice was level, her mind made up. She died the next day. Ten years
earlier, she had begged me to quit college and get a job. Between
working and being sick, it was taking me a long time to get through
school. She held up to me the example of my cousin, Shane, who got a job
in a fast food restaurant at the age of fourteen and ten years later he
was the manager. My grandparents grew up during The Depression.
Security was everything to them. People in my family tend to have one,
maybe two employers their whole lives. In the year before she called me
to say her goodbye, I had published a book and become a professor. “I
was wrong,” she told me over the phone, “and you were right.” It gave
her pleasure to say it, as it had given me pleasure a year earlier to
dedicate my book to her.
Important Moment Exercise Discussion

MGT 322 Saudi Electronic University Critical Thinking Management Question

assignment writing services MGT 322 Saudi Electronic University Critical Thinking Management Question.

Critical ThinkingundefinedThe global marketplace has witnessed an increased pressure from customers and competitors in manufacturing as well as service sector (Basu, 2001; George, 2002). Due to the rapidly changing global marketplace only those companies will be able to survive that will deliver products of good quality at cheaper rate and to achieve their goal companies try to improve performance by focusing on cost cutting, increasing productivity levels, quality and guaranteeing deliveries in order to satisfy customers (Raouf, 1994). undefinedIncreased global competition leads the industry to increasing efficiency by means of economies of scale and internal specialization to meet market conditions in terms of flexibility, delivery performance and quality (Yamashina, 1995). The changes in the present competitive business environment characterized by profound competition on the supply side and keen indecisive in customer requirements on the demand side. These changes have left their distinctive marks on the different aspect of the manufacturing organizations (Gomes et al., 2006). With this increasing global economy, cost effective manufacturing has become a requirement to remain competitive.undefinedTo meet all the challenges organizations try to introduce different manufacturing and supply techniques. Management of organizations devotes its efforts to reduce the manufacturing costs and to improve the quality of product. To achieve this goal, different manufacturing and supply techniques employed. The last quarter of the 20th century witnessed the adoption of excellent, lean and integrated manufacturing strategies that have drastically changed the way manufacturing firm’s leads to improvement of manufacturing performance (Fullerton and McWatters, 2002).undefinedConsult chapter 7 of your textbook or secondary available data through internet and answer the following questions.undefinedQuestion:undefinedWhy Companies adopted Lean Thinking and JIT model? (1.5 Mark)Discuss major types of Waste, companies has to keep in mind during production. (1.5 Mark)Due to pandemic COVID 19 emergency, do you think agile supply chain is the right concept in this kind of situation? Give reason with example. (1.5 Mark)Reference(0.5 Mark)undefinedThe Answer must follow the outline points below:undefinedEach answer should be 300 to 500 range of word counts.Lean Thinking and JIT ConceptAgile Supply chain Their Main functionsReasons with suitable ExamplesReference use APA style of referencing the reference should be with APA style
MGT 322 Saudi Electronic University Critical Thinking Management Question

Stakeholder Analysis for the policy the Clean Power Act

Stakeholder Analysis for the policy the Clean Power Act.

Develop a Stakeholder Analysis for the policy the Clean Power Act
from a “prospective position.” Begin by stating an appropriate claim.1.Apply the procedures for stakeholder
analysis presented in Box 3.0 “Conducting a Stakeholder Analysis” to generate a
list of at least five to ten (5-10) stakeholders who affect or are affected by
problems in the issue area chosen for analysis.2.After generating the list, create a
cumulative frequency distribution. Place stakeholders on the horizontal axis,
numbering them from 1 …n. On the vertical axis, place the number of new
(nonduplicate) ideas generated by each stakeholder (the ideas can be
objectives, alternatives, outcomes, causes, etc.). Connect the total new ideas
of each stakeholder with a line graph.3.After creating a cumulative frequency
distribution from the list, discuss new ideas generated by each stakeholder. (Note: The
ideas may be objectives, alternatives, outcomes causes, etc.; ideas should not
be duplicates.)4.Write an analysis of the results of the
frequency distribution that answers the following questions: (a) Does the line
graph flatten out? (b) If so, after how many stakeholders? (c) What conclusions
can be drawn about the policy problems in the issue area? (Note: Compare
your work with Case Study 3.1 at the end of the chapter.)5. Include at least four (4) peer-reviewed
references (no more than five [5] years old) from material outside the textbook
to support your views. Note:Appropriate peer-reviewed references
include scholarly articles and governmental Websites. Do not use open source
Websites such as Wikipedia,,, and similar Websites are
not acceptable resources.
Stakeholder Analysis for the policy the Clean Power Act

Project Marketing to Improve Project Success Thesis

Introduction This paper aims to provide a better understanding of project marketing and to contribute to the literature the perceived relationship between project marketing and project management. A research question can be asked to get a closer look at the entire dissertation, that is: how can project marketing be used to attain project success? We have also to answer the question related to this one, which goes: Is project marketing the same or a sub-category of project management? In the age of intense globalisation, organisations are continuously experiencing phenomenal changes and innovations. The world of business is constantly facing new challenges, innovations and applications, thus organisations have to cope with constant change. Managing change is one of the priorities of the new global organisation because change is an opportunity for improvement. Organisations have to adopt and continuously train and improve because of these changes. Adoption and improvement are significant here because outsourcing companies (or those who provide outsourcing services) are a source of competition. This means there is a strong competition when it comes to talents and capabilities and output. Globalisation involves systems, technology and processes. Technology is a part and tool of globalisation which has affected even the smallest community. Global business has penetrated the remotest areas of the countryside. Small organisations have become global organisations, or they operate in a global scale. With the advent of information technology, organisations have to introduce various changes in their business processes, marketing strategies, product orientation, employee management or human resource management, and other organisational strategies in order to be competitive. Project management is as old as written history. Tracing back history, we can analyze its role and importance to man’s activities. From the time of management scientists and industrial engineers like Elton Mayo and Frederick Winslow Taylor to Henry Ford’s production-line manufacturing famous with Model T automobile, to Henry Gantt and his famous charts, we see project management present in every aspect of labour and production. This was further enhanced with the emergence of mainframe digital computers which made processing and updating of products faster and easier. (Lock, 2007, p. 3) Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Man-made projects are not new: monuments surviving from the earliest civilisations testify to the incredible achievements of our ancestors. Modern projects, for all their technological sophistication, are not necessarily greater in scale than some of those early large projects. Formal management organisation structures have existed from early times. But history can also tell us of the many projects that failed. The Standish Group says that failure is an effect of innovation and innovation is one of the factors for success. (Chaos: a recipe for success, 1999, p. 1) Productions and operations are linked to operations management (OM) and is the process by which goods and services are created (Shim

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