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Thoughtful critique and skepticism to the medical, psychiatric and criminal labels Mainstream social, economic & political systems are neutral Interventions are individually based Accepts the status quo Social problems are given medical, psychiatric, criminal labels The Nature of Oppression A person is blocked from opportunities to self-development, excluded from full participation in society and does not ave certain rights that dominant groups take for granted or is assigned because an individual belongs toa specific category of people Oppression and it’s affects are maintained by social, cultural, economic and political systems. For example: Media Policy, legislation Market economies Capitalism Definition of oppression Review critical reflection: “whats the hidden agenda”?

Key elements of AOP Differences between AOP and mainstream social work practice Name two key elements of AOP Name two significant differences between AOP and mainstream practice Rational Systems Approach Part of a conscious, thought-out and rational system Arrange human resource workers Collective goal – usually helping people meet certain needs Serving everyone at the lowest cost with the highest Quality Organizations have external and internal environments Organizations have a relationship with the external environment: input and output Their resource and relevance are tied to the external and internal environments External environment: mike harris years Globalization: reduction and removal of barriers between nations to increase the ease of goods, capital, services and labour (not immigration)

Accelerated globalization – late 1980s – mid 2000s Significance: Changing populations National policies come under the influence of international agencies, processes, companies Large-bodied corporations have large control over resources and policy Growing interest in reducing the deficit Reducing the deficit = reducing social programs including Living wages Accessible child-care Violence prevention programs Shelters All of these could/should have cushioned the effects of globalization A general push toward neo-liberalism Economic and social policy approach Market driven Stress on privatization Emphasis on efficiency Freeing up markets to increase the “free” private sector in having an “objective” and effective influence on political and economic priorities of the state Increase in unemployment (manufacturing sector) Increase in use of social services Funding cuts Emphasis on “scientific management – planning of work to achieve efficiency, standardization, specialization and simplification Specialization vs generalized practiced Mainstreaming & depoliticisation Reflective Practice Lived experience (ex.

Class reflection exercise) A process of reflecting on experience, qualitative xperience and engage in a process of continuous learning and knowledge production (Ferguson, 2011) Challenges Romantic of social work history No strong checks & balances system Difficult to secure funding Difficult to secure legitimacy Benefits Room for reflexitivity Broad range of “evidence” that includes non-scientific knowledge Both client and social worker can work collaboratively to decide what is meaningful Accepts that life is messy Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Relies on theoretical knowledge that has been tested through scientific methods (Knott, 2010 p. 8). Core belief that social work theory and practice should be grounded in empirical research Social workers are knowledge users rather than knowledge producers (Knott, 2010 p. 8)

Mathematics in Art and Music

Mathematics in Art and Music.

Many musical composers have used mathematics in their compositions. Some artists have created artworks that use or reflect mathematical principles. Research one such composer or artist, and write an essay discussing the role of mathematics in the composer’s music or artist’s art. (choose any artist)

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