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If you were a “friendly visitor” in a charity organization society, you would most likely access public funds for families in distress b. Act as a model of moral character believe that charity represented respectful support for families d.

Not be concerned about investigations and scientific procedures 2. Which prominent Charity Organization Society leader wrote what is Social Casework? Jane Addams Mary Richmond Grace Abbott d. Sophia’s Befriending 3. Is an early pioneer in the Settlement House Movement. Harriet Bartlett Florence Hollies 4.The first Black settlement house in the Ignited States was founded by Jeanie Porter Barrett Luggage Burns Hop Sarah Ferdinand Mary Elise Church Terrible 5. Was a policy maker who was instrumental in drafting the Social Security Act of 1 935 Harry Hopkins Whitney Young Grace Coyly Eduardo Lineman 6.

Who is well known for long-standing leadership in the Urban League? Sarah F-errand’s Lester Granger Frances Perkins 7. The phrase “person in his situation” was coined by 8. The asses was significant for social work because of the War on Poverty the New Deal the Charity Organization SocietyFreudian psychoanalysis 9. Delivered at the Baltimore Conference on Charities, Feeler’s 191 5 speech applauded the professional Status Of social work characterized social work as having a method common numerous fields of practice c. Recognized a specific aim for social work leading to a highly specialized education d. Generated activities so social work could meet the stated criteria of a profession.

A corporate social responsibility strategy

A corporate social responsibility strategy.

Using key themes from this module, you need to develop a corporate social responsibility strategy for one of the companies from the following list:
1. Nissan
2. Audi
3. BAA Stansted
4. Camelot
5. The Saudi Investment Bank
6. Pearson

Write a report to be presented to the board of directors responsible for the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy. Your report should include an analysis of the proposed strategy taking into account the following issues:

1. Explore corporate social responsibility in different organizational and national contexts focusing on the six core characteristics of CSR
2. Explore the variety of theoretical avenues and the diversity of theoretical concepts in CSR
3. Examine strategic approaches used currently by the chosen corporation in fulfilling their community responsibilities

1. Make recommendations identifying how a more sustainable CSR strategy can be developed for your chosen company. The suggestions should analyse the following aspects:
 How ecological responsibilities could be further enhanced in the chosen organisation’s
corporate strategy 
 How the chosen company might enhance social welfare by developing products for
consumers or responding to demands from consumers for greater responsibility.
 How the chosen organisation might enhance their CSR strategy in regards to the
recruitment and retention of employees

Please see the attached guidance for further information about what needs to be discussed in the report. 

2500 words for the main body of the report and 250 words for the executive summary. No appendices are required.

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