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Social Science Question

Technicalities: • Approx. 4-5 pages, Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced. Please remember to add page numbers! • Submit your essay as an attachment in Sakai/Assignments as a WORD document (no PDFs please). • Name your document as follows: . Citations: • Please use in-text citations (Author’s name, year: page number), for example (Knysh 2016: 4) • If you include an exact quote, you should always include the page number. • If you refer to the ideas of a text in general, you cite the author and the year only. If you paraphrase info from a specific page or couple of pages you can cite as follows (Knysh 2016: 3-4) • You can also refer to and include information we discussed in class (lecture slides, class discussions, etc). It’s your choice if you want to mention the source in this case (“as we discussed in class”) or not. Topic: Your essay should connect two of the topics/weeks covered in class so far. For example, you can write an essay that connects Leisure and entertainment and Urban living. In your essay, you have to identify an issue that connects the two weeks selected and present a clear argument/point/position in relation to that issue. Please provide concrete evidence from the readings to support your argument and include at least two readings (one from each of the selected weeks). Your essay should be based on the assigned readings, lectures, and class discussions that we covered for the selected topics. You are not required to conduct any outside research, but you can refer to outside sources if you find it necessary for your argument. However, your main task is to engage with the arguments and ideas of the assigned readings. For this essay you cannot pick the same topic(s) as the one you concentrated on in your first essay. Make sure that your essay has a coherent organization – introduction, main body, conclusion. Use the introduction to clearly identify the issue you focus on in the essay and present your argument/thesis. Email me with any questions.