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Social Science Question

Unit 6 Writing Assignment
Assignment (100 points)Toward the end of the PowerPoint lecture, find the slide where various court cases of interest are listed. Choose two of those listed and summarize those two.
Requirements: Your paper will consist of the following instructions:Page 1 – create a title page
Pages 2 and 3 – summarize the first court case you selected
Pages 4 and 5 – summarize the second court case you chose
Page 6 – state how important the two cases are for the classroom teacher (conclusion)
Page 7 – provide a References page where you will cite your paper’s two court cases, following correct APA format for court case citation.

Your paper should also incorporate at least one additional resource (a website or article, etc.). You will have at least three references on your References page. Remember to parenthetically/internally cite your sources in your paper in following APA graduate writing expectations.