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Social Problems

What are the reasons for the severity to vary among different nations? Is it the government, population, culture, or health care system?

Purifying the environment by plants

Purifying the environment by plants.

Description The thirdassignment, the Literature Review, is a report of the published information on an issue or topic. A writerstudies the literature in an effort to determine what is known and to determine the varying viewpointsdiscussed by the researchers on a particular topic. The purpose of the literature review is more than merely providing a survey of extant information. In many cases, it is used to determine the merits of a topicandestablishif research should be conducted. Thus, the literature review is more than a collection of information: it includes analysis, dialogue, and interpretation of a research questionthat the writerdefines. A literature review may be a complete report or it may be a part of another report. ObjectivesThis literature review assignment is designed to:Develop critical reading and interpretation skills;Help you gain practice in library research and the use of published sources;Prepare you for the recommendation report assignmentGeneral DirectionsYour task is to define a problem (some conflict between assumptions and evidence) or a need for information and to review what published materials say about the issue.Basic guidelines are as follows:Choose a topic in your major fieldof study. If you can anticipate your report project, you can use the literature review for preliminary research on that subject.Use 4 to 7 journal articlesThe review should be approximately 3-5typed pages(x1 or x1.5 spacing)Use the documentation style of your disciplineCharacteristics of a Good Literature Review (Evaluation Criteria)I will evaluate the review according to these expectations:Audience AwarenessShows awareness of who will use the report and for what purposeDefines issues in terms of the audience’s needs, interests, and viewpointsContentCenters on issues or a problem (not just “facts” or summaries)Evaluates the literature that informs the topicAnalyzes and explains significance; “develops” (does not merely “collect”) information; “comments” and “interprets”; includes inferences as well as factsGenerates dialogue between sources; the writer, as mediator, explains the argumentsheld by the sourcesto highlight the varying perspectives surrounding the topicCurrent–may include historical sources but acknowledges the most recent thinking and research about the issue Determines whether or not there is enough substantial, persuasive information on a topic to warrant researchOrganizationOrganized by subtopics or issues rather than by sourcesBegins with a “problem” and ends with an answer to that problem FormatSection headings revealmain divisions by indicating topics/subtopicsDocument is paginated andutilizes running headersBlock paragraphing requiredStyleUses lots of concrete words, good action verbsThe writer’s own voice dominates (not a string of quotes)Grammar, Punctuation, DocumentationFollows conventional standardsDocumentation follows the style for the writer’s discipline

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arcticle,With his passing, please read the article posted here: and tell us your thoughts on the matter. Do you agree? Do you disagree? – Most importantly, tell us why you have tak

Social Problems arcticle,With his passing, please read the article posted here: and tell us your thoughts on the matter. Do you agree? Do you disagree? – Most importantly, tell us why you have tak.

Edge online ran an article saying “Roger Ebert has taken on director, author and videogame advocate Clive Barker, reiterating his stance that games cannot be art—or as he specifies, “high art.””

With his passing, please read the article posted here: and tell us your thoughts on the matter. Do you agree? Do you disagree? – Most importantly, tell us why you have taken the stance you post in 300 words or more



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The Ekpharasis assignment

The Ekpharasis assignment.

Final paper 2

This assignment is based on 2 other assignments that relate to each other. Ill be attaching documents: 1. The Ekpharasis assignment (where we had to describe an image). 2. Research assignment on the image. 3. Instructions for this assignment 4. Rubric for reference.

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FA Active Directory

FA Active Directory.

 Document the new FA Active Directory 1) Throughout this process you should have been documenting the design of the new AD for Fortune Automotive. Once you have implemented the design you must make sure your design matches the documentation. If it does not, take this time to modify the documentation as necessary to complete this step. 2) Please note: part of the document you submit will be compared to the implementation on your lab server during grading. So, make sure you provide accurate information for the user accounts you created and the overall design of your AD. 3) In addition, you will need to provide a written explanation of your design (what did you do and how) and a written justification for your design (why your design is a good one). These sections should be no more than 1-2 pages in len

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Devise a curriculum development timeline

Devise a curriculum development timeline.

Devise a curriculum development timeline based on the curriculum cycles and phases identified in your Week 3 assignment (Curriculum Cycles and Phases (file attached)). Your timeline must span a minimum of seven years, though the cycle may range from five to seven years. Distribute the curricular programs in the timeline according to resource considerations. Consider the following: • Which programs are more expensive than others to implement in terms of materials and equipment purchases? • Which programs might benefit from going through the cycle together to enhance horizontal articulation? • What time is available for professional development needed to implement programs? • Should K-12 programs go through the cycle as a unit to promote vertical articulation, or should they be separated into elementary and secondary programs? Write a 350- to 700-word rationale explaining the placement decision made based on the resource issues identified. This rationale must be written so that users of the curriculum development system understand the resource-related reasons for the placements. Refer to the Sample Curriculum Development Timeline provided. You may use this sample as a template for the development of your schedule or design your own. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

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Media technology deprivation

Media technology deprivation.

Eliminate media technology from your life for 4 days. For 4 (four) consecutive days you are to do without radio, tv, newspapers, magazines,and the Internet (other than as required by work or school). Other reading is fine. Try not to ask others what is going on in the world. Write a short paper–about 3-4 pages–in which you describe how you experienced this deprivation period. Your essay should address each of the following: What your normal media routine is (a very brief description of a typical day) What you did and did not miss What you did with the extra time What the experience taught you How your interactions with others were affected How your moods were affected Remember, the state you will be putting yourself in was the state everyone was in all the time not that long ago. Many of us rarely go more than a few minutes without the radio or tv on, at least as background. Reflection is increasingly a lost art, a lost pleasure. One consequence of the loss of reflection is self-alienation.

Even though we might spend a great deal of time alone–commuting in the car, watching television in the evening–very little of this time is spent in quiet reflection of one’s own thoughts, in knowing oneself. When given this assignment, many students report having very uncomfortable moments. Many of us get into our cars and the first thing we do after starting the engine is turn on the radio. The act is habitual, and very likely you will find yourself doing this during the assignment. Then you will turn off the radio (hopefully), but very likely there will be several times when you impulsively reach to turn it on again. The silence–being alone with your own thoughts–can be both uncomfortable (Why? is a good question)and newly pleasurable. Should you encounter such nervous moments, I encourage you to persevere and not yield to the temptation to turn on the radio again. Similarly, many of us walk into the house or apartment and turn on the radio or television before we even sit down. Why? Think of the times when the power has gone off in your house. With no electricity, the house becomes eerily silent. At these moments we realize how much noise we constantly live with: the hum of the refrigerator, the rattle of the furnace, the low whine of the computer, and so on. For many people this silence is punishing. Years ago I had a roommate and, when the power went out once, she soon became so agitated by the silence that she drove to the store to buy batteries for her radio.

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Moby Dick Film 1956 version of the film directed by John Huston and starring Gregory Peck.

Moby Dick Film 1956 version of the film directed by John Huston and starring Gregory Peck..

 This isn’t really a review it’s more like a Q&A based on the movie. Make up your own question based on the movie, preferably anything that has to do with Native-American literature and literature of the Puritan, Enlightenment, and Romantic periods. Then answer your own question.

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