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Social Influence of Cults essay help Drama coursework help

Examines techniques & effects of control of social environment by cults & cult leaders. Discusses recruiting, role of women, potential violence and court actions.

Vander-Zanden (1990) defines cults as loosely organized forms of religious organizations with several specific characteristics. These characteristics include the facts that their: a) members are called to live a totally different lifestyle; b) leaders are strongly charismatic leaders around whom the membership is built; c) doctrinal emphasis is upon the individual rather than on society although there is often a component of cults that is highly critical of the dominant society; d) religious perspective holds that the source of unhappiness and injustice is incorporated within each person and thus it is the individual who first has to change; e) promises are that the individual will find contentment through following..

strategic planning

Strategic Audit Report
Select a company of your choice and apply all the external and internal business audit techniques in addition to business model canvas which you have learned in this subject on that above-mentioned company and then at the end, write a recommendation set using the Balanced Scorecard’s 4 main components.
The main report includes the following:
Title Page
Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. External Business Audit:
a. Environment Analysis
To apply Porter’s Five Forces
Threat of New Entrants;
Bargaining Power of Buyers;
Bargaining Power of Suppliers;
Rivalry Among Competitors;
Threat of Substitute Products.
Please do the Threat of Substitute Products part based on Mr DIY article that I attached. just one page.