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In Malaysia and everywhere in the world, social class identification has been translated to the product and services that we consume. Have you ever compare : Bungalows versus setinggan . Ferrari versus kancil, and a lot more examples that we can see surround us. Believe it or not the social class strastification had created a “gap” among rich and poor. Based on the above facts, compile a relevant material from various sources (preferable academic journal,books,business magazines and newspapers) and prepare a report on “social class stratification in Malaysia”.

Your paper should include (but not necessarily in the following order: – Introduction of social class -Bases for social class stratification -Malaysian scenario (A study on social class in Malaysia) -The effects of social stratification on consumer selection of products/service http://www. slideshare. net/carencrasta/social-class-6915801 http://home. earthlink. net/~clevy/Social_Stratification__Chapter_8_. pdf Chapter 11 Social Class and Consumer Behavior Consumer Behavior, Eighth Edition SCHIFFMAN & KANUK http://en. wikipedia. rg/wiki/Class_stratification Social Class in consumer behavior is the division of members of a society into a hierarchy of distinct status classes, so that members of each class have either higher or lower status than members of other classes. Social Class and Social Status is frequently thought of as the relative rankings of members of each social class such as wealth, power and prestige. Social Comparison Theory states that individuals compare their own possessions against those of others to determine their relative social standing.

Status Consumption is the process by which consumers actively increase their social standing through conspicuous consumption or possessions. Social stratification refers to the division of a society into layers (or strata) whose occupants have unequal access to social opportunities and rewards. People in the top strata enjoy power, prosperity, and prestige that are not available to other members of society; people in the bottom strata endure penalties that other members of society escape. In a stratified society, inequality is part of the social structure and passes from one generation to the next.

An economic and cultural rift usually exists between different classes. People are usually born into their class, though social mobility allows for some individuals to attain a higher-level class or fall to a lower-level one. Stratification is usually based on three major premises: a. Power : the ability to impose one’s will on others b. Prestige : the respect given by others c. Property : forms of wealth if we know whether a person or group possesses or does not possess certain traits, then we will be able to predict with reasonable accuracy how this person or group is likely to fare in the social hierarchy

English; Platonic dialogues we have read in this course to support your claims about these principles. In

English; Platonic dialogues we have read in this course to support your claims about these principles. In.

Develop a set of principles that you think are important to follow when we try to think critically. Use at least two (2) of the Platonic dialogues we have read in this course to support your claims about these principles. In other words, look at Plato’s work and think about what he is showing us about quality thinking versus flawed thinking. Based on this,give us a few practices that you think we should apply if we want to avoid flaws in our argumentation or thought process. In the simplest terms,Analyze Plato’s work for lessons in how to argue and reason effectively. The paper is not meant to be a complete or exhaustive description of all critical thinking concepts. Rather, your goal should be to explain how Plato’s work has helped you find a few basic principles or “rules of thumb” that we should follow when we think try to think critically. To present your argument clearly and effectively, early in the paper, please give a thesis that states the critical thinking principles you think are important given what you have learned from Plato. Then systematically describe each principle before moving on to the next. For each principle, you should state why it is important, give quotes from Plato that show that principle at work, and analyze these quotes to explain how they support your opinion. Keep your focus on each individual principle. Don’t just say that a certain quote is an example of critical thinking. Tell us what specific principle it exemplified. Once you have done this for all of the principles you have identified, round up all of your main points and state your conclusion as a coherent, working theory that can help us think and argue more critically PLATOS WRITINGS we have rread so far and must use in essay: APOLOGY, CRITO, The Euthydemus

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