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Social Capital discussion

Social Capital discussion.

Read the articles, Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital and Still Bowling Alone? The Post-9/11 Split from the Project Muse database. For this discussion, complete the following:In your own words, describe what is meant by the term “social capital.” Examine the influences of social connections and technology and civic engagement in academic and professional pursuits. Evaluate the significance of social capital in the context of global citizenship and multicultural understanding.  
 Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. In addition
to the assigned reading, support your answer with research from at least
one scholarly source, and properly cite any references
Social Capital discussion

East Los Angeles College Nursing Process Outline Worksheet.

Each clinical day each student will develop a nursing process outline for one patient of their choice. These are quick writes and should be done throughout the shift and not taken home. These will be discussed in post conferences with the faculty. The outline will be as follows:
Assessment (Based on systems: cardio, resp, GI/GU, mobility, Neuro, Safety, skin, pain, psychosocial)
Obj:____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Subj:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Nursing Diagnosis (2) Must be prioritized. Must be Nanda using three part statement (Based on systems: cardio, resp, GI/GU, mobility, Neuro, Safety, skin, pain, psychosocial)
Stem (DX): Etiology (Cause): as evidenced by (Signs and symptoms) Abnormal Assessment Findings. 
Planning (Patient goals) Must be SMART goals
Pt. will (verbalize, demonstrate, be able to, increase & maintain, or decrease & maintain) by the: (end of shift, end of day, discharge day) or within: (two hours; 12 hours, etc.) 
Implementation (Specific nursing interventions that were performed during your shift):  Must contain the following: Assess {observe, palpate, percuss}; Monitor; Administer; Collaborate w/ specific multi-disciplinary team; & Teach
Evaluation (What was the outcome: Goal; Met or Not met or Partially met and How to revise.)
Nursing Application Assessment
Include activities throughout the day performed in relation to the following NCLEX content categories. See content category examples below as cited by NCSBN
Management of Care ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Safety and Infection Control ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Basic Care and Comfort ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Management of Care:  providing and directing nursing care that enhances the care delivery set­ting to protect clients and health care personnel. 
Related content includes but is not limited to: Advance Directives. Advocacy, Assignment, Delegation and Supervision, Case Management, Client Rights, Collaboration with Interdisciplinary Team, Concepts of Management, Confidentiality/Information Security, Continuity of Care, Establishing Priorities, Ethical Practice, Informed Consent, Information Technology,  Legal Rights and Responsibilities, Performance Improvement (Quality Improvement), Referrals 
Safety and Infection Control: protecting clients and health care personnel from health and envi­ronmental hazards. 
Related content includes but is not limited to: Accident/Error /Injury Prevention, Emergency Response Plan, Ergonomic Principles, Handling Hazardous and Infectious Materials, Home Safety 
Reporting of Incident/Event/Irregular, Occurrence/Variance, Safe Use of Equipment,
Security Plan, Standard Precautions/Transmission- Based Precautions/Surgical Asepsis, Use of Restraints/Safety Devices 
Basic Care and Comfort: providing comfort and assistance in the performance of activities of daily living. 
Related content includes but is not limited to: Assistive devices, Elimination, Mobility/Immobility, Non-Pharmacological Comfort Interventions, Nutrition and Oral Hydration, Personal Hygiene, Rest and Sleep
East Los Angeles College Nursing Process Outline Worksheet

University of Nairobi The Principal Challenge Faced by Civil Engineers Discussion.

With the continuing economic, technological, and societal development, the public needs and expectations for the civil engineering system continue to evolve and grow (In addition to technologies, the needs may also originate from factors such as public health, safety, welfare, cultural, social, environmental and economic aspects). One important component of the system is transportation and geotechnical engineering designs. Write a 2-page single-spaced statement addressing the following items: a) What do you believe is the principal challenge faced by civil engineers in meeting these needs and expectations? b) Is this challenge a local, regional, national, or global challenge? Why? c) What fields of knowledge beyond traditional transportation/geotechnical engineering are needed? d) How have specific out of class, out of department, or in class/department activities or projects trained you to address the particular challenge you identified in part (a)?
University of Nairobi The Principal Challenge Faced by Civil Engineers Discussion

Com-362 Topic 8 Reading Exercise.

Hello Everyone. The attached file comes from the course COM-362. The textbook is Introduction to Logic (14th edition) chapter 7. In the attached document it gives specific instructions for what needs to be done in each section. For Example, the instructions to the first six questions are as follows, 7.5 Instructions For each of the following enthymematic arguments: a. Formulate the plausible premise or conclusion, if any, that is missing but understood. b. Write the argument in standard form, including the missing premise or conclusion needed to make the completed argument valid—if possible—using parameters if necessary. c. Name the order of the enthymeme. d. If the argument is not valid even with the understood premise included, name the fallacy that it commits.After that there are still other questions in the document with its own specific set of instructions. The instructions are printed in bold to make it easier to identify.
Com-362 Topic 8 Reading Exercise

Bullet points

Bullet points. I need an explanation for this Management question to help me study.

Bullet points should address the questions below. Repeat the specific case questions or key words from them, and then provide a brief response in bullet-point form. Bullet points should be two pages in length no more (single spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins).
You may use other resources but the primary source is the case attached as well as there is a sample of bullet points uploaded please follow all the structure and format of the sample
Four Seasons Case Discussion Questions

What does it take to make money in this industry?
What is Four Season’s strategy?
What are the tasks that are critical to implementing the strategy?
What does it take to execute their strategy?


Is Four Seasons a success? Why?
What are Four Season’s sources of competitive advantage?
Are these sources sustainable? Imitable?
What are the lessons learned regarding entry into international markets?
How do these lessons apply to other firms entering markets other than France?

Bullet points

Annual report of any choice company

online assignment help Annual report of any choice company.

in terms of research, intelligencegathering, strategy analysis and formulation, mission set-up, and control, towards analysing acompany’s published annual report. More specifically, you are required to:Step 1: Identify a PLC company that uses strategic management – this company may be prosperous,booming, in decline, or in economic difficulties;Step 2: Visit the corporate website, examine the annual statement and investor information anddevelop a comprehensive analysis;Step 3: Write a full analysis of the company and suggest possible strategic alternatives to follow;Step 4: Guide potential investors on whether it worth investing their money in the company (or not)and why.Specifics: Wordage: 5000 wordsReference all sources according to Harvard Referencing, both in the text and reference list
Annual report of any choice company

University of Miami Local Public Health agencies Funding Discussion

University of Miami Local Public Health agencies Funding Discussion.

Respond to each in one paragraph – Local Public Health agencies usually have to raise their own funding and can pretty much govern itself and do what it wants to do. State Public Health Agencies are usually funded and governed by state and federal government. Federal Public Health agencies are funded by tax dollars and run by government agencies. The Higher up they go the more government control and funding there is. – Local public health agencies are normally self-funded, meaning that they take care of all of their expenses by theirselves. They also develop their own structure and function, so they do things their own way, on their own terms, relating to terms and hours. State public health agencies retains important roles followed by the government, meaning they are not allowed to make their own rules, as the local agencies are allowed to do. State agencies are allowed to administer Medicaid programs. The Federal public health agencies are governed by the government and have been justified by the Interstate Commerce Clause meaning that they are authorized to regulate commerce between the states. As the public health system go up higher, they more authority is overlooked and watched by the government.
University of Miami Local Public Health agencies Funding Discussion

HMSV 8406 Capella University Stakeholders for A New Community Initiative Essay

HMSV 8406 Capella University Stakeholders for A New Community Initiative Essay.

Identifying Stakeholders for a New Community InitiativeThis is a 750–1000 word narrative in which you are to identify stakeholders in a community social problem with the community identified in the assignment in Unit 2, the community social problem identified in the discussion in Unit 5, and you as a human service leader from the organization in the assignment in Unit 4.As a human services leader, you are being asked to lead a new initiative. The new initiative will be an interagency collaboration of a task force to address a current community social problem. While individuals will be filling positions to serve on the task force, first you need to identify the stakeholders who have a personal or professional interest in the social problem and how to address it. Utilizing your knowledge of your community context of practice (from the assignment in Unit 2), identify stakeholders and support your choices with literature and theory.ResourcesIdentifying Stakeholders for a New Community Initiative Scoring Guide.
HMSV 8406 Capella University Stakeholders for A New Community Initiative Essay