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SOC 100 Strayer Judicial Selection and Removal Process in California Worksheet

SOC 100 Strayer Judicial Selection and Removal Process in California Worksheet.

The State Judicial Selection and Removal ProcessEach state within the United States has its own unique judicial selection process within its own court system. Each state also has unique steps that can be taken to remove a judge from office for disciplinary reasons. In this assignment, you will detail your state’s judicial selection and removal process.Using the Internet or Strayer University Online Library, research the judicial selection process for different court systems from different states within the U.S. Court System.Write a 3–4 page paper in which you:Discuss the judicial selection process of your state and one other state. Include, at a minimum, the qualifications and steps that are taken in order to select judges for the different kinds of courts (Supreme Court, Courts of Appeals, Bankruptcy Appellate Panels, District Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, and Article I Courts) within your specific state.Next, identify the steps that the relevant persons/entities need to take in order to remove a judge from office for disciplinary reasons for each state.What impact do you think the qualifications of a judge, and the potential for disciplinary action, have on judicial decision making?Provide three quality sources—the textbook may be used as one reference source.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.You may choose to use the following additional resources to assist you in completing this assignment:State Court Web Sites.Comparing State Courts.SOC205 Library Guide.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:Explain the function of the American court system in its operational role within the government, the rule of law, and society.
SOC 100 Strayer Judicial Selection and Removal Process in California Worksheet

Rasmussen College Inferential Statistics and Analytics Exercises.

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this is what the grader stated: Did not correctly solve a majority of the problems or at least one problem left blank. [1]Good effort overall. There were a few areas needing some improvement:Q2: The p-value and CV were incorrect, but good try. Q3: Good attempt, but the comparison of the t Stat to the p-value is the wrong method of comparison to make a decision whether to reject the null or not. Q4: The hypothesis setup was a good try, but not correct. Review the correct way to set up a Hypothesis test using the correct notation and correct inequality symbol for the alternative hypothesis corresponding to the scenario. Q5: The CV, tStat, and p-values were all a good try, but unfortunately, not the correct values. Q6: This was a good try, but needs to be redone using either the CV method or the p-value method to make a decision. Great effort though!
Rasmussen College Inferential Statistics and Analytics Exercises

University of California Los Angeles Ancient Jewish History Discussion

University of California Los Angeles Ancient Jewish History Discussion.

Section II. Short Answer and Essay Questions. 70 points. You may bullet-point your answers. In order to receive credit for your answers you must cite the page numbers where you took the information from in Coogan once per paragraph (that is, each paragraph of your answer must have at least one citation)
Give a one-page description of the three models of Israelite origins developed in the 20th century (Conquest Theory, Peasant Revolt Theory, and Pastoral Nomadic Hypothesis/Gradual Infiltration Theory). Be sure to explain how both the biblical and extra-biblical evidence contributed to each theory. (30 points)In a one-page essay explain two specific ways in which the book of Judges serves as a literary preface to the description of the rise of kingship in the book of Samuel? What was a judge? How does the book characterize the Philistine threat during the reign of Samson? (there are not only two ways to answer this question; use a couple of texts that we talked about in lecture or a couple of texts described by Coogan to answer the question) (20 points)What role does archaeology play in the historical reconstruction of the period of the United Monarchy (Iron IIA)? (Here I am looking for you to describe a couple of the archaeological materials that archaeologists correlate with the rise of centralization during this period) (10 points)In one paragraph explain how the Dynastic Oracle in 2 Samuel 7:1–17 captures the tensions involved in the movement from the tribal period to the period of the monarchy in ancient Israel. Cite specific language in this text to illustrate your answer. How does this text illustrate the theme of retribution theology? (10 points)
University of California Los Angeles Ancient Jewish History Discussion

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best assignment help Writer’s Choice. Paper details Discussion: Professional Nursing and State-Level Regulations Boards of Nursing (BONs) exist in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Virgin Islands. Similar entities may also exist for different regions. The mission of BONs is the protection of the public through the regulation of nursing practice. BONs put into practice state/region regulations for nurses that, among other things, lay out the requirements for licensure and define the scope of nursing practice in that state/region. It can be a valuable exercise to compare regulations among various state/regional boards of nursing. Doing so can help share insights that could be useful should there be future changes in a state/region. In addition, nurses may find the need to be licensed in multiple states or regions. To Prepare: • Review the Resources and reflect on the mission of state/regional boards of nursing as the protection of the public through the regulation of nursing practice. • Consider how key regulations may impact nursing practice. • Review key regulations for nursing practice of your state’s/region’s board of nursing and those of at least one other state/region and select at least two APRN regulations to focus on for this Discussion.. Learning Objectives Students will: • Compare state/regional board of nursing regulations • Compare boards of nursing and professional nurse associations • Analyze members of boards of nursing • Analyze state regulations for healthcare Writer’s Choice

The Issue Of Domestic Violence In Malaysia Social Work Essay

The Issue Of Domestic Violence In Malaysia Social Work Essay. Domestic violence is acknowledged as a significant issue within Malaysia. Historically, women non-government organizations (NGOs) have made violence against women a visible issue and have laws and protection services for victims of gender violence. In the year of 1994, the Domestic Violence Act was finally passed by Parliament, making Malaysia the first Asian and Muslim country to adopt such legislation. Government and Women’s groups have make hard afford in raising awareness around the issues of domestic violence due to Malaysia has a high level of physical abuse of women by husbands and boyfriends. The 1992 WAO/SRM (Women’s Aid Organisation and Survey Research Malaysia) survey revealed that 39 percent of women have experiencing battering. In the year of 1995, there were 1409 police reports of domestic violence. 1n 1997, the first full year of the implementation of the Domestic Violence Act, increase to 5477 reports, representing a 388 percent increase. To sum up, the statistics of domestic violence cases are increasing year by year according to the statistics on marital violence cases of the Department of Social Welfare of the Ministry of National Unity and Social Development (Department of Social Welfare, 1999-2009). Except the studies on the number of cases reported for domestic violence, there has also been a small body of research conducted in order to recognise the consequential costs to governments in responding to the consequences of such violence. Studies of the prevalence of violence against women indicate that violence is an issue that permeates every corner of society, is widespread and costly. The costs that spend on domestic violence can be found in Justice, Health, Social Services, Education, Business Costs, Personal or Household Costs. Consequently, the costs of violence against women drain resources from many sectors including private businesses and agencies, the government, community groups and individuals. In brief, for the long run, violence against women will impede economic and social development in Malaysia. Majority of the research on domestic violence tend to place the attention on its causes and consequences as well as short-term crisis intervention such as provision of accommodation, welfare assistance and other emergency support and advocacy services. However, less attention has been given to the long-term impact of intimate partner violence on battered women’s career development and the role of career counselling interventions in empowering battered women to become economically independent. Therefore, this paper aim at exploring a more comprehensive and extended framework by which the focus is given to the importance of long-term planning in areas such as job search and career development. Thus, rather than continues to concentrating on immediate needs, focusing on the area of career development will reduce the overall expenditure spend by the government or society and also provide an opportunity for the victims of domestic violence for long-term independence as more people enter the workforce. According to the Women’s Aid Organization annual report, there is a need for a more long-term approach to the issue of domestic violence in Malaysia. Since the topic of this paper is to discuss about the domestic violence and career development in Malaysia, thus, firstly, the author will examines the impact of domestic violence on career development. Second, it places the issue of career barrier encounter by battered women, and third it explores the work of Bandura (1989) and Gianakos (1999) to understand career orientation. Finally, by drawing on these concepts builds a framework which provides a pathway for domestic violence victims to attain sustainable employment and independence. The Impact of Domestic Violence on Women’s Career Development The impact of domestic violence on women’s career development can be devastating. The constant denigration associated with emotional abuse destroys women’s beliefs in their competence and worth. Physical states and injuries resulting from physical and sexual abuse limit women’s ability to go to work, complete job tasks, and advance in their job positions (CDC, 2003; ChronisterThe Issue Of Domestic Violence In Malaysia Social Work Essay

MCNY Federal Power and Interstate Commerce Clause Questions

MCNY Federal Power and Interstate Commerce Clause Questions.

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1 How might the diversity of governmental units and their respective ranges of authority impinge on your ability to implement and/or evaluate a program?
2 What was the significance of cases like U.S. v Lopez and Reno v Condon for intergovernmental relations? In what ways do they illustrate the evolution of IGR and in what ways do they illustrate the limits to evolution?
3 In Printz v U.S. the Supreme Court held that the federal government could not require state government executive officials to regulate private persons according to federal standards. What does this mean and why is it significant?

MCNY Federal Power and Interstate Commerce Clause Questions

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