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Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places? essay help Sociology coursework help

One may conclude that though the adult people realize and know about the damage of smoking, they continue spoiling their health by smoking. Hence, if people are not so conscious and worried about their lives, the government of each country should take some steps to save its population in order to have sound society. First of all, government should make the smoking illegal by informing people about its harmfulness, the second – prohibit the trade of tobacco for teenagers and the third – establish taxes for smoking in public places.

It is easier for the government to start this difficult process of prohibition by informing people about the harmful effects of the smoking. People should understand that smoking causes lung diseases (including bronchitis, and chronic airway obstruction), cancer, stroke, heart disease and many other serious illnesses. The starting step must be the work with the mental understanding of the society as many adults especially males think “it is not about me” or “nothing will happen to ME”.

Even pupils at schools should be taught all these negative impacts of smoking. This is the first and the most important step to reach the disable result because if people don’t understand the seriousness of this problem they will not fight against it, and no matter how hard the government tries to prohibit it they will never want to get rid of that harmful habit. The trade of tobacco should be prohibited by the government, especially selling the tobacco for teenagers. This is the next step of prohibition of the smoking.

This is also very substantial and important for the country because even with what is known about the harmful effects of smoking and the dangers associated with it, people, mainly teenagers, continue to start smoking. According to statistics, each day nearly 1,000 kids under the age of 18 will start smoking on a daily basis. Among young teens (aged 13 to 15), about one in five smokes worldwide (http://quitsmoking. about. com). This is a real problem in every country as sound generation is a key of the sound society.

Thus, if the government wants to have developing country, this step should be taken into consideration in order to have reasonable youth and to stop the growing average of smokers in the country. The third step – government should establish taxes for the smoking in public places because if a person smokes it is not only harmful for him but also for the surroundings. It is common knowledge that there are active and passive or second-hand smokers. Second-hand or passive smoking causes many of the same diseases as active or direct smoking, including lung cancer, heart diseases and many others.

It is even worst when somebody smokes in the presence of children. There is a risk to children from smoking as it can cause a lot of allergies. According to statistics, nearly 50,000 nonsmokers die annually from secondhand smoke exposure (http://quitsmoking. about. com). Thus, these people die because of the others and government should take into consideration, overcome and fight for this problem by establishing taxes for the smoking in public places.

Government is the main ruling body in the country and it has both power and many responsibilities and duties against the society and one of them is the solving of this great problem – reducing the average of the smokers in the country. And the first three steps for the solution of this problem are these activities discussed in the essay. Government should actualize them for reaching the desirable result for its population. Thus, smoking should be prohibited by the government in order to have healthy generation and sound society in a sound country.

case study of 11 year old “Demi”

case study of 11 year old “Demi”.

After reading and reflecting on the case study of 11 year old “Demi” and the additional materials posted in this week’s content review please analyze the following: If this was just a matrimonial (a divorce case; FM docket type), the judge in the case made a serious procedural error in not allowing the mother and her attorney present their case. If mom could not longer afford an attorney, how could the Ombudsman assist her? Imagine that this case morphed into a DCPP case in which the DCPP filed for care and supervision over “Demi.” (Care and supervision allows “Demi” to remain in home while the parents complete services. A Law Guardian would be appointed to represent “Demi”) How would “Demi’s” Law Guardian assist “Demi” in her desire to no longer see her father? In cases in which DCPP removes the child from the home, a CASA representative is assigned to the case. Imagine that “Demi” is removed from both parents. How could a CASA representative assist the judge in making a determination in this case? “Finding Words” is the gold standard in child interviewing. What mistakes did the child protective services (CPS) worker(s) make in this case that resulted in “Demi” suffering abuse beyond her first disclosures? What could/should they have done differently? After listening to Victor Vieth’s videos and reading the documents associated with him, what more do you think should be done to prepare future child welfare workers, child advocates and investigators for their roles in protecting the lives of children? Provide an analysis on this point through our group discussion page: After listening to Victor Vieth’s videos and reading the documents associated with him, what more do you think should be done to prepare future child welfare workers, child advocates and investigators for their roles in protecting the lives of children?

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