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Small Scale Business Management mba essay help English Literature coursework help

This programme comprises modules for learners who intend to start small businesses, or are already running some. They may choose those modules that are of interest to them, or do the entire programme. The courses enable learners to run businesses successfully and be able to source funds from financial institutions. Programme components There are a total of 10 modules, each divided into two topics. Learners who are interested in doing the entire programme leading to an elementary certificate in Small Business Management are expected to take six months to complete the course.

These are the modules and topics covered. Module 1 Starting and Keeping the Business Going •what it means to be a business person, and •the different forms of business. Module 2 Making the Business Idea Real •developing a business idea, and •establishing the feasibility of such an idea. Module 3 Financing Your Business •types of finances available, and •how to draw up a business plan. Module 4 Marketing the Small Business •drawing up a market plan to promote your business and •how to carry out market research. Module 5 Pricing the Product/ Service •product planning, and •the pricing of goods or services in order to survive on the market.

Module 6 Keeping Business Records •keeping basic financial records, and •stock control. Module 7 Selling and the Customer •how to handle different customer types, and •creating a good name for your business. Module 8 Finding and Motivating Staff •deciding on the number of workers your business will require, and •how best to care for your staff for maximum production. Module 9 Communicating Effectively in Business •the importance of communication in business, and •various means of communication you can use for effective running of the business. Module 10 Business and the Law •the law of employment and •marketing and the law.

create a timeline for when the interactive strategy for a music band would be released

I already have the interactive strategies for the music band( see them below) , you just need to make a timeline for when each ofthese would be released.
ARCreating animated versions of the band members and an animated concert and have them perform a set of songs that will be posted to social media. Around 1-2 minute clips each for each song.
Web 3.0Interactive album artwork on streaming platforms as well as having an interactive element on their website. They can have a 360 degree view of all of their singles on the website.
Instant Events