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SLCC Indirect Calorimetry Estimating Metabolic Rate & Energy Expenditure Lab Report

SLCC Indirect Calorimetry Estimating Metabolic Rate & Energy Expenditure Lab Report.

In Excel calculate RER for each minute. Determine the caloric (thermal) equivalent of RER using Table 1 and enter into Excel Spreadsheet. Calculate energy expenditure (kcal/min) for each minute using RER, VO2 (L/min), and the caloric equivalents for RER from Table 1 (for RER below 0.70, use caloric equivalent for RER = 0.70; for RER above 1.0 use the caloric equivalent for RER = 1.0). Calculate the total energy expenditure (kcals) during the session (including baseline and recovery).2. Graph the VO2 response in comparison to stage from baseline to exercise to recovery. Indicate where oxygen deficit and EPOC occur on the graph.3. Graph the RER response in comparison to stage from baseline to exercise to recovery.4. Was steady state reached at each stage? Why or why not?
SLCC Indirect Calorimetry Estimating Metabolic Rate & Energy Expenditure Lab Report

Leeds Metropolitan University Virtual & Technology Discussion.

Hello Class,In business, there are various forms of communication such as apps, like Twitter, Skype, Zoom, Instagram, and other integrated communication systems. Regardless of what communication is utilized, it all comes down to how reliable, how efficient, and how simple a form of communication is. For example, if we take a look at how society uses social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram; the reason behind many people use those platforms for communication is because of how simple, and effective it is to keep in touch with family members, friends, and so on. As I mentioned before, utilizing platforms such as social media in a business setting can be beneficial for many reasons. For one, it’s instant as soon that the send button is pushed the message or information is sent in a matter of seconds. In the business world having tools that an effective, simple, and efficient can save time for more productive time reasons. For the most part, Zoom Is an app where an individual can set up group meetings, conferences via video call. This is one of the many apps that is the go-to when it comes to video conferencing.
Leeds Metropolitan University Virtual & Technology Discussion

University of Maryland Global Survivors Loss and Grief Discussion.

Based on the resources below, what are at least 3 points (i.e., information, strategies, and/or ideas) that you think would be useful to you if you needed to help a friend or family member cope with grief?Please refer to (and cite) at least 2 of the resources below in your response.Prest, Layne A. (2016, Jan.). Grief and guilt. Magill’s Medical Guide (Online Edition). Permalink: Veterinary Medical Association (2016). Coping with the loss of a pet. Retrieved from Young, I., Iglewicz, A., Glorioso, D., Lanouette, N. (2012, June). Suicide bereavement and complicated grief. Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, 14(2): 177–186. Retrieved from
University of Maryland Global Survivors Loss and Grief Discussion

ENGL 2 UT Austin Psycho 1960 Film Character and Themes Critic Essay.

Please read the req should be a minimum of 2 to 3 pages in length, typed, write about your favorite film or novel (or play, or song lyrics, or poem),
you really want to think about what makes it work. Think about the characters, the
setting, the overall narrative arc, the theme or message (the take-away), the music, the
color palette. Think like a critic (a movie critic or literary critic) and pick apart the details
in ways you might not ordinarily do and examine them individually, then put them all
back together and have another look at the whole and see what it tells you. Look for
subtle messages you might have missed the first time around. And if a novel or film or
poem speaks to you in a profound way, then let us know why it’s affecting you that way.
Easier said than done, I know, but you can do it. ¡Sí, se puede!
ENGL 2 UT Austin Psycho 1960 Film Character and Themes Critic Essay

LMU Assertion of Clarity & Analytical Writing in Essays Response Discussion

LMU Assertion of Clarity & Analytical Writing in Essays Response Discussion.

Responses Hello Gary Poon, I agree with your assertion of the need for clarity and analytical writing in essays. Misplacement of ideas indeed distorts the flow of the work that then makes it hard for the reader to understand what is being precisely communicated. Each argument needs to be written in one paragraph conclusively. Additionally, paragraphs should be almost similar in the number of words being used. The use of around five medium sentences is enough as it also helps the writer avoid run-on sentences, repetition, and tautology. Hello Cameroon, I agree with you that extra-long paragraphs and sentences make it hard for the reader to comprehend what is being precisely communicated. Besides, one can also misunderstand the real meaning of the information as intended by the writer. In most cases, due to the struggle in getting to read through the scripts, one’s attitude about the work is affected, thus affecting their overall comprehension of the information. It is, therefore, essential for any writer to ensure that their ideas are presented in short, clear sentences that have a logical flow for easier understanding.
LMU Assertion of Clarity & Analytical Writing in Essays Response Discussion

Auditor Preliminary Analytical Procedure

write my term paper Auditor Preliminary Analytical Procedure. Auditors are required to prepare the preliminary analytical procedure at the planning as a part of the risk-assessment procedures under ASA 315.6. The definition of preliminary analytical procedure is that ‘comparison of client rations to industry or competitor benchmarks provides an indication of the company’s performance’. The purpose of preliminary analytical procedure is to obtain understanding of the client’s company and industry. (textbook) In common, two major stages, simple comparisons and ration analysis, are used by auditors during analytical procedure; however ration analysis is a better understanding of the entity. Based on the data from question 6.33, the analysis procedure is allocated in two major stages. (textbook) Simple comparisons. Simple comparison is to compare amounts between the 2009 financial statements and 2010 financial statements of Gourmet Pty Ltd. The “net profit” increases from $56 240 000 in 2009 to $63 562 000 in 2010, the increasing amounts are up to $7 3220 000. The “total shareholders equity” increases from $141 300 000 in 2009 to $204 862 000 in 2010, the increasing amounts are up to $63 562 000. The performance of company is better from 2009 to 2010 in respect of above data, because company owns a steady and experienced management team; attempts to extend the range of products in order to enhance competition of industry and depends on appropriate strategy to acquire other smaller competitors. The simple comparison is a general analysis, however, auditor need to use ratio analysis in order to obtaining the specific data. Ratio analysis Based on 6.33, following ratios could be calculated for analysis. The” current ratio” is 0.195 in 2009 and 0.280 in 2010. These two ratios are less than the better benchmark 2, even are lower than positive current ratio 1.5 as well. The “quick asset ratio” is 0.070 in 2009 and 0.096 in 2010. The “gross profit ratio” is 0.481 in 2009 and 0.463 in 2010. The “net profit ratio” is 0.183 in 2009 and 0.193 in 2010. The “debt to equity ration” is 7.30 (a) ‘The inherent risk is the susceptibility of an account balance, class of transactions or disclosure to material misstatement given inherent and environmental characteristics, but without regard to internal control.’ (textbook) Based on the background information from 6.33, following factors could impact the inherent risk: A new finance director has joined in the company. The change of important management position would increase inherent risk. At the same time, the new finance director will face pressure to outperform pervious result; the pressure could provide an incentive for him or her to involve the misstatement and fraud of financial report. Also the inherent risk would increase. The company owned 25 outlets of varying sizes and geographic locations, which would increase inherent risk, because it is hard to be controlled by managers of entity. Company has signed contract regarding the construction and development of a restaurant and entertainment complex, which would increase inherent risk due to the lack of expertise about the new market. The company installed a new computer system; the change of information technology may not work as expected or may be unreliable and could affect the accuracy of financial report. Therefore, the inherent risk would be increased. (b)(i) Based on the audit risk model, three components consist of audit risk: inherent risk, control risk and detection risk. The increase of inherent risk will result in that misstatements likely to occur in company’s financial report, which would lead to the increase of audit risk as well.(textbook) (c) The level of materiality should be considered as a key point to plan the nature, timing and extent of audit procedure, and the relationship between audit risk and materiality is inverse. (textbook)Therefore, the amount of preliminary materiality level reduced from $5000000 to $3200000 after review of inherent risk, because that the inherent risk is higher than the auditor’s anticipation. Thus, auditor should increase the extent of audit procedures, selecting a more effective audit procedure and performing audit procedures closer to the balance date, particularly in respect to account is considered importantly by auditors.(text book) 8.34 (a) The objectives of internal auditors are that ‘Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organisation’s operations.’ (Adam Cunningham). ‘The internal auditor’s scope of work is comprehensive. It serves the organization by helping it accomplish its objectives, and improving operations, risk management, internal controls, and governance processes.’ ( External auditor is to verify that the annual accounts provide a true and fair picture of the organisation’s finances; and that the use of funds is in accordance with the aims and objects as outlined in the constitution. The scope of external auditors (b) External auditor can adopt the information from internal auditor included that: The internal audit function as a part of the internal control, will impact the external auditor’s assessment of control risk and the scope of audit procedures. The descriptions and other documentation of internal control will contribute the external auditor to gain an understanding of the company’s internal control. The direct assistance by internal auditor will help external auditor to make substantive test or tests of controls(textbook) (c) Along with internal auditor involved in assessing the company strategy and identifying the associated risks, which will provide helps for the external auditor regarding to undertake a business risk approach to the audit. In addition, internal auditors should hold adequate skills, knowledge, experience, integrity and objectivity to ensure the effective information for external auditor. (textbook) Based on the information on 8.34, Gourmet Pty Ltd owns an experienced and professional internal auditing team. However, the external auditor should consider carefully for these information, because that “the objectives of the internal auditor should be the same as the objectives of the company” (David A. Wood).Therefore, external auditor must select information under the requirement of independent audit. (d) The objective 1, objective 2 and objective 4 are related to ensure the effective operation and acquirement of maximal benefit for company, which are not included in control activities. The control activities is that ‘policy and procedures that pertain to performance reviews, information processing, physical controls and segregation of duties’. (Textbook) Therefore, the objective 3, objective 5 and objective 6 are related to internal control activities, which are need to be relevant to external auditor. 9.35 (a) The related internal control must be identified effectiveness if auditors plan to rely on this control. Therefore, auditors need to set out tests of control to confirm effectiveness of controls. From this case, the audit partner has decided to use the work of the internal audit group (LAG). One of the work papers from LAG is to examine payments made to creditors throughout the year and determine whether the procedures laid down in the Accounting Manual have been properly followed. On the other word, this paper is related to the tests of control about payment. The result of this test indicates some errors: (i) Payments that were not matched to an approved purchase order, however, all other documentation was attached. The objective of this is to test the occurrence of purchases of inventory transaction. This error implies that related transaction may not occur or the transaction is unauthorised. (ii) Payments that were not made to an approved supplier. The objective of this is to test the occurrence of purchases of inventory transaction. This error implies that related transaction may not occur or the transaction is unauthorised. (iii) Payments that were authorized by a second party, although this was not required. The notes explain that new financial accountant being unaware of firm policy. Although it has been remedied, the related transactions may do not occur or is unauthorised. (iv) Payments that had no supporting documentation attached. The objective of this is to test the occurrence of cash disbursements transactions. This error implies that related transaction may not occur or the transaction is unauthorised or the goods or services may not receive. (v) Payments that did not bear evidence that computation on creditors’ invoices had been checked. The objective of this is to test the accuracy of purchases of inventory transactions. The error implies that related transactions are not recorded correctly. Also, these errors indicate that the internal control regarding payments is not very effective, because the proportion of error is almost 28% of 60 samples. It means that the risk of this related internal control is higher than average level. (b) Under this situation, external auditors should consider whether the evidences adopted by internal auditors are satisfied sufficiency and appropriateness. Particularly in respect of the appropriateness should be discussed here. Gourmet Pty Ltd is a large private company; therefore it must have a large volume of transactions. If internal auditors only selected 60 samples, it should be considered by external auditors that the amounts of samples are not sufficient and the control risk is higher than its actual level. Therefore, they can choose to increase the extent of test of control to try to reduce the risk level to an acceptable level. If the control is still not working as they expected, they can choose increase the extent of substantive testing in order to continual reliance on this control. If the control risk still can not be reduced by these tests of control, external auditors will give up the reliance on the control. In effect, auditors have determined that control does not exist or the existence of control can not provide reliable evidence. (textbook) Auditor Preliminary Analytical Procedure

Abraham Lincoln The Man That Changed America History Essay

This one man was able to fight for, work for, and love his country so much that he single-handedly brought about changes that had previously only been dreamt of. This astonishing individual accomplished more in 30 years than most men do in their entire lifetime. Perhaps one of the most remarkable men in the history of the United States, Abraham Lincoln changed the course of our history forever. On February 12, 1809, Nancy Lincoln gave birth to a son, whom she named Abraham. This child, named after his grandfather, was born in Hardin County, Kentucky. Abraham had two siblings, Sarah, who was two years older, and Thomas, who was three years younger. However, Thomas, Abraham’s only brother, unexpectedly died shortly after birth. The Lincoln’s were not a significantly wealthy family; they lived in a log cabin, and Thomas Lincoln worked very hard for every cent he earned. In fact, Thomas had to take on two jobs, farming and carpentry, in order to support his family. “Partly on the account of slavery, but chiefly on the account of the difficulty of land titles in Kentucky, Thomas Lincoln moved his family to Pigeon Creek, Indiana.” (Lincoln Bicentennial). In 1716, after buying property, Abraham helped his father with much of the work involved in settling into this 160-acre piece of land. Just two years after the move, in 1818, the Lincoln family suffered yet another tragedy when Abraham’s mother died from contaminated milk. Just a year after Nancy’s death, Abraham’s father remarried a widow, with three children of her own, by the name of Sarah Bush Johnston. Abraham and his stepmother grew very close, and she treated him as if he were her own child. “She encouraged him to grow in his knowledge and understanding of things, and was said to have started his childhood education.” (Burns). Although Abraham had previously gone to school for a couple of months, he never had any inspiration to learn until he received this encouragement from his stepmother. If one put all of Abraham’s schooling together, one would find that he received less than one year of actual school in his entire life. This means that Abraham Lincoln had so little education, that he could be considered a completely self educated man. He showed a special interest in books and reading and knew his Bible very well even though he never attended church. At the age of 19, Abraham Lincoln had grown into a man of 6’4″ and was stronger than anyone in town, leading to his first job offer. The offer came from a man by the name of James Gentry, and it was to bring a shipload of cargo to New Orleans. After delivering the cargo, with James Gentry’s son, on a boat Abraham had built by hand, James was amazed by Abraham’s incredible skill and reliability. He asked Abraham to work in his local store, and Abraham jumped at the opportunity to make some more money. While working there, he would often hear men speak of politics; this sparked an interest, which slowly grew to a flame, in young Abraham. During this time, however, Abraham’s sister, Sarah, died giving birth to a child, causing much grief in his life. Soon after her death, Abraham’s relatives wrote his father, saying how greatly efficient and productive the soil in Illinois was. This inspired Thomas Lincoln to once again move his family to a different part of the country. (Lincoln Bicentennial). This time however, Abraham did not stay with his family for very long. Instead, he went up to New Salem, Illinois, and life on his own had finally begun. Between 1831 and 1832, Abraham tried various occupations, and learned very much, including the basics of mathematics. However, when the Black Hawk War began, Lincoln was one of the first to enlist in the American militia. Abraham never saw any action personally, but he was still elected captain of his company. He served his men as best as he possibly could until the war ended, just a couple months later. Once safely back in New Salem, Abraham took on the job of postmaster, and was placed in charge of the local post office. As word of this honest, hardworking, and diligent man spread throughout Salem and the surrounding towns, Abraham acquired the nickname “Honest Abe.” During this time, Abraham learned more grammar and began to develop a formal and proper way of speaking. He decided to run for state legislature, ultimately beginning his political career, but lost to one of his rivals. This defeat did discourage Abraham Lincoln, but rather, drove him to persevere, strive for excellence, and be the best he could be. In 1834, Abraham made a second attempt at politics, and once again ran for state legislature, only this time, he won. He was representative of the state of Illinois and gained the approval and trust of many of his fellow countrymen. “After he won the election, he took up the study of law. With his love of debating, storytelling, and reading, he found his calling in law and politics.” (National Museum of American History). While he was a lawyer, Abraham Lincoln grounded his principles and opinions, especially those on slavery, making this an extremely pivotal point in his life. “Lincoln’s years as a lawyer influenced his character, and that character eventually influenced our nation.” (Kalantari). His ability to ease the witnesses, as well as the entire atmosphere of the courtroom, made him a great lawyer. For the next 25 years, Abraham served as a lawyer aside from his political career. The men and women of Illinois held such affection for Abraham Lincoln that they re-elected him three times over the next six years. In 1840, just after his third re-election, Abraham proposed to a woman by the name of Mary Ann Todd, whom he had met the year before. After breaking up and getting back together, they finally got married in November of 1842. Less than a year after their marriage, Abraham and Mary welcomed their first baby boy into the world, and named him Robert Todd Lincoln. For the next two years, Abraham not only continued to serve as state representative, but he also showed devotion to his family, proving himself to be a great father. In 1846, Abraham and Mary conceived yet another child who they named Edward Baker Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln enjoyed his time as the representative of Illinois, but it was not long before he realized that he was capable of much more. Impelled by this realization, Abraham ran for U.S. representative in 1847, at the age of 38. He won the election, but served in this position for only one term. Once this term ended, Abraham fell back on his career as a lawyer, and continued to study law books. “For the next five years, Lincoln devoted much of his time to studying the issue of slavery as well.” (Lincoln Bicentennial). During this time, however, Abraham’s son, Edward, died at the young age of four. The Lincoln family took his death very hard and later learned it had most likely been due to a bad case of tuberculosis. In that same year, Mary gave birth to a third son, named William Wallace Lincoln. His birth guided the family through the struggle, and helped them to move on. Just three years later, in 1853, the Lincoln’s had yet another son, who they named Thomas “Tad” Lincoln. Their sons brought Abraham and Mary great joy, and Abraham was said to be a very loyal and committed father. In 1854, Abraham was again elected as state representative; however, he resigned in order to run for the U.S. senate. “During his campaign, he gave a speech declaring the United States would either become all free or all slave because ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand.’ It was after this debate that Lincoln received his first considerable national fame.” (Abe Lincoln). Despite his national fame, Abraham lost this election. Undeterred, he made yet another attempt at the U.S. senate, in 1858, however, he was once again out-voted. Two short years later, Abraham Lincoln took the biggest step of his political career. That year, 1860, Abraham jumped at the opportunity to run for president of the United States. Not sure if he would make it or not, Abraham was campaigning against some of the top competitors in the country. After a long, hard, and stressful run, Abraham was finally elected the sixteenth president of the United States of America. Almost immediately after his election, southern states began to drop out of the union, angered by the new anti-slavery president. Eleven states ended up dropping out, and their anger eventually turned to violence in 1861, marking the beginning of the Civil War. The North fought for the abolition of slavery, and the South fought for keeping slavery. As the war raged on, Abraham Lincoln continued to fight for the right of all men as equals. Not only was Abraham fighting to free the slaves, but he was also fighting to reunite the North and the South. He believed that in order to stand, the United States had to join together as one country, instead of being a split nation. As the war neared it´s third year, Abraham Lincoln issued one of the most important documents in history: the Emancipation Proclamation. “The Proclamation declared that ´all persons held as slaves within the rebellious states are, and henceforth shall be free´” (National Archives and Records Administration). This document aided the northern states in the war by: allowing blacks to fight for the union army, redefining the civil war as a war of freedom, and strengthening the union soldiers mentally. “The Emancipation Proclamation is quite possibly the greatest document of human freedom.” (National Archives and Records Administration). As the war continued to be fought, Abraham´s fourth year as president came near, and the time for elections came around. In 1864, Abraham Lincoln was re-elected as president of the United States. He continued doing his presidential duties just as well, if not better than before. A year after his re-election, Abraham and his wife went to see a show in Ford´s Theatre, Washington, D.C. Around 10:00 p.m., an actor by the name of John Wilkes Booth entered the presidential booth, and shot Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head with a pistol. Abraham survived through the night, but died around 7:30 the next morning. Booth, motivated to kill President Lincoln due to disagreements on slavery, escaped, but was found and shot a few weeks later. Abraham´s death only motivated more people to fight for the freedom and equality of all men and women alike. The very same year he died, the Civil War came to an end with the South surrendering. Due to Abraham Lincoln´s perseverance and willpower, slavery was abolished, and America was made a free country. America´s future had been set on a new path. The old life was thrown away, and a new chapter had begun for all Americans, black and white. Abraham accomplished more in his last few years than one could even dream to accomplish in an entire lifetime. Abraham Lincoln, one of the most extraordinary men to ever live, changed the future, lives, and hearts of Americans forever.

Grand Canyon University How To Deliver a Training Effectively Essay

Grand Canyon University How To Deliver a Training Effectively Essay.

Topic 4 DQ 2 During another training session, a participant continually asks questions that are sometimes tangential to the training content. How does this behavior affect the ability to deliver the training effectively? How can a facilitator best handle this situation? Write a 250 word response post to the discussion question. Please reference content from the required reading. At least two quotations from the required reading. The textbook information is below. Please pay close attention to any reference, grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. You may also cite outside sources. Please reference the attached document as well. When citing in-text citations use these examples as a reference: If you’re quoting the exact words of someone else, introduce the quote with an in-text citation in parentheses. Any sentence punctuation goes after the closing parenthesis. According to Brown (2019), “Direct quote” (p. 1021). Brown (2019) found that “Direct quote” (p. 1021). [Some other introduction] “Direct quote” (Brown, 2019, p. 1021). Also, make sure researched sources are recent, published no less than 5 years ago. Book Reference: Training and Development Communicating for Success Read Chapter 3: “Conducting and Needs Assessment and a Task Analysis.” Authors: STEVEN A. BEEBE Texas State University—San Marcos TIMOTHY P. MOTTET Texas State University—San Marcos K. DAVIDROACH Texas Tech University
Grand Canyon University How To Deliver a Training Effectively Essay