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Skid Row, Los Angeles

**Helpful Tip**Think of your community needs assessment as being similar to a full assessment on a patient.In this case, the “patient” is your community.Think of each worksheet category you assess or research on your community similarly to the way you would think of assessing different systems within a patient’s body.All systems in a patient’s body are related, just as all categories you are being asked to research in your community are directly or indirectly related as well.
You will create a PowerPoint with 20-plus slides (not including title page and references). Each worksheet will equate to roughly 7-10 slides of the PowerPoint. You must use in-text citations and minimum of 5 references less than 5 years old with appropriate APA style. 2 references need to be from evidence-based journalsYour slides should include main points that describe the topic of the slide. Use font, graphics, and pictures to make them visually appealing.Apply 5 x 8 Rule:Bullets/main points that describe the topic of the slideYou will include presenter notes on each slide that provide the level of detail needed to explain the content.  Include an introduction and think of notes as a professional APA paper.You will need to do a voice narration for each slide. Must be in PowerPoint format (No PDF submissions).You are required to include each area of this worksheet in your final presentation. Each worksheet should consist of 7-10 slides each (total 3 worksheets attached). This presentation will consist of 3 sections from worksheets. (community assessment, teaching proposal, disaster management) Powerpoint attached for better understanding of assignment.


Research Project (Deadline within 4 days)
I would like you to do an individual project that you find interesting. Because this is a semester-long project, you have time to work with me to develop an idea, methods to complete the project, and then write an APA paper based on your hypothesized data. For this project, you will be responsible for developing an idea that you find interesting. You will have to develop the idea, find past research that is related to your idea, develop hypothetical methods, speculate what data you would find, and how you would interpret your data. You are required to write a full APA paper of your project and have a minimum of 10 references, and a paper at least 10 pages in length. (Rough work also required)

Exploring a diverse community. Writing specifically about the city of Miami and the neighborhood of Little Havana.

Skid Row, Los Angeles Exploring a diverse community. Writing specifically about the city of Miami and the neighborhood of Little Havana..

Exploring a diverse community. Writing specifically about the city of Miami and the neighborhood of Little Havana.


Paper details:

This is a final paper for a cultural diversity class. I have included VERY SPECIFIC instructions. This is to be written as a tour around the neighborhood of Little Havana in Miami. It needs to be very specific about places and people and the history of how the area came to be. PLEASE BE SURE TO REVIEW THE INSTRUCTIONS CLOSELY AS IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HIT EACH POINT. THIS IS FOR A SOCIAL WORK MASTERS PROGRAM.

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Early’s 2000 economic crisis

Early’s 2000 economic crisis.

Early’s 2000 economic crisis Description Early 2000 recesion report with: – Historical context – How the risis relates to the history of regulatory responses to such crises – Detailed description of where thing went wrong – Recomendations for how contemporary risk management concepts/techniques may hace helped avoid or mitigate the crisis Incorporate BASEL norms and aproach it from the point of view of the investors and the private sector, not the government. Is for RISK MANAGEMENT class, which is based on CIMA, so a degree of integration between the concepts of cima has to be present

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Rhetorical analysis “Campus Racism 101”

Rhetorical analysis “Campus Racism 101”.

Description Prompt: Argue whether a text is effectively persuasive in its message or not through an analysis of the rhetorical situation of the text – the author, the audience, the context, the purpose (to argue that ________), AND an analysis of the text’s rhetorical appeals – the appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos. This essay must include: * An introduction that names the author, title, describes all parts of the rhetorical situation, and gives your overall evaluation of the persuasiveness of the text and why (your thesis). * Body paragraphs that systematically analyze the subjects from the prompt * Evidence for your position– short direct quotes, paraphrases, summarized parts of the text * A conclusion that wraps up your evaluation of the persuasiveness of the text

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AEE1202: Aerospace Practicum,

Part 1 of HW2 is an Excel exercise that we will start working on in Lab Session 2-2: HW2 AEE 1202 PART1.pdf
Part 2 will is questions related to lecture: HW2 AEE 1202 PART2.pdf Download HW2 AEE 1202 PART2.pdf
Here is the homework formatting document: Florida Tech AEE Program Homework Format Guidelines 12-06-2019.pdf