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Should capital punishment be reintroduced in Britain under any circumstances? Capital punishment, or the death penalty, is the execution of a convicted criminal as punishment for crimes known as capital crimes or capital offences. Since ancient times capital punishment has been a punishment for crimes like murder. Stoning, crucifixion, and drowning were old ways of carrying the death penalty out. Theses days some countries (the majority of the U. S. A. , Iraq and others) say that they use more ‘humane’ ways of carrying out the death penalty.

Theses include the electric chair, lethal injection and hanging. The death penalty in the U. K. has been abolished now since 1969 (1999 for treason and arson on a naval base). The last two people to be executed in the U. K. were Gwynne Evans and Peter Allen who were hanged on Friday the 13 1964. In my opinion I think the death penalty is wrong and it should not be used for whatever the causes. What if someone was wrongly accused? Some people argue that the death penalty will bring a closure to the victim’s family. They will be able to get on with their lives.

They would not have the worry that it could happen to another family and they would feel slightly pleased that they had suffered in this way, the way they made there lost one suffer. However other people believe that suffering can be made in different ways. They think it would be a better punishment if someone would die rotting in prison and they believe that the convict would not be getting the easy way out. I believe that it would bring a closure to the victim’s family but how would the family of the convict feel.

Isn’t hypocritical to kill someone and say killing is wrong? How would you feel if it had been a spur of the moment action? Many people believe that execution is cheaper for society than a life sentences. They think that it cost nothing for someone to be given the death penalty. They also believe that keeping someone in prison for a long amount of time will be expensive. On the other hand the death penalty is an extremely expensive method. It can cost thousands of pounds and in most cases it can cost more than a life sentence.

This is because criminals appeal on death row and this cost society a fortune. Not only that the electric chair, lethal injection and hanging cost lots of money to set up the equipment. I believe that the money that could be spent on the criminals if they were given the death penalty should be use to help criminals instead. Most crimes are committed by people who have no life before prison. They decide to commit a crime because they will either be given a jail cell in the warmth or their misery will be ended if they are given the death penalty.

Why not give them qualifications so they can make something of their life if they get out of prison. ‘He that smiteth a man, so that he die, shall be surely put to death. ’ Exodus, chapter 21, paragraph 12. Is this right? Some people believe that capital punishment is right because the bible says so. They think that it is not wrong and they believe it is a fitting punishment but this seems ridiculous in light of the fact that one of the Ten Commandments is ‘you shall not murder’.

Although the bible says that if someone commits a crime they should face some fate, do they have to face death? A jail sentence keeps the public just as safe. These statistic, the death penalty will reduce further crimes, are used by some to claim that the death penalty is an ok method of punishment. This is not actually the case. Scientific studies have consistently failed to find convincing evidence that capital punishment actually deters crime. All in all the death penalty is wrong in any situation.

It should not be reintroduced into Britain. As Ghandi said, ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. ’ How would you feel if you were wrongly accused? The death penalty does not bring a victim back. The death penalty can make terrorist martyrs. The death penalty is barbaric for a world we live in today. I leave you with one thing; if you had, on the spur of the moment, committed a murder, would you like your last thoughts to be ‘I’m going to die’? Do you want the death penalty back in Britain?

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