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should children be vaccinated for HVP?

Determines the ethical principles that apply to each position, possible conflicts in principles, and components of the ANA Code of Ethics that apply using three (3) Provisions. Disseminate information foundAt least three (3) scholarly, peer-reviewed, primary sources from the last 5 years, excluding the textbook,  are provided.

Discuss how race, ethnicity, class and gender intersect in the establishment of social inequality

Discuss how race, ethnicity, class and gender intersect in the establishment of social inequality.

Please use only these articles and i want you write a good introduction. 1. Dubisch, J. ”Culture enters through the kitchen: Women, food and social boundaries in rural Greece”, i J. Dubisch (ed.) Gender and Power in rural Greece, New Jersey 1986. I: . s. 197-214 file:///C:/Users/dm_19/Downloads/Cultureentersthroughthekitchen-Dubisch-1986.pdf 2. Moore, Henrietta (1988). Gender and status, in Feminism and Anthropology. Cambridge: Polity Press . I: . s. 12-41 file:///C:/Users/dm_19/Downloads/Genderandstatus-Moore-1988.pdf 3. Ortner, Sherry B. 1972. Is female to male as nature is to culture? Feminist studies, 1 (2): 5-31. 4. Mines, Diane P. (2009). Kapittel 1, 2 og 3 (Caste and Cultivation I: Mutuality; Caste and Cultivation II: Centrality; Personhood and Rank) i Diane P. Mines: Caste in India. Ann Arbor, MI: Association for Asian Studies. I: . s. 5-35 file:///C:/Users/dm_19/Downloads/CasteinIndia-Mines-2009.pdf 5. Scheper-Hughes, Nancy (1993). Nervoso: Medicine, Sickness and Human Needs, in Death Without Weeping: The Violence of Everyday Life in Brazil, 167 – 215. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press. . I: . s. 167-215 file:///C:/Users/dm_19/Downloads/Nervoso-Scheper-Hughes-1993.pdf 6. Senghor, S. L. (1970): Negritude: A Humanism of the Twentieth Century. I: Cartey, W. & Kilson, M. (red.). The African Reader: Independent Africa. Vintage Books, New York, s. 179-192 file:///C:/Users/dm_19/Downloads/Negritude,AHumanismoftheTwentiethCentury-Senghor-1970.pdf 7. Jenkins, Richard (1994). Rethinking ethnicity: identity, categorization and power. . Ethnic and Racial Studies, 17(2), s. 197-223 file:///C:/Users/dm_19/Downloads/Rethinkingethnicity-Jenkins-1994.pdf 8. Eidheim, Harald 1969. When ethnic identity is a social stigma, i Ethnic groups and boundaries, Fredrik Barth (red.), 39-57. Oslo: Universitetsforlaget. 9. Giddens, Anthony 1971. The relations of production and class structure, i Capitalism and modern social theory: An analysis of the writings of Marx, Durkheim and Max Weber, 35-45. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 10. Stolcke, Verena 1993. Is sex to gender as race is to ethnicity? i Gendered anthropology, Teresa del Valle(red.), 17–37. New York: Routledge. 11. Streicker, Joel 1995. Policing boundaries: Race, class, and gender in Cartagena, Colombia. American Ethnologist, 22 (1): 54-74. 12. Osella, Filippo og Caroline Osella 1999. From transcience to immanence: Consumption, lifecycle and social mobility in Kerala, South India. Modern Asian Studies 33 (4): 989-1020.

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Methodological framework

should children be vaccinated for HVP? Methodological framework.

methodology Description Methodology. Detail your overall methodological framework and the method(s) which you will use in your project What method(s) will you use? Discuss this with your advisors Are you going to use case studies? Are you going to use questionnaires or interviews? Are you going to use action research? Are there other methods you might use? What existing work and experiences can you reflect upon? Harvard format Academic and professional Must include up to date recent references Must be referenced within the body of the text, particularly within the literature review section, but also throughout the rest of the report The assignment consists of a written assignment and a presentation. The written assignment consists of a 5000 word account of your methodological approach to your project. The ideas are that this will form the basis of your methodology chapter in your final thesis. It is very important that you do not write an essay on research methodologies but rather you discuss the approach and why you think. It is suggested that you structure the assignment in the following way: Philosophical Basis Here you will discuss your basic orientation to the research study and the implications that this might have for your overall design. For instance… Are you taking predominantly qualitative approach and why or is a predominantly quantitative approach and again why? Or is it mixed methods? Methodological Approach The overall framework you have selected and discuss why you have selected it. Examples of this are Action Research, Case Study Design. Proposed Methods Your basic design and is it cross sectional or longitudinal and why. How data will be collected? For example, are you using questionnaire and why. Proposed Method of Analysis How will you analyse the data? Rationale for Sample This is an important section which is often over looked and you need to discuss your approach and the strategy you will use Reliability and Validity or Trustworthiness and Authenticity Discuss how you will ensue that these issues are addressed and remember there are different criteria for qualitative and quantitative approaches. You could include in this section the ways in which you incorporate reflections into the project. Ethical Issues What ethical issues are inherent in your work; remember that in research there are always, in research, ethical issues even if formal ethical approval is not required As most of you may be undertaking what is termed “insider research”, it is an idea to discuss this and particular issues which may arise This structure is a suggested structure and you may wish to approach the assignment in different way; but it is important you address the issues outlined above

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According to Zimring & Hawkins Crime is not a problem – lethal violence in America is” analyze this statement from the perspective of changing concepts of crime and justice

According to Zimring & Hawkins Crime is not a problem – lethal violence in America is” analyze this statement from the perspective of changing concepts of crime and justice.

• According to Zimring & Hawkins: “Crime is not a problem – lethal violence in America is”, analyze this statement from the perspective of changing concepts of crime and justice. Provide at least one example related to this statement. You DO NOT need to research this quote just relate to it by agreeing or disagreeing. Need references throughout text and a reference page 2. Short Assignments: The short assignment is your analysis of the current issue in the criminal justice system (selected by you professor and posted in the “short assignments” folder) from the perspective of one of the theories utilized in the course. This assignment is essentially a mini/abbreviated research paper and should have a strong thesis statement which outlines what the main argument of the paper will be. It should be followed by both an overview of the relevant issue and theoretical perspective selected. Next, the student needs to critically connect details about the issue to the explanatory concepts of the chosen theory. As an example, a paper could argue against the criminal justice system’s use of plea bargaining from a power analysis perspective, using theoretical ideas from the excerpt by Chambliss. Another example would be a paper which argues that mass incarceration is a result of punitive political discourse as theoretically described by Wright. You need to write a good, concise, thoughtful, scholarly and critical paper between 4 and 6 pages in length, utilizing APA style. 

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Week 4 discussion – Decision making

Now that you are familiar with Hannah’s Hatsand the decision that Harry Hannah is tasked with making, you will begin the process of making a decision using the MDQ decision making model.
In week four Hannah’s Hats (you) will begin the process of making a decision, using the MDQ decision making model. The purpose of Brainstorming Discussions is to discuss step one of the MDQ model, possible decision statements you come up with to be discredited through brainstorming, validate and support the correct decision statement for the discussion, and to become familiar with Hannah’s Hats complex decision using the model.
FOLLOW the directions step by step.
1. By FRIDAY, complete the following:
The goal of this discussion is for you to understand the purpose of a decision statement.
Discuss the triggers or opportunity pushing Hannah’s Hats (HH) to make a decision.
Identify the goal Harry wants the decision to achieve in making this decision. (Later on in the model, HH will create specific objectives it wishes to accomplish in the final decision)
Examine the following decision statement: HOW CAN HARRY HANNAH INCREASE SALES?
Discuss the validity of this decision statement. Is this the best decision statement for HH? Defend and support your discussion. Your logic and argument must be clear and based on the MDQ model as well as the case study facts. If it is not supportable from the facts and the purpose of the model step, it is not considered logical.
Does this decision statement seek to solve a problem or make a decision? Why?
Explain and justify why a decision statement would not contain solutions. Refer to the material addressed in Week 1 of the course.
You must use course material to support your position, which includes in-text citations and a reference list.