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With the development of the science, laboratory animals are becoming more important in the scientific researches. Some of the scientists don’t think the animal testing is a perfect way to get the information. At the same time, many experiments need alive creatures to test and collect the useful statistics. Without the use of animals, we cannot get such success in medical science. One reason why people usually use animals, like the mice or small rabbits, to do the research is that the experimental animals are similar to human beings.

Some animals have homology gene with human beings. This is an ample reason to support the animal testing. At the present stage, the United States and most of European countries are implementing a “3R Rules”, which means Reduction, Refinement and Replacement, to solve the problem how to treat the laboratory animals. This rule can protect the experimental animals to avoid the excessive treatment. Another reason why we use animals for our research is that this kind of experiment is good for human.

In the scientific research, animal testing is a necessary operation to conquer the disease. There is a basic rule in the research: Use fewer animals as far as possible and if we can use the lower animals, we won’t use the primates. The animal testing makes a great help to human’s disease research. Without the laboratory animals we used, we cannot find out the solution of many cancers. There are also some of people who are against the animals used in the research. They argue that it is too cruel for animals and is morally wrong.

The animals also have their own rights to live and be respected. They cannot be abused. It is believed that human beings are animals technically and we seldom make medical research on our own bodies. In conclusion, animal testing should be used in an appropriate way. People who use animals for research should respect the animals and treat them well. Animals are so necessary for the scientific research. If we use the animal testing well, we can make greater success in the future.

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