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short story essay

Does each body paragraph contain a topic sentence that explains a distinct reason why the thesis is true? Does each paragraph embed quotes from the work(s) to prove the topic sentence is true? Are the quotes from the work relevant to the topic sentence? Are there sufficient quotes from the work to prove the topic sentence? -Conclusion,  Does the conclusion include a thesis restatement and provide closure? Is the conclusion a fully developed paragraph? -WRITING: Does the essay observe proper literary formalities in embedded quotes, third person point of view, literary present tense, edited standard written English, and proper MLA formatting for in-text citations and the works-cited page?

PublicTrust Towards Female Leaders

PublicTrust Towards Female Leaders.

1. Identify a research topic (and state it clearly and concisely)

2. Conduct a comprehensive and thorough literature search of scholarly and professional journals and books on this topic 3. Identify the key sources that relate to your topic (select up to 20 articles’ titles) 4. Read and analyze 15 of these articles: identify the studies’ setting, design, methods, findings and contribution. Identify important quotes, with their pages 5. Assess each article’s relevance to your general topic or problem. 6. Regroup the articles by themes, approaches or methods. 7. Write an outline of your literature review: organize the information collected, synthesize it. Structure how you will be using each articles as sources of information for your topic’s review. 8. Express your ideas in a clear, concise way, and go over your drafts or preliminary versions several times before finalizing. 9. Formally cite all references consistent with professional standards and guidelines (consult regularly the APA Oviatt library guide to ensure you are on track with regards to your references style) 10. Provide a comprehensive bibliography if all the sources you consulted are not specifically refered to in the body of your text. Evaluation criteria: 1- Structure 25% 2- Clarity 25% 3- Pertinence 25% 4- Originality 25%

➢ 18 (min) scientific sources (peer-reviewed articles) properly referenced in your text and summarized in appendix; ➢ Source’s pertinence to your General Topic ➢ Clarity in reporting data from these scientific sources. ➢ Quality of the synthesis (judicious use of your 10 sources / good description of what makes these sources important and relevant to your topic) ➢ Structure of the text: Clarity and rigor in reporting the content of other authors’ research

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To which extent, if at all, do you find that the French brands have an advantage over non-French in certain market categories?

short story essay To which extent, if at all, do you find that the French brands have an advantage over non-French in certain market categories?.

• To which extent, if at all, do you find that the French brands have an advantage over non-French in certain market categories?


• Using at least 10 Made in Paris and 10 Made in France companies/brands as examples that you have researched, try to explain the French sense of aesthetic and quality management to that of non-French companies/brands. For this individual paper on word doc please note the following • Please read the brief again to see if your paper answered it. Talk about brand such as • If you do come across published opinions that you wish to share, ensure that you quote your sources immediately for each sentence or paragraph quoted. Avoid using words such as: • In my opinion, I think, I believe that, I noticed that, I also think that, I conclude, to me it is about, For me… In my point of view, according to me. • Instead say things like “one could argue that.” or “it is likely that”, the field trip research revealed that”, or based on…the author (you) would argue that …” or “for example….In other words, it should come across as objective findings and not simply personal opinions. 1. Structure your paper properly even if it’s only a 1-2 page short paper. Places to read up on writing academic critiques / papers o o o o o o o 2. Use the occasion to auto-critique your own beliefs! You can always conclude that ‘further academic research is necessary” etc

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Developing the conceptual design of the project

Developing the conceptual design of the project.

– Choose one of the following topics that really stood out to you while watching the Austin Hall Project videos.

a. Developing the conceptual design of the project

b. Defining the scope of the project

c. Managing the schedule

d. Managing trade-offs between time, cost, and scope

e. Managing stakeholders

f. Risk Management

g. Leadership

h. Team performance Give examples from the videos that supported this topic.

This should be a demonstration of this topic in “practice.” (8 pts) Now, what did you learn about this topic in class? This should be a demonstration of this topic in “theory.” (8 pts) Finally, compare “practice” and “theory” as it relates to your chosen topic. Were there similarities? Were there differences? Explain. (10 pts)


4) Easy to follow format, correct spelling, grammar and sentence structure. An easy to follow format means that ideas are separated and organized under appropriate subheadings. (6 pts) This paper is a display of how well you can communicate your understanding of selected learning outcomes. It should be a challenge to completely answer the above questions within two pag

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Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing.

Integrated Marketing


Paper details:

Over the twenty years that I have taught graduate marketing, I have encountered several course titles. While “Marketing” is the simplest, the most descriptive and meaningful title I have encountered was “Marketing Integration”. To me, understanding how marketing integrates with the other important functions of the enterprise is the key difference between graduate and undergraduate marketing. My advice to my clients has always been that a marketing plan should not be necessary because marketing should be so thoroughly infused into the business plan that no separate document would be needed. This is of course a radical notion that can rarely be implemented because of resistance to change, but I do believe it to be true and it has worked for companies I have either led or consulted. Your assignment is not to necessarily agree with the concept described above, but to determine for yourself the importance of integrating marketing with the rest of the enterprise. Identify the company you do business with (retail or other type) that you believe has the best “marketing”. In an introductory paragraph, describe why you believe that company to be the best. In the remainder of the assignment identify how what you value is connected to other functions within the enterprise. Functions that might be discussed are manufacturing, quality control, engineering, finance, human resources, research and development, or any other function you believe to be relevant. Requirements for this assignment series: Please note that submissions not meeting the minimum requirements defined below will not be evaluated and a grade of zero will be entered. Assignments must be submitted on time to receive a grade. The minimum length of the assignment is 500 words, not counting the cover page, cited material or the bibliography. This is a minimum only, and “A” level papers will usually have a word count in the area of 650-850 words. At least two cited reference sources are required and cited material must be identified by quotation marks within the body of the paper and linked to the source using APA citation format. A cover page with your name, the assignment title, and the date of submission should be included

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Economics Question

Describe how goals, constraints, incentives, and market rivalry affect economic decisions.Analyze demand, supply, equilibrium prices, and price elasticities as a quantitative tool to forecast changes in revenues.
Using the graph below, develop a 3- to 5-page response in APA format using the following four-question prompt:
Question 1
What is the maximum amount you would pay for an asset that generates an income of $250,000 at the end of each of five years if the opportunity cost of using funds is 8 percent?
Question 2
Suppose the supply function for product X is given by Qxs = −30 2Px − 4Pz. (LO1)
How much of product X is produced when Px = $600 and Pz = $60?
How much of product X is produced when Px = $80 and Pz = $60?
Suppose Pz = $60. Determine the supply function and inverse supply function for good X. Graph the inverse supply function.
Question 3
Suppose the own price elasticity of demand for good X is −5, its income elasticity is −1, its advertising elasticity is 4, and the cross-price elasticity of demand between it and good Y is 3.
Determine how much the consumption of this good will change if:
The price of good X decreases by 6 percent.
The price of good Y increases by 7 percent.
Advertising decreases by 2 percent.
Income increases by 3 percent.

Question 4
A consumer is in equilibrium at point A in the accompanying figure. The price of good X is $5.
What is the price of good Y?
What is the consumer’s income?
At point A, how many units of good X does the consumer purchase?
Suppose the budget line changes so that the consumer achieves a new equilibrium at point B. What change in the economic environment led to this new equilibrium? Is the consumer better off or worse off as a result of the price change?