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With the increasing number of crusher machine manufacturers,competition intensified, forcing some broken machinery manufacturers increasing pressure, but Shanghai Shibang machinery in this case, was not affected,improve core technology, improve competitiveness, thereby avoiding this situation. www. sbmstonecracker. com/pro]ect/south-america/mobile-stone-crusher-machine-in- ecuador. hp In fact, from the early start to shanghai Shibang machinery has been to explore their own core technologies and innovative ideas, continuous walking in the orefront of the international technical community crusher, crushing equipment in the country champion, is rushed into the foreign market brand . Shibang machinery mining machinery has developed new vertical shaft impact crusher and Jaw crusher machine,which proved Shibang machinery can live longer in mining machine industry.

The aggregate is the most basic materials for railway construction, the beginning of railway project construction is bound to lead to aggregate demand, so he prospects of gravel market remain favorable, which provides a huge development space for roll crusher, sand making machine and other equipment for aggregates and sand production line. www. sbmstonecracker. com/pro]ect/south-america/mining- processing-machinery-used-in-copper-mining. php shanghai Shibang machinery Mining Machinery Co. , Ltd. is a large-scale mining machinery and equipment manufacturer major in producing crusher, grinding machine and sand making machine.

After 26 years of technical precipitation, Shibang machinery has R & D and produced Jaw crusher, European CS Cone crusher, hydraulic Cone crusher, Impact crusher, 5X new type sand making machine, etc. So far, Shibang machinery has a mature production technology and production equipment, through the combination of mobile crushing plant and other equipment to produce a full set of green energy- saving materials, and piety, fine, tight, harmonious labor, careful exploration and research to create the world brand comparable crushing equipment.

With the develope of economic t,mining machinery is in rapid development. Mining machine equipment not only in domestic infrastructure construction and mine construction plays a huge role,www. sbmstonecracker. com/pro]ect/south-america/cone-crusher- equipment-price-in-bolivia. phpbut also exported to foreign countries, in the international market also plays an important role

Why is Odin regarded as the most important and powerful god?

Why is Odin regarded as the most important and powerful god?.

Through careful examination of history and mythology, it is easy to witness historical

bias, misuse, and/or misrepresentation embedded within many secondary and primary sources.

Although, one commonality seems to be present throughout various sources in the examining of

Nordic mythology, and that is of the god Odin and the powerful position that he holds. Various

accounts exist throughout and about history and although it is evident that each scene in history

is properly documented, Odin’s role as a god is almost too widespread to name just a couple of

wonders. Odin is seen as the god of wisdom, war, death, alcohol, poetry, magic, runes, and the

list goes on. This prompts an interesting and thought-provoking question of why is Odin the most

important and powerful god. It is important to explore what makes Odin the most famous god, in

this fashion we can correlate it is because he is the god of wisdom, war, and death, or that he is

present throughout pictures and media in a high and mighty fashion. When exploring Odin’s role

in Nordic Mythology it is almost impossible to ignore the true competence Odin holds.


1. God of Wisdom

Wisdom is something that is not fully acquired in Nordic Mythology and Odin, is looking for it

as well. Odin is the god of Wisdom, he acquires some but he is still searching for it. This makes

him almighty and powerful because of this constant seeking for a greater knowledge. Odin is

constantly looking which causes him to obtain a greater threshold on wisdom than other gods or

giants. This is intriguing because it show’s the imperfection of this very “perfect” god. Odin is

understanding that he does not know everything in the universe already, and that he has all the

answers. This also gives him the power of improvement and progression as the universe is

growing, so is Odin and so is his knowledge.

2. God of war

Odin is also greatly considered the god of war, being an all powerful and influential ruler and

commander. Odin follows the powerful and mighty line of keep fighting until the last breath. He

is expressing the warrior culture and ethos that exist during this period and in Viking ideology.

Odin does not fear death when it comes to war and he emulates this in others because all that

matters is to die gloriously and with eternal fame. This also correlates with Odin being the god of

wisdom as well because he attempts to find the greatest and most glorious soldiers willing to die

for battle. He wants to examine what they know and delve deep into their wisdom so he can

acquire it as well. Odin also can communicate with the dead, and this is noted in many sources

during the era.

3. God of death

In correlation with being the god of war, Odin is also the god of death as he authorizes and is in

charge of Valhalla. Valhalla is a dwelling place for the dead (source 1). Odin also undergoes a

double death, and it is seen as a form of sacrifice when others are sentenced to a double death as

well. This illustrates how powerful he is as well because many others are willing to be stabbed

and hung, and essentially die twice for Odin’s ultimate respect. Odin being the god of death and

the god of war correlate as well because people die in the name of Odin. They want Odin to take

him to Valhalla and therefore he can use them later on in the afterlife.

5.Odin in Poetry

Odin, being one of the highest and almighty gods, is prevalent throughout Norse Poetry.

A famous poet, Snorri Sturlson writes greatly about him in his Eddas. Odin is regarded as

“High” and there is advice that sheds light on not only human nature but gives guidance and

insight on some rules that many should follow. When examining some of these stanzas it is

evident that Odin knew how to instruct people and knew what he was saying and what he was

essentially speaking about.

a. I will talk about how he speaks about dating advice because that shows his

understanding of men and women in regards to human nature

b. I will talk about how he performs runic magic

c. I will also talk about how he shares quotes such as “don’t drink so much that you’ll

throw up” and how he understood how the world would even be like now days.


Well many may think that Odin should not be regarded as high as he is in Nordic mythology, but

no one can help but notice the many names that is given to him and the various regards he

obtains because of who he is. Odin is considered the most important and powerful god because

he is the god of countless important things, and he sheds his knowledge of all that he possesses

on the rest of the world.

Primary Sources

1. “Sayings of the High one” In the Poetic Edda

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