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shareholders in Odogwu Casino, Inc., Business & Finance Assignment Homework Help

shareholders in Odogwu Casino, Inc., Business & Finance Assignment Homework Help.

Odogwu Casino, Inc.

Racquel and Danielle were shareholders in Odogwu Casino, Inc., which operated a casino in West Baltimore.
Racquel owned 51 percent of the stock and Danielle owned 49 percent. Danielle managed the casino, which
Racquel typically visited once a week. At the end of 2013, an accounting audit showed that the cash on hand was
less than the amount posted in the casino’s books. Later, more shortfalls were discovered. In December 2014,
Racquel, and her team of accountants, did a complete audit. Danielle was unable to account for $1,650,230 in
missing cash. Racquel then kept all of the casino’s most recent profits, including Danielle’s $980,909 share.
And, without telling Danielle, Racquel sold the casino for $5,400,000 and kept all of the proceeds. Discuss.








The presentation of your paper shall adhere to the following structure:
Issue – Identify the issue(s) (Each issue must have its own IRAC)
Rule – Identify and explain/define the applicable rule(s), term(s), or concept(s)
Analysis – Apply the applicable rule, term, or concept to the facts. And, present arguments for both sides.
Conclusion – Pick one side and give a conclusion

Formatting rules
Times new roman 12 Point font
Double spaced
End justify (both right and left)
Include page numbers
0.75 inch page margins all around
Header should take up no more than two lines and should include your name, student id, class, and
assignment name
Case should be no more than three pages, no less than one
Must be hand delivered on blackboard on or before class on May 5, 2016 at 11:00 p.m.
References – APA format (should have its own page)

Case Rubric:
Proper format, spelling, grammar and aesthetics: 10%
Correct issue(s) identification: 30%
Correct rule(s) identification: 20%
Analysis: 30%
On-time submission: 10% 

shareholders in Odogwu Casino, Inc., Business & Finance Assignment Homework Help

MT 499 Purdue Ethical Theories & Frameworks Guiding Decision Making Essay.

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The following Course Outcomes are assessed upon completion of Part 1 and Part 2 of this assignment, due in Unit 2:MT499-2: Analyze organizational processes and procedures in a variety of business settings.MT499-3: Synthesize appropriate principles, concepts, and frameworks for making ethical decisions.Read the scenario and then address the Unit 2 requirements.Scenario:A group of angel investors has chosen you and several other entrepreneurial candidates to start and operate a virtual business. The angel investors will own 40% of the business and will hold three out of five permanent seats on the board of directors of your virtual business. Welcome to the team!One unique competitive advantage of your company is that it is a virtual business and your team will work together remotely. The group of angel investors will provide $100,000 in funding to start your virtual business. Therefore, you are now a member of a virtual team of individuals that must efficiently work together on the development of a viable virtual business concept. In Unit 6, you will be expected to present a strategic business plan to the angel investors for approval.It is essential that all members of your virtual team work together to become a highly productive and professional collective of experts. Working in a virtual team environment is extremely challenging due to distance and time constraints, so it is vital that all team members spend ample time working together to build this virtual business. To start the process of building this virtual business, you must first get to know your virtual team. Use the following criteria to start building a virtual team charter, which is an important part of the strategic business planning process for a new business venture.Each virtual team member should develop a brief statement explaining the ethical theories, principles, and frameworks that drive their decision-making.
MT 499 Purdue Ethical Theories & Frameworks Guiding Decision Making Essay

If a fast-food company wants to succeed, its managers have to consider many things and prove that their services are the best among the others or, at least, the most exclusive and interesting. One of the steps to be taken to promote the company’s services is the creation of a successful digital campaign that can turn business objectives into audience actions. Taco Bell is the chosen chain of the fast-food restaurants that has recently demonstrated one of the most unusual and unexpected campaign, “Breakfast Defectors”, regarding a governmental propaganda as one of the most effective means to explain the worthiness of its production. The objectives of the digital campaign were as follows: to show that people of nowadays should not be tied by the routines and standards, to demonstrate that Taco Bell had something new to introduce to people of both genders, and to explain that people were always free to make their own independent choices in case they wanted to do it. To succeed in the campaign, its creators addressed several elements that helped to send the main message and explain what was expected from the company. First, the campaign showed its main audience, ordinary people, males and females of different age, who had to live their lives under the same conditions day by day. Though nowadays many young people would like to admit that they do not follow the standards and are ready to break the rules and meet their own demands, not all of them are able to do it. Taco Bell is here to encourage such people to be confident in personal decisions and intentions. Another important element was the choice of the light (grey for the routines and bright for the life with a new choice) and style (a propaganda against the existing government) and its evident connection to one of the most popular franchises, “The Hunger Games”. Finally, the social aspect was properly incorporated into the campaign. A man and a woman were the main characters, who were ready to take the first step and help other people to comprehend their actual rights and opportunities. In spite of some personal fears and doubts, a couple made a decision and followed their own dreams to change something in their lives and begin with a usual breakfast. The success of “Breakfast Defectors” may be explained in several ways: the attention to light, sound, and setting that usually attract people, the involvement of many people that proves how global and influential the fast-food industry can be, and the idea of hope that encourages people and gives them enough powers to overcome the challenges. Some people may think that propaganda promotion and the idea of chaos created could cause some troubles and misunderstandings. Still, it is wrong to deny that modern people have already deviated from a number of rules and norms and do not want to stop. In my opinion, the chosen digital campaign proves that Taco Bell has a lot to tell in regards to the existing competitions within the fast-food industry, use its best ideas to take the leading positions, and provide people with a variety of choices in food. According to Taco Bell, it is not enough to give people some food and demonstrate its high quality. It is more important to give people hope and explain how to use it, improve their lives, and become happier. This is what “Breakfast Defectors” talks about, and there is nothing left to add. The campaign is a perfect example of how the fast-food industry may be presented and recognised.

Answer should not be more than 3000 words

Answer should not be more than 3000 words. I’m studying for my Marketing class and need an explanation.

Assessment Task
Using an organisation of your choice on which to base your assignment, critically evaluate how strategic marketing plans are used to attain desired marketing objectives.
Specific Criteria/Guidance Areas that should be included in your discussion are as follows:
• You may select any organisation, but one in consumer markets may be easier to help illustrate your points. This also depends on your own work experience and access to a business.
• You may refer to other organisations or industry cases for comparison, to support your analysis. • The importance of planning and the use marketing activities should be a theme through your assessment.
• You are not expected to provide detailed information about the organisation’s actual marketing strategies or marketing objectives, but you should be able to make sensible inferences based on your reading, knowledge and context of the organisation. In some cases this information may be available, and you should look to use it in supporting your analysis.
• You should provide a critical evaluation of how your organisation uses marketing techniques to achieve its marketing objectives and fulfill consumer requirements. Ensure that your work has not even the smallest element of plagiarism. You are advised to refer to the links to the rules and regulations on Academic Integrity on the module space and in the module handbook.
Answer should not be more than 3000 words

Pick any sports ethics article of your choice. Summarize the article Identify the ethical dilemma Who are the stakeholders

essay order Pick any sports ethics article of your choice. Summarize the article Identify the ethical dilemma Who are the stakeholders. Pick any sports ethics article of your choice. Summarize the article Identify the ethical dilemma Who are the stakeholders Conclusion/Solution Paragraph #1 – Summarize the article Paragraph #2 – Explain the ethical dilemma Paragraph #3 – Identify the stakeholders (don’t just list the stakeholders, explain the impact on each one) Paragraph #4 – Conclusion/What could have been done to prevent the situationPick any sports ethics article of your choice. Summarize the article Identify the ethical dilemma Who are the stakeholders

The Healing of America Health Care System Book Reading Reflection

The Healing of America Health Care System Book Reading Reflection.

” Remember, this is not a research paper, book review or a book report. It is a reading reflection.The question prompts for this reflection are generic and are not specific to the selected book or topic. They are, in fact, the kinds of questions you should be thinking about as you read any serious writing, as these questions give you an opportunity to reflect on and carefully think about what you are reading. Don’t just carelessly jot things down to “get it done!” If you honestly think about and answer these questions, it will help you make sense of the material. Learning is not about memorizing a lot of independent facts. It is about making a network of connections between concepts, starting with linking new concepts and the things you already know, and these questions are designed to help you do that. Try these questions when you have reading assignments in other classes as well—you might be surprised by how much it helps!Like everything you produce in this class (and in life!), presentation counts. Proper English, including spelling, punctuation, and grammar, is important. However, these aren’t formal essays, so you don’t need to think about multi-paragraph structure and “thesis statements” and that sort of thing. Write clearly so that what you want to say comes through, and make your points in a logical way, but that’s the only requirement that I impose on “structure.” Remember, this is not a research paper, book review or a book report. It is a reading reflection. However, if you choose to include direct quotes or material from your chosen book, you may use whatever citation format you are most familiar with (MLA, APA)The six question prompts for the reading reflection are given below:1. What are the main points of this reading (focus on concepts, ideas, and theme; not on individual facts)?2. Was anything unclear or confusing to you?3. What was new to you, and did it change the way you think about or perceive things?4. Was there anything you would like to explore further or find out more about?5. Describe at least one connection between the reading and topics from outside class (other classes, news stories you’ve seen, etc.)?6. Give at least one specific example of an aspect or experience in your personal life that is related to this reading.
The Healing of America Health Care System Book Reading Reflection

J.S. is a 42-year-old man who lives in the Midwest and is highly allergic to dust and pollen and has

J.S. is a 42-year-old man who lives in the Midwest and is highly allergic to dust and pollen and has a history of mild asthma. J.S’s wife drove him to the emergency room when his wheezing was unresponsive to his fluticasone/salmeterol (Advair) inhaler. J.S. was unable to lie down, and began to use accessory muscles to breathe. J.S. is immediately started on 4 L oxygen by nasal cannula and intravenous (IV) D5W at 75 mL/hr. A set of arterial blood gases is sent to the laboratory. J.S. appears anxious and says that he is short of breath. Vital signs BP = 152/84           HR = 124 bpm                  RR = 42       Temp = 100.40F ABGs pH = 7.31              PaCO2 = 48            HCO3 = 26   PaO2 = 55 Investigate the condition of asthma and the manifestations of the disease. Analyze the case study provided and determine what symptoms support the diagnosis of asthma. Identify the treatment provided in the emergency department and determine what additional therapies are needed to mitigate the asthma symptoms and return the client to wellness. Do you have any concerns with the numbers above? Identify what may be causing J.S. to have an exacerbation of asthma.