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Sexting and Privacy of Adults and Adolescents Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Sexting and Adolescents Sexting and Adults Conclusion Works Cited Introduction It is necessary to note that the introduction of new technologies has had an enormous impact on the way people interact with each other. The issue is that some of the negative aspects are frequently overlooked, and this is a space that is poorly regulated. Parents cannot control everything that is going on the Internet because the privacy of their children may be affected. Adults also can be affected by similar issues, and this problem needs to be discussed. Sexting is not well-understood by the population, and many women and girls may be traumatized or abused. It would be beneficial to analyze the way such activities are viewed by various writers to get a better understanding of the scope of the problem. Sexting and Adolescents Ringrose et al. discuss the issues that teen girls may have to deal with if they are introduced to such activities and are not well-informed on this subject matter. They can learn many questionable behaviors if they are not careful. For instance, they may think that they are valued only for their beauty. Moreover, one may believe that it is impossible to maintain relationships if such pictures are not being sent. Girls that were interviewed told that there have been instances when boys have asked them to send nude photos, and they thought that there is nothing wrong with it. It is entirely possible that some of them have accepted such requests because they did not understand that it may cause problems. Another aspect that needs to be highlighted is that boys have suggested that they think that it is likely that young women want to have sex with them if they participate in sexting and have a desire to meet in real life (Ringrose et al. 317). It is quite evident that it could lead to potential complications, and a misunderstanding may be especially problematic. The problem is that many males do not think about the feelings of those girls and only interested in getting those pictures. Such relationships are quite troublesome, and this experience may have a long-lasting impact. On the other hand, some may suggest that boys also have to deal with issues when texting. For instance, a girl may ask one to send a picture of his genitalia, and then show it to everyone else to shame him. Leakages of such photos are not treated as seriously because they are being taught not to worry about the appearance of their bodies. The issue that is worth mentioning is that many girls are pressured to send those pictures because everyone else does it (Burkett 838). They may not even enjoy the process, and they should not be forced to do so. It is such a significant problem because adolescents do not have access to necessary information, and such activities may not seem wrong or illegal. However, they may be charged because of the possession and distribution of a particular kind of child pornography. It is understandable that such an approach may not seem reasonable because it has not been proven that they had any other intentions, but this is how the judicial system works. It is viewed as a crime even if they did not understand that it was against the law. The society should be responsible in this case, and it must protect children from such situations. Furthermore, it is necessary to develop particular guidelines on how sexting may be managed. Hasinoff explores a possible association between sexting and sexualization. Many feminists have different views on this issue, and it would be beneficial to compare these positions. Some suggest that females can protect themselves from possible violence if they dress and act appropriately. However, one of the crucial aspects that should not be overlooked is that objectification is perpetrated by boys and men most of the time. The fact that they see particular pictures in the media makes them think that it is reasonable to treat women as objects (Hasinoff 109). It is possible to state that such activities enhance this idea and complicate the situation. Many men may think that females are obligated to send such pictures. The situation becomes especially problematic when boys make threats and demand more pictures. Furthermore, it puts them in a controlling position, and one may not know what to do because of such psychological abuse. Young women may deal with severe depression and could be anxious all the time. Most adolescents view it as something fun and not dangerous, but it is not the case in many instances. Also, conversations with their friends may make them think that it is something that everyone does, and one should not be worried. Another aspect that should be taken into account is that boys are likely to show these pictures to others. They like to collect them, and it certainly can be viewed as degrading to women. The reasons behind such behavior are rather understudied, but it is possible that the situation is caused by the objectification of women (Renold and Ringrose 249). Also, another issue that needs to be highlighted is that girls may be traumatized when boys send them inappropriate pictures, and it is frequently done without any warning. Moreover, both sides should participate in the discussions because they do not know how to behave appropriately. A possible solution to this problem is to ensure that pictures are moderated before being delivered. It is understandable that one may suggest that privacy is broken in such cases. However, the safety and well-being of children are at risk, and the ways in which such an approach may be implemented should be discussed. It will require enormous amounts of resources, but it is necessary because child pornography should not exist from the perspective of ethics. Another point that is worth mentioning is the level of anonymity on the Internet, and it is possible to mislead someone. The fact that adults may appear as adolescents are disturbing because it leads to pedophilia, and it becomes especially worrisome when a child sends a naked picture because the consequences of such interactions can be severe. Sexting and Adults Wysocki and Childers attempt to analyze the causes of sexting and the feeling that people had during and after the process. The results of the study indicate that close to sixty percent of adults have participated in such activities. Also, it was found out that more than half of the individuals questioned were sending pictures. It was noted that females were doing it much more often (Wysocki and Childers, 236). Such results suggest that women can be pressured by males and may have issues related to low self-esteem. It is also stated that nearly forty percents of people are anxious that they can be caught. An article by Jewell and Brown explores how sexting is affected by gender stereotypes. It is suggested that there is a direct correlation between the ideas that men view women as sex objects and their behavior. Moreover, it is mentioned that females that think that males are primarily focused on sex also act differently. The data received indicates that women that endorse stereotypes related to gender roles are much more likely to send pictures (Jewell and Brown 598). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The influence of society is enormous in this case, and objectification of women for many years has led to issues related to the perception of oneself. It is necessary to understand that sending pictures is not the only problematic aspect of sexting, and messages also should be analyzed. It is understandable that the process may be quite fascinating, and it helps to explore sexuality without being physically vulnerable, and it may be done at a safe distance. Another benefit is that it may be utilized to understand sexual preferences of the partner. Furthermore, it can be a good thing for the relationships, and such benefits should not be overlooked. However, it becomes quite troublesome when derogatory terms are introduced. One may try to make the process as exciting as possible, but it is not an easy task to find the right balance most of the time. Another possible objection that one may make is that many females enjoy the experience and are equally interested in the reaction of the partner. Moreover, it would be unreasonable to limit the ability of individuals to participate in such activities. Another point that should not be disregarded is that many complications may occur in case one posts such pictures on the Internet. For instance, it may not be an easy task to identify the person with available technologies and photographs also have to be studied. Police officers do not know how to react in such situations and what measures should be taken. One should not avoid sexting, but it is also imperative to understand associated risks. It would be reasonable to send such pictures only to a trusted person because the impact of leakage may be long lasting, and one may not even know if it has happened. Conclusion In conclusion, it is evident that sexting can be quite problematic in some cases, and the most significant issue is that many individuals do not know what course of actions needs to be taken to protect themselves and their dignity. Most feminists are quite concerned about the situation for many reasons. It is a relatively new trend, and the society does not know how to react yet. One should not live in constant fear because naked pictures have been leaked on the Internet. The most attention should be devoted to the education of women in this area. It is necessary to provide both females and males with all the required information, and various perspectives should be considered. It is paramount to ensure that suggested tips are appropriate, and new issues are not introduced. Overall, it is possible to state that this area is understudied, and it would be beneficial to explore psychological reactions and how related risks are perceived by women of different age groups. Works Cited Burkett, Melissa. “Sex(T) Talk: A Qualitative Analysis Of Young Adults’ Negotiations Of The Pleasures And Perils Of Sexting.” Sexuality
Abstract This report covers the impact of biofuels on the food industry. It shows the rising demands for crops for biofuel production has upset the food system and resulted in higher food prices. Corn and soybeans are in great demands by the biofuel industry because they are the primary sources of biofuels. There is a need for further scientific studies to come with long-term solutions for the food sector and biofuel industry. Introduction Background The biofuel industry emanated from a policy to change the use of fossil fuels for energy production and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, protect the environment, and support the agricultural sector. Consequently, the biofuel industry has grown significantly in the recent past years. Many scholars and professionals have argued that the biofuel industry has negatively affected the agricultural sector since biofuels originate particularly from farm produce. Such effects are profound on land usages, environments, and food prices. The increased production of biofuels and the rising demands will result in high food prices. Moreover, there would be a severe shortage of feedstuffs for animal rearing. At the same time, new feedstuffs will emerge with different nutritional values. Such new feedstuffs will require further reviews and tests to ascertain their qualities. However, some authors have argued that many studies have overstated the impacts of biofuels on the food industry. They claimed that such studies have ignored the fact that by-products from biofuels are also useful in production of animal feedstuffs (Sneller and Durante, 2008; Taheripour, Hertel, Tyner, Beckman, and Birur, 2008). Purpose Statement This paper explores the impact of biofuels on the food industry in order to draw a general conclusion with recommendation. Definition of the Topic Most of the biofuels mainly come from crops. Consequently, the use of crops to produce ethanol fuels has raised concerns due to some perceived negative impacts on the food industry. The question has been whether the biofuel industry is sustainable amidst competition for feedstuffs for animal production and its noted influences on food prices globally. Critics have raised issues that concern how biofuels will affect food prices and the expected rise in prices over a long period. Still, some critics have noted that the biofuel industry will create a severe food shortage globally, which could have detrimental impacts on the developing countries as prices will continue to surge. On the contrary, stakeholders in the biofuel industry and crop production have argued that developments in technologies could boost the agricultural sector to allow it to sustain the growing food demands and meet the world’s demand for clean fuels. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The Impacts of Biofuels on the Food Industry Positive Impacts The use of by-products from biofuel production In the production of biofuels, there are feed by-products. These include “Dried Distillers Grains with Soluble (DDGS) and biodiesel by-products (BDBP) such as soy and rapeseed meals” (Taheripour et al.,2008, p. 2). Taheripour et al. (2008) noted that such by-products could be used in the livestock industry as “substitutes for grains and oilseed meals used in the livestock production industry” (p. 2). As a result, such by-products control and reduce the impacts of the biofuel industry on food prices. Further, they argued that economic models have identified the relevance of incorporating by-products from biofuels. Taheripour et al. (2008) noted that some analysts have failed to account for such benefits in their studies during computable general equilibrium (CGE) analyses. Taheripour et al. (2008) concluded that prices of feedstuffs (cereal grains) increased steadily in the absence of by-products, but the increment was minimal in the presence of by-products (22.7 % and 14 % respectively between 2006 and 2015). The authors concluded that the price of oilseeds increased by 62.5% in the EU between 2006 and 2015 but it increased by 56.4% in the presence of by-products. Therefore, by-products from the biofuel industry helped in reducing food prices (Doppenberg, 2007). Increased earnings from crop production From environmental point of view, the world benefits from clean energy produced from crops. In addition, farmers who receive incentives to produce more corn and soybeans and manufacturers who have ready market for their products also benefit economically. Figure 1: Global Biofuel production (Wheaton, 2008) Negative Impacts Inflation on food prices One fundamental concern is to understand how the biofuel industry affects food prices. The main impact of biofuels on the food industry results from surging food prices. These feedstuffs consist of “corn, soybean meal, soybean oil, wheat, barley, and oats” (Alexander and Hurt, 2007, p. 1), which constitute a significant part of food supply. Prices of food depend on the supply and demand. During the initial stages of the biofuel industry, the demands for corn and soybean oil surged significantly. As a result, the prices for corn and soybean oil increased sharply. Higher prices acted as sources of incentives for farmers to produce more corn and soybean oil by increasing acreage. We will write a custom Report on How Biofuels Impact the Food Industry specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More As farmers use more acres for the production of crops for biofuels, fewer acres become available for other crops for food and animal production. In turn, the demand for crops for clean energy production also results in higher prices for crops for food and animal production, which also compete for acreages. This implies that consumer food prices will continue to surge as changes in the crop production affect the entire food system (Hertel, Tyner and Birur, 2008). However, immediate impacts on rising food prices differ based on specific food items. Any changes in the prices of wheat are notable in the price of flour, bread and other bakery products. This also applies to soybean oil prices, which have similar impacts on cooking oils, salad dressings, and other vegetable oil products. However, manufacturers and retailers might be slow to implement such prices changes to consumers. The major consumers of corn and soybean produce are poultry and livestock. In some instances, there could be immediate responses when food prices rise. For instance, in the fall of 2006 and winter of 2007 when “corn prices moved up sharply, broiler and egg producers quickly responded by reducing production” (Alexander and Hurt, 2007, p. 2). The impact was immediate on the prices of chicken and eggs, which rose sharply. In the beef market, the number of cattle for feedlots declined, as well as meat weights in the market. Consequently, supplies of beef declined, but followed by higher prices. Still, hog producers did not notice any immediate rise in prices. Instead, they experienced decline in profit margins as costs of feed rose. On the other hand, the impact was immediate in the dairy sector as prices of milk surged steadily because of high consumption and demands for dairy products globally. Hence, the production of milk became highly profitable for dairy farmers. To this end, it is difficult to predict how the biofuel industry will affect food prices or how fast they will rise. In case the world food production increases and keeps pace with current demands, the production of biofuels from crop produce will not have any major increment on the prices of food globally. Although the rising biofuel industry creates several challenges, including competition for food and subsequent high food prices, effective scientific studies and development could alleviate such challenges in the future since science as solved several human challenges. The possible rise in food prices There is no expected hyperinflation on prices of feedstuffs as experienced in the early 1970s as indicated in figure 2(National Corn Growers Association, 2007). This might not happen because of the food systems have become global and a shortfall in a single region could be offset by surplus from another region. Hence, critics could have overstated the impacts of the biofuel industry on global food prices. Not sure if you can write a paper on How Biofuels Impact the Food Industry by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Figure 2: Yearly food inflation (Alexander and Hurt, 2007) Conclusion The rising of the biofuel industry and the use of some crops for the production of clean energy have resulted in the rise of food costs for consumers. At the same time, there has been increased competition for such crops between the biofuel industry and animal production. This has extended to the acreages for crop production for animals and the biofuel industry. Although the prices of food will rise, they will not rise sharply and steadily because the impact could be slow with some feedstuffs. The overall aim for global agricultural sector should be to establish a balance between crops for the biofuel industry and crops for adequate food supply at favourable prices. In the end, the food industry will be able to compete well with the biofuel industry. However, the prices will likely to remain high for consumers. Recommendation Rich nations should adopt favourable policies to promote efficient use of corn and soybeans. They can limit the amount of corn and soybeans for biofuels and develop policies to protect corn and soybeans for human consumption. Governments should provide subsidies for clean energy. However, they should not neglect other areas that have traditionally depended on corn and soybeans. Subsidies have led to high income for farmers and increased demand for ethanol. However, they have increased costs of food to consumers. Rich nations may not be able to export corn and soybeans with high prices. On balance, the government can enact policies to restrict usages of corn and soybeans on ethanol production. This would control the rising costs of food. On global warming, it would be prudent to explore alternative sources of biofuels, which do not affect consumers or raise costs of human food. Further scientific studies and development could help in alleviating food shortage and high prices in the future. References Alexander, C., and Hurt, C. (2007). Biofuels and Their impact on Food Prices. Web. Doppenberg, J. (2007). Biofuels: implications for the feed industry. Wageningen, The Netherlands: Wageningen Academic Publishers. Hertel, T., Tyner, W., and Birur, D. (2008). Biofuels for all? Understanding the Global Impacts of Multinational Mandates. Web. National Corn Growers Association. (2007). Understanding the Impact of Higher Corn Prices on Consumer Food Prices. Web. Sneller, T., and Durante, D. (2008). Issue Brief: The Impact of Ethanol Production on Food, Feed and Fuel. Web. Taheripour, F., Hertel, T., Tyner, W., Beckman, J., and Birur, D. (2008). Biofuels and their By-Products: Global Economic and Environmental Implications. Web. Wheaton, B. (2008). Impact of Biofuels on Meat Production. Web.

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Please follow all instructions and rubric
In your journal, think about the diagnoses of antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy. How are they different? How are they the same? Also consider the ethnic and diversity concerns around the diagnosis or discussion of psychopathy. What are some concerns around the area of ethnicity and psychopathy? How will you apply this to your current or future practice?For additional details, please refer to the Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.
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Anthropology homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the US healthcare system delivery finance and management methods. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:,US healthcare system delivery finance and management methods,DQ1, Research the delivery, finance, management, and sustainability methods of the U.S. health care system. Evaluate the effectiveness of one or more of these areas on quality patient care and health outcomes. Propose a potential health care reform solution to improve effectiveness in the area you evaluated and predict the expected effect. Describe the effect of health care reform on the U.S. health care system and also its respective stakeholders. Support your post with a peer-reviewed journal article.,DQ2, The Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama in March 2010. Many of the provisions of the law directly affect health care providers. Review the following topic materials:, 1.     “About the Affordable Care Act”, 2.     “Health Care Transformation: The Affordable Care Act and More”, What are the most important elements of the Affordable Care Act in relation to community and public health? What is the role of the nurse in implementing this law?,US healthcare system delivery finance and management methods,DQ1, What spiritual considerations surrounding a disaster can arise for individuals, communities, and also health care providers? Explain your answer in the context of a natural or manmade disaster. Additionally, ow can a community health nurse assist in the spiritual care of the individual, community, self, and colleagues?,DQ2, Watch the “,Diary of Medical Mission Trip,” videos dealing with the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Reflect on this natural disaster by answering the following questions:, 1.     Firstly, propose one example of a nursing intervention related to the disaster from each of the following levels: primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention. Provide innovative examples that have not been discussed by previous students., 2.     Secondly, under which phase of the disaster do the three proposed interventions fall? Also, explain why you chose that phase., 3.     Thirdly, with what people or agencies would you work in facilitating the proposed interventions and why?,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Anthropology homework help

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AJS 594 Baylor University Criminal Justice Program Proposal Paper.

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