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Sex Gender And Feminism Sociology Essay

The purpose of this essay is to identify the formation of gender roles from childhood and how these roles or expectations determine life chances in society. Firstly, the definition of gender through socialization will be looked at from Feminist and Functionalist perspectives followed by studies into the nature of gender, i.e. parental expectations, exploitation of females through children’s books and the media etc. A conclusion will then be made based on the research looked at. Introduction The word Gender is not commonly confused with sex which is incorrect. It was first differentiated by Dr. Robert Stoller (an American Psychoanalyst) in the year 1968. According to Stoller, sex is a biological composition that differentiates between men and women, i.e. Genitalia (internal and external). He further pointed out that feminine or masculine qualities are defined by the gender and that the gender and sex are not dependent upon each other. According to the dictionary, the word feminism is the conviction in economic, political and social equality among both sexes. People perceive feminism in many different ways as people have different experiences in their lives and hence every one takes it in a different way. Therefore, there is no one best way to define feminism. One very vital aspect of feminism is that greatly affects our society including culture and religion. Gender refers to the factors like psychology, physiology, anatomy, society, and culture of a person. These are the factors one thinks about while describing any other person as masculine or feminine. Gender and sex are not only the aspect by which people see us, but it is also the way we understand ourselves. Gender, Sex and Feminism According to the feminist belief, women are being exploited by the sources like books, media, and the society by means of children’s toys. Feminists are of the view that the society aims to put conditions on children from their birth about their anticipated roles in society. These conditions are generally related to masculine dominance and feminine subordination. The feminist perspective of gender and sex is sub-divided into Radical Feminism and Marxist Feminism Radical feminists take the argument of masculine dominance and feminine subordination further by labeling the society as patriarchal or that the world is dominated and ruled by men. Radical feminists believe that women have always been under ‘the thumb’ of men and if men feel threatened, they may resort to violence in order to maintain and exert their power. This form of feminism and also a few other perspectives believe that patriarchy is the reason for war, conflict, and damaging the environment. Feminists believe that patriarchy is taught and learned in every generation, “the terms valued, control, privilege, domination, power, ideology and culture, all terms that are familiar in sociology…. If this is such a regular feature of society, patriarchy becomes a structure which exists and is created and re-created with each generation. It is learned by males and females through socialization and culture — boys and men learn to be dominant and girls and women to be subordinate (and accept this legitimate form of domination). It is continued in the everyday forms of male-female interaction in society, and also perpetuated in the institutions and structures of patriarchy.” Some radical feminists, female supremacist would argue that society would be better off if a ‘matriarchy’ system was enforced. In the statement, ‘pink is for girls and blue is for boys’, radical feminists would strongly argue that through parental expectations, toys, books, television etc, begins the exploitation of women. For instance, girls are given dolls to play with, kitchens, prams, tea sets etc, feminists would claim that this conditions girls into their expected roles, i.e. playing the housewife and caring for children. On the other hand, boys are given footballs, computer games, cars, trucks etc, and are encouraged to ‘dummy fight’ mainly by their fathers. This, as feminists would argue, is encouraging boys to be masculine, strong, and aggressive. Radical feminist, Kate Millet (197) pointed out many areas in society were men have been able to exploit women. She began by arguing that male strength is no longer a reason for male dominance because as technology evolves, most modern work doesn’t require strength. Also, she emphasized the importance of women socializing their sons in an attempt to fight against male dominance. Education and religion are also areas in which women are exploited, Millet argued. She pointed out that education enforces inequality in men and women. Religion emphasizes the role of masculinity through the stature of God. Radical feminist take on the view of women being victims of male dominance and some critics would argue that this is heavily exaggerating both female and male roles in society. Marxist feminists are slightly different in their view of exploitation. They agree that men play a large part in exercising power over women; however capitalism is the main source. They would argue that although the socialization of children into their gender roles does benefit men, it benefits the capitalists more. By encouraging young girls to play with dolls, cook and clean etc, is endorsing women’s role of becoming a housewife and childcarer which allows the men to go out and work, therefore keeping capitalism in force. Feminist, Ann Oakley (1974) stated that all paid work is simply an extension of the work women do at home: childcare, cleaning and caring. Like radical feminism, Marxist feminist do agree on the need of revolutionary change, however instead of it being a matriarchal system, as proposed by the radical feminists, Marxist feminists state that a communist society should be established. The functionalism view of gender is very different to that of feminism. Functionalists believe that socialization is one of the key factors in maintaining social harmony or in other words functionalism focuses on society as a whole and how parts of society contribute positively to the whole to make the society run smoothly without conflict. The family is a key instrument in the process of socialization for children and a reinforcement of traditional or functional gender roles. In recent years, feminists have argued that through the media, television, advertisements / commercials etc, young children are becoming more conscious of their physical appearance, ‘advertising also negatively portrays minority women and exploits a child-like image of innocence to define women’s roles…. grown women of all colors (races) are demoted to infant status. A late ’90s trend turned women into little-girl sex objects-not that the depiction of women as sex objects is anything, but their depiction as innocent, yet sexy, children is. In advertising, and to some extent general society, innocence is equated with sexy. Hence, an abundance of barely pubescent models parades across billboards and magazine spreads’. From a feminist viewpoint, this not only accentuates women subordination, but it also degrades women and children. A feminist would argue that the media and television etc, has a negative impact on the socialization process of children due to male domination but the above extract would show that it is not only male dominated roles in children’s book and the media that is the problem, but women demoralizing themselves to please men. Conclusion To conclude on the matter on how gender differences determine life chances in society, it has been made apparent that the exploitation of women begins at birth through parental expectation, i.e. enforcing the rules and norm of society through socialization on how girls and boys should act. Most parents don’t want a child that is ‘different’ therefore, if a baby boy is born, they bestow the rules of masculinity and likewise for a girl. Studies have shown that society is evolving with regard to the suppression of women; however there are still masses of evidence to show that it still goes on. There is so much emphasis on equality in today’s society through schools, the government etc, therefore young girls do have slightly better life chances than they did 50 years ago but unfortunately not as much as boys. The essay length is 1200 word maximum; this is approximately 5 pages, reference pages are in addition to this length. The essay must be a sociologically and/or anthropologically based critical analysis of a topic incorporating a discussion of sex, gender and feminism (this could take the form of feminist theory or works on the topic written from a feminist perspective). Given the short length of the essay this will be a brief exploratory work, however it must use the structure of a formal essay Introduction thesis statement, body conclusion It should also be written using formal language and APA style citation of all sources used. Any course material may be used as references; in addition a minimum of four academic articles and/or books must also be used in the essay.

EDUC 6263 Walden University Achieving the Dream Discussion

EDUC 6263 Walden University Achieving the Dream Discussion.

In this week’s media segment, an Achieving the Dream (ATD) coach, core team leader, and campus chair discuss what makes ATD so effective. If you were in a position to grant funds to colleges to implement a student success initiative, what would you be looking for in their grant applications? What would you want to know about their plans to ensure that your money would be well spent? Post your criteria for granting funds based on the observations of this week’s interviewees. Discuss with your colleagues how you would evaluate a program’s prospects for success? What are the essential elements that you would look for?Achieving the Dream (ATD/Lumina)Birnback, L., & Friedman, W. (2009). Engaging faculty in the Achieving the Dream initiative: Principles and practices of student success. Retrieved from…Rincones-Gómez, R. J. (2009). Evaluating student success interventions: Principles and practices of student success. Retrieved from…González, K. P. (2009). Using data to increase student success: A focus on diagnosis: Principles and practices of student success. Retrieved from…
EDUC 6263 Walden University Achieving the Dream Discussion

Benchmark – Personality Research Paper (PSY-255)

programming assignment help Choose a topic, relevant to Personality Psychology In 1,000-1,500-words develop a position paper in which you: 1) Relate your chosen topic to personality development. 2) You must have a well-developed thesis and strong argumentation to support your thesis. 3) Your paper should be steeped in research with little filler or non-supported conclusions. 4) Use of first person is not allowed. 5) Your paper must conform to APA writing standards including the use of APA formatted in-text citations from research and credible sources on the Internet to support your position. 6) Your paper must include eight to ten scholarly sources., SimplyPsychology, VeryWellMind, and Wikipedia are not considered scholarly sources. An abstract is required.

Chemistry homework help

Chemistry homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the identification of a gap in a nursing education program. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.,Identification of a gap in a nursing education program,In this task, you will identify a gap in a nursing education program in an academic setting that leaves nurses unprepared to complete a duty in the workplace., You will use the gap you identified to propose a solution for changing the curriculum that addresses the gap in the nursing education program in an academic setting. This solution should be designed for future nurses or nursing students.,Your proposed solution will not require you to conduct primary research but should use scholarly, peer-reviewed sources to support the proposed nursing education program improvement. As a result, this project will not require Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. However, you will be required to conduct a comprehensive literature review of the primary, peer-reviewed studies you will use to identify best practices in support of your proposed solution. During your capstone course, you will create implementation and evaluation plans that include the details of a lesson plan for your proposed curriculum. Once your project proposal is complete, you will create a professional presentation that outlines your plan and then present it to your leadership group.,Summary,C. Summarize your project by doing the following:, 1. Firstly, describe the curriculum gap in an academic setting that leaves nurses unprepared to complete a duty in the workplace that your proposal will address., 2. Secondly, describe recent ,internal organizational, trends leading up to the gap described in part C1., 3. Thirdly, explain the specific organizational background causes of the gap identified in part C1., 4. Fourthly, identify the nurse or nursing student audience that will be the target of your proposal., a. Describe the characteristics of your target audience (e.g. education level, educational setting where the target audience will receive your proposed solution)., b. Discuss how your proposal will help the professional development of the target audience identified in part C4.,Identification of a gap in a nursing education program,D. Explain your proposed solution (suggested length of 3-5 paragraphs) to address the gap identified in part C1.,E. Explain the intended outcomes of your proposed solution.,F. Provide an evidence summary synthesizing literature to support the solution you described in part D.,G. Provide a final reference list for your evidence summary, in APA format, that includes at least five scholarly, peer-reviewed sources that were published within the last five years.,Note: This reference list refers specifically to your evidence summary from part F.,H. Explain your proposed implementation plan, including the following:, 1. a plan of action, 2. a timeline, 3. needed resources and personnel, 4. the proposed change theory, 5. barriers to implementation,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Chemistry homework help

Probation/Parole organizational assessment and recommendations report

Probation/Parole organizational assessment and recommendations report. I need an explanation for this Law question to help me study.

The final project for this course is the creation of an organizational assessment and recommendations report. The study of organizational assessment and program evaluation is a growing subfield within the field of criminal justice. As professionals in criminal justice systems are often faced with dynamic environments and high expectations of performance, citizens demand accountability, and politicians challenge the effectiveness of current policies. Many criminal justice organizations are employing assessment or policy and planning personnel to assess their organization’s effectiveness in meeting their stated goals or mission. These skills in assessment are vital to the development of leadership roles in police agencies, corrections, and the court system. Given the contemporary issues surrounding the police use of force, prison escapes and violence, and court personnel overstepping their roles, the performance of criminal justice organizations has been questioned by the general public, government, and media. It is vital that professionals continuously assess a criminal justice organization’s performance and ensure the organization is meeting the goals of its established mission statement in a dynamic and changing landscape, to build effective public service organizations. In the summative assessment, you will assess the performance of a subdivision of a criminal justice organization from the provided case scenario. You will begin by examining the structure and mission of your selected criminal justice organization to identify the specific goals and responsibilities of the subdivisions in relation to the performance of the overall organization. Next, you will select a specific subdivision in the organization on which to base your performance assessment. You will assess the effectiveness of the subdivision in reaching the organization’s established goals, utilizing measurement strategies to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the organization. Based on your assessment, you will create recommendations for the organization to improve its performance, as well as recommend communication strategies to distribute relevant information to the appropriate individuals within the organization.
In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:
 Analyze criminal justice organizational structures and policies for informing the development of methods to improve organizational performance  Determine appropriate organizational assessment strategies to acquire valid and reliable data for measuring the effectiveness of criminal justice organizations in meeting their established goals  Analyze how internal and external factors impact the effectiveness of organizational performance in criminal justice organizations  Develop evidence-based recommendations to improve the performance of criminal justice organizations in meeting their established goals  Propose strategies to communicate evidence-based recommendations to diverse audiences within criminal justice organizations for informing continuous improvement of organizational performance
Parole/Probation Subdivision (aka Community Corrections) The roles of the Parole/Probation subdivision revolve around performing professional assessment and supervision of criminal offenders. Correctional probation officers are responsible for investigating, assessing, supervising, counseling, and/or classifying offenders. In addition to the FDC organizational mission statement, the Parole Subdivision has its own mission, The Community Corrections Department and its officers shall service all adult offenders and families, victims, law enforcement officers, agency representatives, and the public—with equal respect, dignity, and sensitivity. The Community Corrections Department will develop an array of comprehensive services addressing the needs of both inmates and the surrounding community. This subdivision has recently been faced with some challenges, including lack of interdepartmental communication, low supervisor-to-subordinate ratio, obsolete information technology software, and an unreliable record management system. These impacts have led to a high employee turnover rate as well as gaps in accurate tracking of offenders. The department has a low rate of offenders and one of the best re-entry programs in the state. The surrounding community is satisfied with the level of service the department provides.  Parole subdivision policies:
Below are all of my Milestones with the information that needs to be added to this report and it needs to at least 8-10 pages.
Guidelines for Submission:
Your organizational assessment and recommendations report must be 8–10 pages in length (plus a cover page and references) and must be written in APA format. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Include at least four references cited in APA format.
Probation/Parole organizational assessment and recommendations report