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SEU Critical Thinking Differential Analysis & Condensed Income Statement Worksheet

SEU Critical Thinking Differential Analysis & Condensed Income Statement Worksheet.

CRITICAL THINKING ASSIGNMENT : Differential AnalysisThere are four problems for this module’s Critical Thinking Assignment.Complete the following questions using Microsoft Excel. No other submission format is allowed. Review the grading rubric to confirm you are meeting the assignment requirements. (All amounts in SAR unless otherwise indicated.)Problem 1Kassel Corporation is considering trading a truck with a book value of SAR 80,000 with an estimated five-year life for a new truck that would cost SAR 200,000. The old truck could be sold for SAR 75,000. The new truck has a seven-year life with no residual value. The new truck would reduce annual operating costs by SAR 20,200 per year.Required:Prepare a differential analysis on whether to continue with the old machine (Alternative 1) or purchase the new machine (Alternative 2).Problem 2A condensed income statement by product line for Brion Sporting Goods indicated the following for Baseball Equipment for the past year:(All amounts in SAR)Sales5,600,000Cost of goods sold3,800,000Gross profit1,800,000Operating expenses1,950,000Loss from operations(150,000)It is estimated that 15% of the cost of goods sold represents fixed factory overhead costs, and that 20% of the operating expenses are fixed. Because Almond Cookies is only one of the many products, the fixed costs will not be materially affected if the product is discontinued.Required:Prepare a differential analysis to determine whether Baseball Equipment should be continued (Alternative 1) or discontinued (Alternative 2). Should Baseball Equipment be retained? Explain and indicate the dollar difference in favor or against.Problem 3Marburg Manufacturing produces various-sized plastic panels for its main product. The manufacturing cost for small bottles is SAR 210 per unit, including fixed costs of SAR 65 per unit. A proposal is offered to purchase plastic panels from an outside source for SAR 185 per unit, plus SAR 7 per unit for freight.Required:Prepare a differential analysis to determine whether the company should make (Alternative 1) or buy (Alternative 2) for bottles, assuming fixed costs are not affected by the decision.Problem 4Whole milk is produced for SAR 18 per gallon. Whole milk can be sold without additional processing for SAR 25 per gallon or processed further into ice cream at an additional cost of SAR 9 per gallon. Ice cream can be sold for SAR 32 per gallon.Required:Prepare a differential analysis on whether to sell whole milk (Alternative 1), or process further into ice cream (Alternative 2).You must show all your work for credit.
SEU Critical Thinking Differential Analysis & Condensed Income Statement Worksheet

Racial Tension in the US Essay

Introduction This essay highlights three recent cases (2013) of racial tension in the US. Racism has deep roots in the US history. One can trace it from the period of slavery. Despite efforts to eradicate it, racism persists until now in the US. Students at Hopkins High School have claimed that there are racial issues between members of the staff and the school administrators (Blume, 2013). More than 100 students protested against racial inequality at the school. The protest was because of previous events, which have “left minority students feeling mistreated” (Blume, 2013). The tension was between white and black students. In Minneapolis, some Somali students have claimed that the school was not doing enough to ease the racial tension at South High School. As a result, several students engaged in a brawl to protest (Post, 2013). The brawl resulted from a tension, which had built up for several months. Students and a staff member sustained minor injuries during the brawl. Most students of the Somali origin have claimed that they were unsafe and insecure at the school due to discrimination. Meanwhile, another brawl fuelled by racial tension erupted at Chula Vista in South Bay Detention Facility. The brawl involved more than 15 inmates of white origins and Asian or Pacific Islanders prisoners (Repard, 2013). This was a case of racial hatred among inmates. Common themes All these brawls and protests have resulted from racial tension between two races. Racism is still rife in most public schools and correctional facilities. The common themes in these stories are racial discrimination, prejudice, and racial hate. The case of Hopkins School is racial inequality. The case of South Bay Correctional Facility reflects racial hate among inmates whereas, Somali students experience racial discrimination at the school. Racial Tensions and theoretical concepts There are many sociological theoretical concepts, which can help in explaining causes of racial crimes, prejudice, discrimination, and racism between individuals of different races. We have identified institutional racism from the above stories. Different theories present various views about the existence of racism in society (Anderson and Taylor, 2009). Symbolic interaction theorists These theorists focus on two fundamental aspects of racism. They focus on influences of social interaction and its roles on reducing racial tension. Second, these theorists also look at how people construct race within a social context. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In other words, the theory might help us to understand what may take place when Somalis and Whites encounter one another, for instance. Proponents also aim to show how such races can reduce racial hostility between them. This theoretical concept also looks at subjective meanings and behaviours, which members of other race may attribute to people from another race. For instance, some Somali students claimed that an officer who responded to the fight referred to them as “animals” (Post, 2013). This is a form of discrimination, which is also subjective and assumes primacy. Sociologists assert that people base their behaviours on beliefs rather than objective values. In this regard, human interpretation is responsible for social construction of society. Interpretation of one’s behaviour results in the formation of a social bond. Functionalist theorists According to this school of thought, racial minorities should assimilate in the mainstream society for functional and harmonious relationship. In this case, the dominant white students at the school should absorb Somali students. Several conflicts at South High School indicate that the dominant race has not assimilated Somali students. As a result, there is no functional and harmonious coexistence. The same is also evident at Hopkins School where minority students feel mistreated. Whites continue to ridicule the Black culture of the ‘rapper’ or ‘ghetto spirit day’ due to a lack of assimilation. As a result, minority Black students took offense and fought administrators over the issue. Conflict theory Conflict theory posits that inequality exists “because those in control of a disproportionate share of society’s resources actively defend their advantages” (Anderson and Taylor, 2009). People in power tend to coerce the minority groups. The White inmates believe that they are in power and control the correctional facility. This is a form of social control, which lacks consensus. They want to promote their own interests and resources like talk time, telephones, and television within the prison. Thus, power struggle within the correctional facility has led to racial tension as race politics dominates such facilities. In the jail, minorities are just ‘others’ because they are not White, Black, or Latino. We will write a custom Essay on Racial Tension in the US specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Evaluation of the relevance and explanatory value of various sociological concepts and theories in helping us understand real life issues concerning race and racism Different sociological concepts and theories aim to show why race and racism exist in society. These theories present diverse views on causes of racial tension in society. Today, many theorists have used conflict theory to explain causes of racial conflict in a society in which there is inequality. Inequality has different forms, which may be gender, racial, political, and religious among others. People tend to have different values, which result into conflicts and competition against among them. As a result, competition has been responsible for changes in society. This explains why there is racial politics in correctional facilities as members of different racial groups aim to control jail facilities in the community hall. This theory tends to identify negative aspects of racial tension in society, and it links them with all concepts, which focus on how to gain control of the masses. Overall, it helps us to understand causes of racial tension and fights in correctional facilities. Symbolic interaction theorists have focused on subjective approaches to racial issues in society. Thus, tension results from the subjective interpretation of others’ behaviours and actions rather than what is real. According to these theorists, subjective interpretations have acquired primacy status because many people tend to base their behaviours on what they believe and not what is real. This theory shows how subjective interpretations of Somalis students have led to miseries. The dominant race still believes that they are ‘animals’ and refer to them as such. Such interpretations and beliefs are subjective because the Whites have failed to act objectively and construct the true meaning of the situation. The interpretation of behaviour is responsible for social bond in the society. However, if the interpretation is subjective and lacks facts, then conflicts arise between the races. In this regard, people have failed to know what others expect from them and have failed to behave in an appropriate manner. According to functionalism, every part of a society should contribute to its stability. In this context, a society is larger than a single unit is, and each part of the society must play its part for the overall stability of the entire society. Different races in society have different roles to play. In addition, every role, which an individual member of the society plays, has a given consequence with regard to formation of the society. Not sure if you can write a paper on Racial Tension in the US by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Thus, all races should depend on one another for a functional and harmonious coexistence. In this regard, people should apply consensus in order to resolve racial tension for social stability and enhance shared interests. Somali students want consensus, other students to listen to them, and protect them. The same case applies to Hopkins School in which the school community wants to bring all races together through a cultural tolerance programme. However, we have noted that deviant behaviours in these institutions have led to racial tension as members respond to changes. Thus, society is dynamic as it strives to achieve stability. A dysfunctional race usually leads to chaos and instability, which it manifests through racial brawls and conflicts as it strives for stability. Conclusive remarks and personal reflections Racism is rife in the US. However, it is not as bad as it was during the civil rights movements. Thus, society has changed as the major race struggles to assimilate the minority. Sociological perspectives highlight that racial tensions result from different factors. Thus, members of the society resort to conflicts as they strive to form, shape, or assimilate themselves with the dominant race. Nevertheless, these perspectives help us to comprehend various causes of racism. One must recognise that racism is still common in public institutions, which has led to racial conflicts. Thus, it is fundamental for people to understand racial differences and embrace others’ cultures as they nurture cultural competency. This would eliminate cases of discrimination, prejudice, and racial hate, which are prominent in the three news stories. References Anderson, M.L. and Taylor, H.F. (2009). Sociology: The Essentials. Belmont, CA: Thomson Wadsworth. Blume, P. (2013). Hopkins High School students walk out over racial tensions. Web. Post, T. (2013). After South High brawl, Somali students say they don’t feel safe. Web. Repard, P. (2013). Jail brawl said sparked by racial tension. Web.


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Alice and Bob are being held at Azkaban(Prison). They want to escape and join Dumbledore’s Army.
Alice wants to tell Bob about the details of the plan but wants to keep their escape plan from Dementors(the guards).
So Alice encrypts the message before passing the chits to Bob’s cell.
However Bob was careless and he disposed the chits in his cell’s waste paper bin.
The clever Dementor found the chits but couldn’t make out what they said.
So he hired a computer programmer to decode the message for him. Please help the Dementor to decypher the message.

The code key that Alice used for this simple coding is a one for one character substitution based upon a single arithmetic
manipulation of the printable portion of the ASCII character set.

The Encrypted message in a single line. The maximum number of charaters in a message is 100.

The decrypted message in a single line. (Do not print any other message other than the decrypted message.)





NUR 674 Bowie State University Leadership Project

NUR 674 Bowie State University Leadership Project.

Journaling provides a valuable tool for recording, reflecting on, and reviewing your learning needs. This approach provides an opportunity for you to “connect the dots” and observe the relationships between and among activities, interactions, and outcomes.Unlike a personal journal of thoughts and feelings, this leadership journal is a record of your activities, assessments, and learning related to this academic experience. Write a journal entry of 1,500 words on the subject of power, including the following:Practicum Activities Reflection: Provide observations and thoughts on the leadership role activities as a Nurse Manager in your practicum setting wthinin the nursing home.Application of Leadership: Identify your given “power” as a Nurse Manager at your workplace or in your professional life. What is your greatest contribution in the lives of others?Practicum Project Preparation: What are your ideas for your practicum project? How does this project refine and build skills related to your leadership career goals.Leadership Video Reflection: Reflect on at least two things you learned from the “Servant Leadership – Issue of Power” video.Resources: Watch The “Servant Leadership – Issue of Authority” video.Note: This is a playlist of videos pertaining to leadership.
NUR 674 Bowie State University Leadership Project

Grand Canyon University W6 Cash Value of Chipotle Worksheet

Grand Canyon University W6 Cash Value of Chipotle Worksheet.

Determine the Cash Value of the Chipotle by doing the following:Please complete the Preliminary Financial Data section on Part II of the attached Excel workbookCalculate the financial worth of Chipotle based on four approaches: (1) the net worth method, (2) the net income method, (3) the price-earnings ratio method, and (4) the outstanding shares method.Please use the Strategic-Planning Template excel workbook to complete the company valuation tables.In 50-100 words, provide an analysis overview for this part. Calculate the average of the four methods. State a dollar amount of how much the company is worth.
Grand Canyon University W6 Cash Value of Chipotle Worksheet

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