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Service System Engineering vs. Service Blueprinting

Service System Engineering vs. Service Blueprinting. Paper details   The service blueprint serves the purpose of mapping out the process of service delivery with emphasis on identifying points at which the customer interacts with employees of the firm as well as the supporting functions that operate behind the scenes. The service system engineering text in the readings describes a systematic approach for developing service offerings using the perspective of operations management and industrial engineering. The service system engineering approach to developing services therefore differs from the service blueprint methodology. In this discussion, we will explore these differences. In your initial post: Define service system engineering in your own words. Briefly compare and contrast service system engineering with service blueprinting. Consider the degree to which the different approaches are complementary. Identify which approach is more likely to minimize gaps in services delivery and customer satisfaction.Service System Engineering vs. Service Blueprinting
EVR1001C UCF Environmental Science Questions Worksheet.

Instructions:Answer all questions in your own words in the space provided on the ANSWER DOCUMENT or in the EXCEL WORKSHEET.If you do not submit your answers on the provided answer sheet, you will be penalized 10 pointsAnswer completely and conciselyProvide all necessary informationDo not ramble on about irrelevant topicsWork must be your own. This assignment must follow academic integrity guidelines.You must rewrite answers you get from lecture material (you cannot copy lecture answers word-for-wordYou can work with others, but your responses must be in your own words.Submit your completed assignment on Canvas before the due date.Assignments sent to the instructor’s or TAs’ email will not be acceptedAccepted document formats:Text: .doc, .docx, .pdfExcel: .xls, .xlsx
EVR1001C UCF Environmental Science Questions Worksheet

Chapter 7 Discussion and 2 short replies.

In this chapter, you will learn about operations management and quality. After you have read Chapter 7, please use the topic below as a starting point for class discussions, but please feel free to generate and initiate your own topics, including any questions or comment you may have for the concepts and content of this chapter.At a minimum for every chapter, you need to submit at least one primary discussion posting(s) in response to the instructor’s topic or a new topic initiated by another student. You also need to submit at least one secondary posting(s) commenting on other students’ postings. Please note that initiating a new topic is classified as a primary posting. In the subject line of your posting, please indicate whether it is primary, i.e. initiating a new topic, responding to the instructor’s topic or to a new topic initiated by another student, or secondary, i.e. commenting on other student’s postings.1. Please view the following case study video about “Method” operations and management of quality. method- there’s good inside – South Side Soapbox (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Do you think outsourcing production is a great business strategy for Method? Please tell us why or why not. How do think Method maintain quality and costs to give consumers the best value against competitive products? What new business operational strategies could you recommend Method?repliesPrimary post- Response to Professor’s promptI think outsourcing production can be a good business strategy for Method as long as it is manufactured according to the specifications and environmentally conscious way that the founders have done in their Chicago plant. The founders are very passionate about the environment and sustainability and to outsource production of their Method products without the same requirements could possibly hurt their reputation and sales. I believe the Method founders made a good choice in selling Method to Ecover, a European company also sharing their environmental and sustainability values rather than to SC Johnson or Clorox.Method maintains quality and maintain reasonable costs by economies of scale using Ecover’s manufacturing plans to give consumers the best value against competitive products.Method created a niche of non-toxic and natural based cleaning products when existing large companies like Clorox had none on the market except for toxic smelling products. From the design of the bottles to the manufacturing of the product and to the perfecting of the amount to be dispensed of the products, Method founders and engineers have given consumers the best value and an environmentally sustainable product.I would recommend expanding Method in other countries, pushing marketing efforts to educate consumers why using non-toxic cleaning supplies is environmentally correct. I would increase social media marketing and drive content on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Emphasizing the use of natural based products helps the environment and the Earth meets the company’s goals as a B corporation as well as saving the Earth.First, post responding to professor topic for chap 7Yes, outsourcing production is a great business strategy for Method, because improves efficiency, and reduces cost on recruitment, training and infrastructural development. This allows them a better focus on how achieve business objectives by facilitating the company to obtain efficient services at a low cost gaining terrain over their competency. Small tasks can be easily passed on to outsourcing companies.By Choosing, an effective pricing strategy this will maintain quality and costs for their Method business’s product or service. The difference between a profitable successful business and one that fails to thrive can be the Price. Different ways to set a product’s price some of the most common like cost-based pricing: (involves what is the cost to make the product, add a percentage mark-up and determine the final price). Also customer based pricing (here is important to include all the costs of produce the product like raw materials, transportation, advertising, rent wages etc. even though, prices can change over time for many reasons is good to learn more about customers and your competition or if new opportunities arise in the marketplace. Think about the business, industry and target customerPerhaps some recommendations for the company that should develop ways to motivate and reward the vendors and their employees for their positive performance and support to make the work process easier to handle like those who are creative by thinking of new ways to sell more to existing customers or to attract new customer groups. Listen the customer and keep track of their comments, then review them often to find new ideas.
Chapter 7 Discussion and 2 short replies

Argosy University Capital Budgeting Decision Model Questions.

InstructionsWrite an assessment in which you address the following problems/questions:Assess the relevant cash flows used in forming a capital budgeting decision model. For this assignment, focus upon a replacement problem.Develop a capital budgeting decision model showing cash flows, cost of capital, and decision metrics (i.e., npv, mirr, irr, payback, and discounted payback). Form a conclusion based upon the analysis. Begin with the example problem on page 410 of the textbook, Table 12.2. Modify the problem in the following manner and develop the analysis within an Excel spreadsheet.
Assume the costs except depreciation are uncertain for the new machine. Develop the analysis in a spreadsheet and evaluate the sensitivity of the results for costs of 300, 400 and 700. Assume straight-line depreciation on both machines.The cost of capital is calculated based upon funding from retained earnings and from debt. The company is assumed to fund itself with 40% debt and 60% retained earnings. The cost of debt capital, rD, is 8%. The cost of capital from retained earnings, rS, is based upon the capital asset pricing model. The risk free rate in the market is 3% and the difference between the expected return on the market and the risk free rate is 5%. The beta for the company is 1.5. The tax rate is assumed to be 40%.Assume all other assumptions as given.Support your assessment with at least three (3) resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included. Your assessment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic.Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.Length: 5-7 pages (not including title and reference pages)
Argosy University Capital Budgeting Decision Model Questions

Florida State College at Jacksonville Didion Holy Water Analysis

Florida State College at Jacksonville Didion Holy Water Analysis.

InstructionsThe topic has to be based on one of the required readings for the class. For example, did Didion’s essay “Holy Water” make you think more about how water is controlled in the St. Johns River? Perhaps Douglass’s essay made you wonder if African-American literacy in the 21st century is on par with that of other ethnicities. Something in one of the essays will appeal to you and make you want to find out more about it.- The reading I chose for the topic will be “Didion’s essay “Holy Water”.The research paper must have an argumentative thesis. In other words, you will be using the sources that you find to prove a point in your paper. SourcesStudents should use a minimum of 6 sources, but no more than eight. Students are encouraged to use various types of sources — for example, a student may choose to use three books, three journal articles, one newspaper article, and one scholarly website. Another student may find that he or she will use more journal articles in their final draft.Most of the sources should come from the research portfolio, although students may include sources not included in the research portfolio.All of the sources used in the paper must be included on the works cited page. Each source cited should have a works cited entry, and each works cited entry should refer to a source cited in the paper. Therefore, if students cite eight different sources in the paper, they should have eight sources listed in the works cited.One helpful way to ensure that students do not overlook any cited sources is to keep a list as they write. Students can use this list to create the works cited page. Maintaining an accurate list of sources is especially important to finalize the draft. Sources may have been added or deleted from the paper during revisions, and those sources must be added or deleted from the works cited.- The paper must be formatted according to MLA style. The length of the final research paper should be between five full pages to six pages, double-spaced; the works cited pages is not included in the final page count.
Florida State College at Jacksonville Didion Holy Water Analysis

University of South Carolina Columbia Programing Assessment Exercise

online dissertation writing University of South Carolina Columbia Programing Assessment Exercise.

Hi, I need help with this assignment. I attached all the files needed. Programming Project(Java):A university computer science department has a teaching assistant (TA) who helps undergraduate students with their programming assignments during regular office hours. The TA’s office is rather small and has room for only one desk with a chair and computer. There are three chairs in the hallway outside the office where students can sit and wait if the TA is currently helping another student. When there are no students who need help during office hours, the TA sits at the desk and takes a nap. If a student arrives during office hours and finds the TA sleeping, the student must awaken the TA to ask for help. If a student arrives and finds the TA currently helping another student, the student sits on one of the chairs in the hallway and waits. If no chairs are available, the student will come back at a later time. When the TA finishes helping a student, the TA must check to see if there are students waiting for help in the hallway. If so, the TA must help each of these students in turn. If no students are present, the TA may return to napping.The Java version of this project may be completed using Java synchronization tools. Synchronization may depend on either (a) monitors using synchronized/wait()/notify() or (b) semaphores and reentrant locks.To begin, please first create n students where each student will run as a separate thread. The TA will run as a separate thread as well. Student threads will alternate between programming for a period of time and seeking help from the TA.
University of South Carolina Columbia Programing Assessment Exercise

BSA 346 LU Managerial Accounting Link in Leadership & Financial Results Discussion

BSA 346 LU Managerial Accounting Link in Leadership & Financial Results Discussion.

Review the financial statements for Amazon and Walmart attached, searching for discussion on the leadership of the corporation.Research articles and current news on the leadership structure and goals of these two companies. (Various financial investing websites, such as,,, etc. can be helpful.) Pay attention for ways that their leadership has affected their financial situation. Be sure to cite and provide references for all outside resources.Write a minimum of 450 words, discuss the differences between the leadership and financial outcomes of Amazon and Walmart. Write one paragraph about the leadership of Amazon and how it has affected the financial position of the company. Write a second paragraph about Walmart. Then, in a third paragraph, compare and contrast the financial outcomes due to their leadership goals, structures, and philosophies. No cover page or formatting is required.
BSA 346 LU Managerial Accounting Link in Leadership & Financial Results Discussion

Fundraising Campaign For A Non profit Organization & Sales Promotion Presentation

Fundraising Campaign For A Non profit Organization & Sales Promotion Presentation.

SCENARIO You work for a consulting media firm that completes projects across all industries. Since you are the senior designer, your supervisor has offered you the opportunity to share your design expertise by leading a training for new designers. Consider how you will apply design principles, theories, and techniques to create effective visuals for the training. Choose one of the following projects to use for visual communication examples in your presentation:Fundraising Campaign: A nonprofit organization, Reaching All Paws, located in Miami, Florida, is planning to hold a 30-day fundraising campaign to support local animals shelters after the recent hurricane.“Fun Run” Event: A regional health insurance company, Healthier Health Care, is sponsoring a local “fun run” event for all ages to promote heart health through regular physical activity.Online Sales Promotion: A national department store, BuyFromUs, will have a sales promotion during the launching of their new online shopping website. All online clothing sales will receive a 20% discount and a three-day shipping guarantee.DirectionsVisual Designs: To lead a meaningful training, you should use examples that showcase your design knowledge and skills. You may refer to the Visual Communication Design Guide to get started. Specifically, your supervisor has asked you to do the following:Create two visuals from the Visual Communication Design Guide that demonstrate the design principles and techniques in visual communication and design. Each visual should be unique in its design and intended delivery platform.Training Presentation: For the training, your supervisor would like you to showcase your visual examples in a PowerPoint presentation. Once you have created the two visuals, embed each visual into presentation slides. Your supervisor is hoping to use this training in the future, so it is important that you properly annotate your examples in the slides and in the speaker notes. Remember that the slides should include brief phrases, while the speaker notes section should be used to elaborate on the brief information provided in the slides. These are standard practices when creating PowerPoint presentations. Your supervisor asks you to address the following in your training presentation:Describe the message you are trying to convey in each visual, including how the elements of design support the intended message.Describe in detail the design principles and techniques used in the creation of each visual. Consider annotating your visuals in the presentation slides to clearly show the design principles you applied.Identify an appropriate platform to deliver each visual.Explain your reasoning for the selection of each communication platform, including how this delivery method aligns to the visual communication design principles.What to SubmitDesign Training PresentationSubmit a PowerPoint presentation that showcases your two visuals. Each visual must clearly convey meaning (with correct grammar and spelling) and demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles of visual design. Your presentation should not exceed 10 slides (including a title slide and references) and must include detailed speaker notes. Cite all sources appropriately.
Fundraising Campaign For A Non profit Organization & Sales Promotion Presentation