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A serial killer is someone who kills at constant, but patient rate. After some while he takes what is called a “cooling off period”. The difference between a mass murdered and a serial killer is that a serial killer will kill one at a time and then cool off. While a mass murderer will kill large amounts at a time. The victims of serial killers relates strait to the childhood. Certain victims are designated because the killer has a certain dislike towards them from early years. Most serial killers are Caucasian males ate ages between 20-40 years old.

Serial killers can be motivated by countless things, things like anger, thrill, attention, or for sexual pleasure. Serial killers can be created from sexual addresses or murdering. Often they are created from a rough childhood that occurred bullying or physical abuse. Many serial killers go anonymous for a long period of time because what people imagine a killer to look like is nothing like the one in reality. A huge reason why it is so hard to capture a serial killer is they are extremely intelligent. For example, B. T. K. was a normal member of society when he wasn’t killing.

Rader was married with children, and was a police officer. Having a normal life and remaining that life throughout the years of killing helped Dennis Rader go anonymous for 2 decades. Serial killers are formed due to their rough childhood that involved parental beating, sexual abuse, social mishaps, or sexuality confusion. These past experiences are shown through the corpses of the killers victims and exposes the lust and the need for sexual pleasure, and detectives can relate that to the killers childhood. It becomes no question that most serial killers are formed because of chronic physical, mental, and sexual abuse as a chld.

What is blockchain? What are potential business impacts (including but also beyond just cryptocurrency)?

What is blockchain? What are potential business impacts (including but also beyond just cryptocurrency)?.


Format should be as follows: 1) Paragraph #1) a succinct statement conveying the most essential point to understand about the topic. (no more than 3 sentences) 2) Paragraph #2) personal observation / conclusion why the topic is remarkable (or not). Relate any real world experiences if you can. (no more than 5 sentences) As you write paragraph #1 & #2 imagine an executive or other respected person in your organization asks you to explain the topic. This is a busy person; you have ~30 seconds of their time in conversation or reading your email response to give them the info they want and gain their trust that you are a ‘go-to’ person. 3) Paragraph #3) any additional background or interesting information you’d like to include as a result of researching the topic. 4) Footer: include your references, links to articles / other sources you found on the topic. Exact format is not important. • Each of the ten papers will count 10 points toward the total TB grade, each TB graded as follows: 1) Degree to which brief makes succinct, salient points and draws interesting conclusions = 5 points 2) Brief is at least one page double-spaced, but paragraph #1 & #2 cannot exceed one page, and otherwise follows the format described above = 5 points

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