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Select one of the three sites and prepare a paper addressing what YOU think was the greatest security risk(s)

Select one of the three sites and prepare a paper addressing what YOU think was the greatest security risk(s) at the site.
Do you think the risk(s) was adequately addressed, pre incident, in their planning?
Were there other risks that not may not have been thought of and came to light during the ‘accident’?
What would be some of the cost-effective countermeasures you would recommend to address the greatest risk you highlight in addition to the other risks revealed because of the ‘accident’?
Writing Paper guidelines include the following:
Consider the question asked
Establish your position/point of view
Research topic for support and evidence
Write outline and organize ideas
Write your introduction (state your position which you intend to prove in the body)
Write your body (present your facts to support your position)
Write your conclusion (Sums up your case/position)
Edit and rewrite
Finalize references and citations
Title of Paper – Summarizing the main idea of the paper on one line
The text of the paper should be left aligned, double-spaced paragraphs, with the first line of
each paragraph indented by one tab key (0.5 inch).
Order of pages for the paper are: title page, 5 full pages of text and a reference listing page for a total of 7 pages minimum. All pages should have the page number flush right. Font to be used is 12-point Times Roman. Margins will be 1 inch on all sides, which is normally the default margin in WORD.
APA writing uses intext citations and a reference list associated with all sources. For intext citations, the basic order for a printed book is (Author’s surname ONLY, year of publication and page number(s)). Example – (Norman, 2016, p. 4). When using multiple pages, insert pp. X-X.
The basic order for a webpage, with authors name provided is (Author’s surname ONLY, year of publication and paragraph number). Example – (Smith, 2021, para. 17). The basic order for a webpage, without authors name is (Title of Article, year of publication, and paragraph number). Example – (How to grow plants, 2021, para. 22). When using multiple paragraphs, insert para. X-X.
Most webpages on websites do not have page numbers, so providing the paragraph number is required. To come up with the paragraph number(s), you start at the top of the webpage and count down to the paragraph(s) where the information is located that you are sourcing/paraphrasing.
Lastly, for every intext citation, you must have a reference listing and vice versa.
Reference List Information – There are 4 elements to a reference listing, which are author, date, title and source. Author – Who is responsible for this work? Date – When was this work published? Title – What is this work called? Source – Where can I retrieve this work? Answering these 4 questions will help you create a reference for any type of work you encounter, even if you don’t see a specific example that matches it.
The reference list is a new page after the conclusion of the text. You will label the reference list as References, capitalized in bold and centered. Double space all reference list entries, (including between and within references). Use a hanging indent for all references, meaning the first line of each reference is flush left and subsequent lines are indented by 0.5-inch in. Order the reference list alphabetically by the author’s last name, followed by the initials of the authors first name and middle name, if provided.

APA version 7 writing style

Technology Enhanced Language Learning

Technology Enhanced Language Learning.

 Kindly, Write a research proposal to qualify in PhD program of Applied linguistics and TESOL. The research proposal topic can be something on the effectiveness of using e-tivities and gamification to enhance English language learning to Saudi university students. It will be great if you can specify what kind of e-tivities are they? and If you can come with a more creative topic, I would appreciate that. “Seppo” can be an example of gamification. There should be 9 components in this proposal including (Keywords): Keywords: 1. Working Title 2. Abstract 3. Research Questions 4. Overview 5. Summary 6. Literature Review 7. Methodology Statement 8. Timescale: (Planning to go with the three years for a full-time PhD) 9. Bibliography Please refer back to the attached document for more details about each component. I’m trying to contact a specific doctor to be my supervisor and it will be great if you can use one of her publications paper as a source in my proposal: Title: Constructively aligning technologies with learning and assessment in a distance education master’s programme Author: Rogerson-Revell

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What is normal blood pressure? Provide a statistical analysis, what is the mean? the standard deviation?

Select one of the three sites and prepare a paper addressing what YOU think was the greatest security risk(s) What is normal blood pressure? Provide a statistical analysis, what is the mean? the standard deviation?.

What is normal blood pressure? Provide a statistical analysis, what is the mean? the standard deviation?


The range between high and low? What percentage of the population has high blood pressure? What percentage has low blood pressure.? Restrict your analysis to only the data from the United States. Provide calculations and probabilities showing one, two and three standard deviations. Your paper should be no more than three pages.

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What statement does Childish Gambino make in his “This is America” video? Use sources to inform any historical connections.

What statement does Childish Gambino make in his “This is America” video? Use sources to inform any historical connections..

OPINION: I think as a nation we can become more conscious, if we limit our use of screens and by challenging ourselves to be more observant. THESIS: The social, racial, and political injustices that occur in a public light should be acknowledged so that we as a people can aid the growth of a more self aware nation and in this way stop the demonization of the black minority. Paper Format: INTRODUCTION (5-8 sentences or lines)… THESIS…. “BP” means “body paragraph”~ SECTION 1→ Physical (3 to 5 BP; 8-10 sentences or lines, whichever comes first) SECTION 2→ Emotional (3 to 5 BP; 8-10 sentences or lines, whichever comes first) SECTION 3→ UNexpense (3 to 5 BP; 8-10 sentences or lines, whichever comes first) CONCLUSION (in which you not only restate the thesis but point the discussion in a new direction by challenging the reader to “pick up where you’ve left off, so to speak)~ WORKS CITED: 1.Diggles, Kimberly. “Addressing Racial Awareness and Color-Blindness in Higher Education.” New Directions for Teaching & Learning, vol. 2014, no. 140, Winter 2014, pp. 31–44. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1002/tl.20111. 2. “How Many More Must Die?” Nation, vol. 301, no. 17, Oct. 2015, p. 3. EBSCOhost, LINK- 3. Four sources of your choice sited in MLA and the link. I hope all that information helps.

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choose TWO Democratic nominees and compare and contrast them on the issues, experience, and character/personality, etc

choose TWO Democratic nominees and compare and contrast them on the issues, experience, and character/personality, etc.

You will be producing an analytical memo that follows this basic outline. I. Background, education and work/political experience for each candidate. 2. Scandals associated with the candidate, if any. 3. Economic policy 4. Health care policy 5. Education policy 6. (YOUR CHOICE of POLICY) to match your interests (for example, are you concerned about the environment, immigration, taxation, etc.) 7. Current polling (see resources below) 8. Summary of your findings and your assessment. Make sure that you do not plagiarize material. Cite your sources. Include quotations if exact wording is taken from a source. Any reference format is acceptable so long as you use only one and do so accurately.

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Atacama Desert- Wheres the rain?

Atacama Desert- Wheres the rain?.

Information of there desert, and why there is no rain.
From instructor:
Finding your source material is the first step in writing your paper. You were to get your information from web sites of reputable organizations, government agencies or educational institutions that supply data and information about the earth’s physical environment. I list many of these in the weekly lessons located in CONTENT. You can find many of these by searching the web using key words, such as volcanoes, rivers, water, etc. DO NOT USE ENCYCLOPEDIAS OR THE TEXT, as part of your required SIX references or you will be marked down. Your references are worth a possible total of 12 points and must be written correctly in the
Works Cited section at the end of the paper. Part of the assignment is finding these web sites yourself.. This is an online class, so please don’t use books from the library, however you can use the library’s DATABASES or online research program.

Now that you have researched your topic, plan to write at least 1500 of your own words (original text) about your topic. No quotes permitted. Be as specific as possible (river, Amazon River) with the information and make sure to relate the information to the geographic principles of PLACE. This means make sure your information specific to location and that it can be mapped. If it isn’t, it is not geographical and will be marked down at my discretion.

Save the addresses of these web sites for your reference list (works cited/bibliography) that must be included at the end of your paper. In addition, you must use in-text citations throughout the body of the paper (at least 6) as you would in any research paper. Ex. (USGS). You need six of these to match your six different references. (each worth 1 point for a possible total of 6 points.)

This assignment should be treated the same as a term or research paper assignment for an on-site class. Write the text using a word program and save it as a personal document file. Take spelling and grammar seriously, as though you were writing a research paper for an on-site class. You can get help at the VVC writing center, which should have an online link. Also, you must complete all information in MLA format, this includes the bibliography. Check the internet or the writing center for the correct way to reference online web citations. A good website for this is:

Once complete and proofread, copy and then paste it into the Research Paper discussion forum located at the end of the Discussions. Post by the due date. I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE RESEARCH PAPERS. Also you must email me a copy. In the subject line of your discussion posting and on the Research paper itself, please include the following information. “your full name” Research paper ASSIGNMENT-“title of your topic”, Geog _101__ and section #___.

It is your responsibility to get this assignment to me on or before the due date AND to make sure it goes through correctly. Always double-check. ANY ASSIGNMENT TURNED IN WITHOUT THE PROPER FORMAT (word document) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND MAY BE CONSIDERED LATE. Sometimes posting it on BB or pasting it into an email will mess up the organization. This is ok. Make sure you do not use word wrap!
*You must submit all written assignments to the appropriate forum in the DISCUSSIONS section.


GRADING CRITERIA: Points are lost for any of the following you do not include.

*Specific topic chosen the 2nd week of classes. Your topic is your title of the paper and should be listed at the top of your paper.

*Do not explain why you chose a certain topic in the body of your report.

*So not use or reference ‘I’ in a scientific paper.

*Minimum 1500 words of appropriate text in your own words. If you add quotes, pictures, etc. you must still have 1500 words of your own text!

*Correct grammar and spelling. Always proofread!

*Specific topical content related to place and location.

*Quality of at least 6 Internet resources (not including encyclopedia sites or your text) included and listed at the end of your paper in a Bibliography. (see above) Your text and any encyclopedias used must be listed, but are in addition to the six required internet references. 12 points possible.

* Rarely use quotes. Remember, only use quotes when they are special and significant to their author. Quoted phrases do not count toward the word requirement for your RP text.

*Properly submitted by the due date.

*Use in-text citations throughout the body of the paper as you would in any research paper.
Ex. (USGS). 6 points possible.

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Human Centered Design

Human Centered Design.

Description Create a plan or set of recommendations to show why human centred design would benefit your team/organisation or an organisation of your choice. Your plan should include the following: A short description of an experiment (a usability test for a existing product or process or a new prototype) applying at least one HCD technique from the course.  The outcomes of this experiment (as a rich picture, storyboard, prototype, test results)  Your 3-4 key take aways from this experiment?  Evidence (eg interview transcripts, voice of consumer from social media, scraped data, industry case studies) that will help convince key stakeholders to put the customer/consumer at the heart of the innovation process.

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Piaget vs. Vygotsky

Piaget vs. Vygotsky.

Piaget vs. Vygotsky 

Instructions: – Write a 2-3 page paper in which you summarize the strengths and weaknesses of Piaget’s stages of cognitive development and Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory of development. – Describe how cognitive and sociocultural development support language development. In your paper you should address: – The strengths and weaknesses of Piaget’s theories. – The strengths and weaknesses of Vygotsky’s theories. – Identify the elements of each theory that you think are the strongest and/or the most problematic, and explain why you think so. – How do cognitive and sociocultural development support language development? – What should caregivers look for to confirm that a child is progressing in their language acquisition (ages 1-3)?

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Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Structures and Algorithms.

Make sure to use C++ language. Q1 ) In this question, you will explore the tradeoff between the average number of comparisons for a successful search of an element in a hash table vs. the load imbalance index. It is logical to expect that as the hash table size (the size of the array of linked lists representing the hash table) grows, the length of each of the linked lists reduces: as a result, the number of comparisons that would be needed to search for any element is likely to reduce. On the other hand, as we fix the number of elements to store in a hash table, the load imbalance index (the ratio of the sum of the maximum and minimum lengths of the linked lists and the difference between the maximum and minimum lengths of the linked lists; see the slides for the formulation and details) is expected to increase with increase in the hash table size. Thus, for a fixed number of elements to store in a hash table, as we increase the hash table size, the average number of comparisons for a successful search is expected to decrease and the load imbalance index is expected to increase. As part of your solution, you will explore/quantify the above tradeoff. You are given the code featuring the implementation of a hash table as an array of singly linked lists. The main function is already coded to create an array of size 100,000 with the maximum value per element being 50,000. You will try 20 different values for the hash table size ranging from 11 to 2,287 as given in the code (note the array of hash table size is already created for you in the main function). For each hash table size, you will run 25 trials. You are required to implement the functions FindAvgNumComparisonsSuccessfulSearch( ) and ComputeLoadImbalanceIndex( ) in the Hashtable class. The main function is coded in such a way that these two functions are called for each of the trials for a certain hash table size and the average of the average number of comparisons for a successful search and the average load imbalance index are computed and printed for each value of the hash table size. Take a screenshot of the output displaying the average number of comparisons for a successful search and the load imbalance index for different values of the hash table size. Plot two Excel charts (X-Y plots) that features the values for the hash table size in X-axis and the values for the average number of comparisons for a successful search and the average load imbalance index in the Y-axes. Use the trend line option in Excel for each of these plots and determine a power function- based relation between the metric on the Y-axis and the hash table size in the X-axis. Display the power function-relation as well as the R2 value for the fit in the Excel plots. Q2) Design and implement an algorithm to determine the next greater element of an element in an array in Θ(n) time, where ‘n’ is the number of elements in the array. You could use the Stack ADT for this purpose. The next greater element (NGE) for an element at index i in an array A is the element that occurs at index j (i < j) such that A[i] < A[j] and A[i] ≥ A[k] for all k [i+1…, j-1]. That is, index j (j > i) is the first index for which A[j] > A[i]. If no such index j exists for an element at index i, then the NGE for the element A[i] is considered to be -1. For example: if an array is {1, 15, 26, 5, 20, 17, 36, 28}, then the next greater element (NGE) of the elements in the array are as follows: 1 15 15 26 26 36 5 20 20 36 17 36 36 -1 28 -1 Note: Your code need not determine and print the elements and their NGE values in the same order of the appearance of the elements in the array. An out of order print is also acceptable as long as the correct NGE for an element is printed out. For example, the following out of order print for the above array is also acceptable. 1 15 15 26 5 20 17 36 20 36 26 36 28 -1 36 -1 You are given a code file to run the algorithm on a smaller array (of size 10 integers) and print the output (i.e., the NGE for each element in the array, in the order determined by your algorithm). You should implement the algorithm in the main function itself and make use of the Stack stack object as part of the processing needed by your algorithm. You are given the doubly linked list-based implementation code for Stack and there is no need to make any changes in the Stack class.

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Submit your answers as a Word document and excel. Make sure to show your work for all quantitative questions, and make sure to fully explain your answers using references to the background readings for any conceptual questions. Questions 1 and 3 will require Excel, so submit an Excel file that shows your computational steps as a separate file in addition to your Word file. Question 4 is purely conceptual, no computations are necessary but make sure to apply and reference concepts from the required readings in your answers to each of the scenarios. Case Assignment 1. Suppose you buy a bond that will pay $1000 in ten years along with an annual coupon payment of $50 and the interest rate is 4%. Answer the following questions: 

A. What is the value of this bond? B. Now suppose the bond has no coupon payments (it is a “zero coupon” bond) but still pays $1000 in ten years. What is the value of this bond? C. What would happen to the value of the bond if the inflation rate unexpectedly goes up? What the bond value increase or decrease? D. Now suppose the bond still pays an annual coupon of $50 but the interest rate drops to 2%. What is the new value of this bond? 2. The XYZ Corporation pays a dividend of $1 for each share and its required rate of return is 8%. Answer the following questions: A. Assuming zero growth in dividends, what is the value of each share? B. Now assume a 4% annual growth rate in the dividend paid. What is the value of each share? C. Assume the growth rate is still 4%, but the required rate of return drops to 6%. What is the new value of each share? 3. Acme Medical Corp. is expecting the cash flows from 2018-2022 in the table below. After 2022 it is expecting growth in cash flow at an annual rate of 3%. The firm has determined that its weighted average cost of capital (discount rate) is 7%. Using the table below calculate the following: A. What is the present value of Acme’s future cash flows using the discounted cash flow model? B. If the firm has 200,000 common shares outstanding, zero preferred shares, and debt with a market value of $10,000,000 what would be the value of each share? C. Now suppose the discount rate increases to 10%. How would your answers to a) and b) above change based on the new discount rate? Year Cash flow 2018 500,000 2019 550,000 2020 620,000 2021 700,000 2022 800,000 4. Suppose the Alpha Manufacturing Corporation is experiencing extreme financial difficulties and is considering bankruptcy. Its shareholders are currently almost equally divided about whether or not the company should go bankrupt, with one outspoken faction pushing for bankruptcy and the other strongly opposing it. They have $50 million in debt all in the form of bonds, and bondholders are pretty well united in that they want the firm to declare bankruptcy. A. The CEO announces that he is leaning against bankruptcy. This means one faction of shareholders is happy, but another faction of shareholders is very upset and the bondholders are also unhappy. Can the unhappy faction of shareholders team up with the bondholders to vote out the CEO? Explain your reasoning using references from the background readings. B. Suppose Alpha ends up declaring bankruptcy. They do not have any cash in the bank but they own $60 million worth of real estate. They only have one type of shareholder—common shareholders. If they sell the real estate, how much of this will bondholders get and how much with shareholders get? Explain your reasoning using references from the background readings. C. Now suppose that Alpha has two classes of shareholders—common shareholders and preferred shareholders. Preferred shareholders are owed $20 million in dividends that have been unpaid in the last two years. If Alpha goes bankrupt and sells its $60 million worth of real estate, how much will bondholders get, how much will common shareholders get, and how much will preferred shareholders get? Explain your reasoning using references from the background readings. 

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Discussion writing about 300 words in APA format

Web server auditing can go a long way in enforcing tighter security and ensuring business continuity. The power of log data is tremendous. Web server logs record valuable information pertaining to usage, errors, and other important security events. Using a specialized auditing tool can be extremely helpful during the audit of web servers. In your discussion this week, please discuss the methods of identifying weak web server configurations and how to mitigate them for a secure web server. Possible concepts to include are SSL certificates, HTTPS usage, attack surface, SQL injection, vulnerability migration, and least privilege. In at least one of your peer responses, provide an overview of how to audit the web server’s security and implement best practices.