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Select an Issue in Education

The issue will be appropriate to your chosen track, either K–12 or adult education. For this assignment, you will research the issue, explain how it is related to diversity, describe how ethics can be applied to your chosen topic, and explore how it can be addressed through learning. Based on this information, you will create a sentence outline for the paper to be completed in Week 5.InstructionsPart 1. Issue SelectionWrite a 1–2 page paper following these instructions:Address each item in 3–5 sentences.Select a current issue related to education that would you like to research. Refer to your previous research at the U.S. Department of Education, the American Association of University Professors, and/or the Association for Talent Development. In addition, review the Week 2 discussion of issues. Provide enough information to show that the issue is relevant to education and your program track.Explain how the topic of diversity is connected to your educational issue.Review a set of ethical guidelines that is appropriate for your area of education. You can select from the following or research another source:The National Education Association: Code of Ethics for Educators. Society for Human Resource Management: Code of Ethics. Industry: Addressing Ethics in Training. of Human Resource Development: Standards on Ethics and Integrity. 3–5 ethical standards that apply to addressing the educational issue you have selected. Explain how the ethical standards apply to the issue you have selected. Cite the source of the code of ethics.Part 2. Sentence OutlineCreate a sentence outline for the paper that you will write for the Week 5 assignment.Explain the issue you have chosen.Explain how the issue is connected to diversity.Explain how ethical standards relate to an issue in education.Describe problems related to the issue and how they might be addressed through learning.List 3 sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, appropriate, and no more than 5 years old. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides.Example of a sentence outline: from Chapter 2 of Business Writing for Results, page 45.This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course.

Letter of soilidier in trenches in 1916

Letter of soilidier in trenches in 1916.

Letter of soilidier in trenches in 1916


Paper details:

Taking on the persona of a soldier in the trenches in 1916, prepare a first-person account of the circumstances of your life. Students may not write about any real historical figure, but must, rather, create a fictional character. Provide as much historical detail as possible and place yourself in the broader context of the period in which you live and/or the historical movements/events in which you find yourself involved. Accounts may take the form of autobiography, diary entries, testimony or correspondence, but must include a short introduction, separate from the fictional text formally introducing the character, the period of time and the specific place where the text is set. In the text, ensure that you offer historical analysis (What is the significance of the moment? What factors lay behind the events? Who is most affected by the events or movement?). Remember, you are writing a historical essay. Provide a strong sense of when and where things are happening.

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Solution focused family therapy

Select an Issue in Education Solution focused family therapy.

**This is for a Social Work Family Therapy class**
Include 5-6pgs of writing. Not including cover page and reference page.
You will create an imaginary family that you have went into their home to observe 1-2 different times. In a narrative introduce the family and your interaction.

Then choosing a theory and 6 concepts you will identify each one and apply this to the family you are observing.(I will provide the articles that will help with this)

You do not need to find an intervention for the family based on the theory and concepts chosen. You just need to show how you observed and assessed the family in using these concepts. Relate the concepts to the family.

Provide proper in-text citations.
**Provide a draft BEFORE deadline**


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Trump climate changes

Trump climate changes.

Choose what you believe is the most important change out of the three choices that he is implementing and tell me in a one page essay why you believe your choice has the most profound impact on America’s role in Science leadership.

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Define the Success Criteria, Benefit Triggers/Value, Flexibility Matrix, Boundaries for the Scope, Requirements and the Stakeholder Expectations.

Define the Success Criteria, Benefit Triggers/Value, Flexibility Matrix, Boundaries for the Scope, Requirements and the Stakeholder Expectations..

 1: Define the Success Criteria, Benefit Triggers/Value, Flexibility Matrix, Boundaries for the Scope, Requirements and the Stakeholder Expectations. NOTE: Format: Double line spacing between paragraphs but 1.5 spacing within the paragraph, 11-point Times Roman, 1-inch margins. Please use footnotes or end-notes and citations as well as 12-14 point font, bold headings and subheadings. Good work which meets the requirements of the assignment and demonstrates an understanding of the material. Content: Executive summary should include Budget, timeline, Risk and Financial narrative. Risk narrative is good but no risk analysis is completed. Financial analysis should include Beak-even, NPV or ROI. Recommendation sound, but you did not choose the alternative that you wish to advance. Both are viable and you can only do one. which one do you want to do? Checklist normally would not be included in the document.

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Defining Social Capital

Defining Social Capital.

Defining Social Capital

details Directions Read/listen to these two pieces on social capital by Robert Putnam. Dr. Putnam is an eminent scholar in the social capital field and the link below: (Links to an external site.) The NPR story you need to listen to. It is a 7 minute piece. (Links to an external site.) Putnam biography (optional) (Links to an external site.) Based on your reading and your own experiences, create a document that: A) Discusses your interpretation and impressions of Putnam’s descriptions on social capital. (2-3) paragraphs. Include references to the texts and use appropriate references to avoid plagiarism.

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Deaf Culture and Deaf Community

Deaf Culture and Deaf Community.

Have to develop a research paper on a topic related to the deaf. I picked to talk about Deaf Culture and Deaf Community;.. examples; -What’s Deaf Culture? -Positive and Negative feedback on the Deaf Community -How people “label” or identify themselves -Many Deaf Stars -Comfortable Communication -What to never say to a Deaf person • The culture of deaf consists of a few important values; – Language (ASL) – Speech (not speaking is highly valued in this culture) – Socializing -etc. =At least three references must be from printed (not internet) sources such as books, journals, newspapers, magazines, etc

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Marketing Strategy: The UK supermarket industry

Marketing Strategy: The UK supermarket industry.

The UK supermarket industry continues to change in dynamic as the existing players (the ‘Big Four’) are placed under increasing pressure from the German discounter brands Aldi and LIDL as well as changing consumer buying habits, and more recently external pressures in the economy and political arena including ‘BREXIT’.

Task 1 (40%) 
With reference to researched material, critically analyse the role of strategic & tactical marketing in achieving a sustainable competitive advantage for a supermarket retailer such as Tesco . (Please note: your response is not limited to Tesco and Aldi alone and you should draw upon researched (and referenced) examples of your own) 

Task 2 (35%) 
For a country of your choice present an analysis of the business environment for supermarket retailers utilising appropriate tools of internal and external analysis such as Porter’s Five Forces and PESTLE analysis. Follow this by making recommendations as you feel appropriate for participants seeking competitive advantage going forward. 

Task 3 (25%) 
Discuss the value and limitations of localisation as a strategic concept with reference to the international supermarket industry. You may wish to conduct some research into Tesco’s failed foray into the US market with their ‘Fresh & Easy’ brand as part of this, although ensure you balance this with other examples and appropriate academic reading and underpinning) 

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Planning for HIG Implementation

Planning for HIG Implementation.

Purpose: To implement strategic level policies, processes and controls for healthcare information and decision making. **Action Items: **Read: Beth Haenke Just, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA; David Marc, MBS, CHDA; Megan Munns, RHIA; and Ryan Sandefer, MA, CPHIT. “Why Patient Matching Is a Challenge: Research on Master Patient Index (MPI) Data Discrepancies in Key Identifying Fields.” Perspectives in Health Information Management (Spring 2016): 1-20. PDF Attached. **Read: Davoudi, Sion; Dooling, Julie A; Glondys, Barbara; Jones, Theresa D.; Kadlec, Lesley; Overgaard, Shauna M; Ruben, Kerry; Wendicke, Annemarie. “Data Quality Management Model (2015 Update)” Journal of AHIMA 86, no.10 (October 2015). PDF Attached. **After reviewing the study on MPI discrepancies, write an executive summary (no more than 2 pages) that will be submitted to the CEO of a hospital. Be sure to include: Three to five (3-5) policy recommendations to mitigate the issues described in the study. Your recommendations should align with the data quality standards discussed in the “Data Quality Management Model”. *Include all citations and references in APA format. *Suggested Resource: How to Write an Executive Summary, WikiHow

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