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Select a case from the Case Studies provided. Consider the questions listed after the case study. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis paper of the case. Include the following: Describe the role of

Consider the questions listed after the case study. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis paper of the case. Include the following: Describe the role of multicultural competencies in assessing and treating this client. Explain the client’s needs as they relate to diversity. Describe strategies to support client advocacy related to these needs. Describe how these identified needs influence strategies and processes for the prevention, assessment, intervention, treatment, and relapse of substance-related and addictive disorders. Explain why there may be possible legal and ethical issues while counseling this client. Describe what these legal and/or ethical issues may entail.  Include a minimum of 5 sources. Format your paper according to APA guidelines. I will provide the case study scenario
Stock Market Crash Major Differences Discussion Questions.

Watch the Video and answer the following questions: were the major differences between the 1920s and the 1930s?How did the end of WWI affect the U.S. economy?Explain the relationship between Liberty Bonds, “Investing Culture”, Margin Buying, and the rapid appreciation of stock values in the 1920s?Why did the major bankers meet at J.P Morgan’s office across the street from the NYSE? What did they subsequently do?How did the “Liquidity Crisis” compound an even greater contraction in GDP after stock prices collapsed?What means did Roosevelt implement to help stabilize stock markets immediately and long-term?What effects did the Great Depression have internationally? Do you see any parallels today?
Stock Market Crash Major Differences Discussion Questions

essay about innovation.

Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and very personal passions.—Meghan Smith, former U.S. Chief Technology Officer in the Office of Science and Technology PolicyThe importance of innovation is increasing significantly throughout the world. As a future professional, reflect on the idea that innovation in communication sciences is imperative to improving the quality of life for the many individuals with communication disorders whom you will serve.What are the forces that might lead to opportunities for breakthroughs and new perspectives to inform discovery and innovation? What might we do to encourage an innovation culture in our discipline and to support our innovators?Use your creativity to discuss this perspective. Library and professional references may be used to support your opinions and innovative ideas.
essay about innovation

BIO 100 Southern Illinois University Human Ecology & Evolution Questions

BIO 100 Southern Illinois University Human Ecology & Evolution Questions.

Human Ecology & Evolution1.Define the term ecology. Why was the term coined from the two Greek parts?2.What is the smallest unit of study in ecology and why?3.What is a demographer and what does he/she study?4.Explain what human population is doing in terms of growth and what is the term for this kind of growth?5.Is this type of growth sustainable, why or why not?6.What does the term “ecological footprint” mean and why is it important to know? What impact does it have?7.Explain the Theory of Evolution and why it is a foundational principle in biology.8.Who are Darwin and Wallace and why are they important figures in biology?9.How are natural selection, sexual selection and artificial selection similar and how do they differ?10.What is speciation and how does it explain the diversity of life on earth?11.How does human evolution fit into the overall pattern of natural selection?ANSWER QUESTIONS IN ATTACHED FILE AND RETURN FILE:
BIO 100 Southern Illinois University Human Ecology & Evolution Questions

CTU Online Week 2 Keeping Up With Appearances Advertising Discussion

essay writing service free CTU Online Week 2 Keeping Up With Appearances Advertising Discussion.

Not only does advertising affect people’s individual motivations and self-image and perceptions, but it also influences how people often see themselves in social or community situations. “Keeping up with the Joneses” is a phrase that is often used to compare how one person is doing versus another.Think of 1 time when you wanted to “keep up with the Joneses” and bought something because someone else’s purchase influenced you. Discuss the following:Did you really want the product or service? Why or why not?Include specific external and internal factors that influenced your purchase.
CTU Online Week 2 Keeping Up With Appearances Advertising Discussion

Catholic University of America Personal Leadership Philosophy Essay

Catholic University of America Personal Leadership Philosophy Essay.

Philosophy of Leadership StatementIt is important to establish and articulate your own philosophy about how you operate as a leader, regardless of the particular circumstances of your position. As you prepare this statement, consider the following: What do you think about leadership? What has influenced your thoughts? What key leadership experiences have informed your thinking? Do you believe that leadership is positional? Why or why not? When do you share your vision as a leader? Under what circumstances are you willing to take risks? What personal principles are you not willing to violate? How do you make decisions? Are they based on evidence or intuition? What decisions do you make individually and what do you make collectively? How do your personal beliefs (e.g. religion, culture, inclusiveness, etc.) affect your leadership philosophy? How do you respond when your leadership beliefs or practices are challenged?
Catholic University of America Personal Leadership Philosophy Essay

Benchmark – Comprehensive Report: Summary and Recommendations

Benchmark – Comprehensive Report: Summary and Recommendations. I’m studying for my Communications class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

After formal assessments for determining eligibility under IDEA’s 13 disability categories are completed, school‐based specialists are charged with summarizing the results to aid team decision making. In turn, specific recommendations are made to ensure school staff and family members fully understand how programming and supports should be implemented to address documented student needs. It is vital that teachers understand how to review assessment results and be an active team member in collaborating with families around the specific recommendations to be implemented. Teachers must be able to advocate for necessary programming and supports while still addressing the questions/needs of family members.
Review the “Report of Psychological Assessment: Scott Smith” to inform the assignment.
As the special education teacher, you have been tasked with summarizing Scott’s psychological report and creating a plan to help him improve his social skills and make better behavior choices in the general education setting.
Using the “Scott Smith Assessment and Recommendations Template” create a plan for Scott.
Include the following:

Summary: In 100‐200 words, summarize the psychological report. Include specific data and observation information that will help guide Scott’s educational goals.
Goals: Write one behavioral goal related to classroom behavior and one social/emotional goal related to peer interaction. Goals must be measurable and include how to address the target behaviors with a replacement behavior.
Assessments: In 150‐250 words, identify one informal or formal assessment method for measuring Scott’s progress with his behavioral and social/emotional goals. Briefly explain why the assessment is appropriate for progress monitoring, including how bias is minimized.
Recommendations: Based on information and assessment results in the study, in 100‐250 words, include 3‐4 total, specific recommendations to manage Scott’s behavior for the school, teachers, and parent, keeping information about Scott and his best interest in mind and in guiding educational decisions.
Rationale: In 150‐250 words, justify your choices as an advocate for Scott. Make sure to explain how your summary, goals, assessment methods, and recommendations minimize bias and advocate for Scott’s needs. Support your choices with 2‐3 scholarly resources.
Parents Collaboration and Conference Plan: Compose a 250‐500 word plan explaining the Summary, Goals, Assessments, and Recommendations sections to Scott’s parents in easy‐to‐understand language. Support your explanations with data analyses, sharing how assessment information led to educational decisions with colleagues, and collaborating with his parents to promote student success. In addition, anticipate possible concerns his parents may have, addressing each with applicable strategies. Conclude your plan with recommendations to meet again with his parents to assess and discuss Scott’s progress.
Take Home Activity: In addition, create a 125‐250 word take home activity for Scott’s parents, consistent with your recommendations. Using encouraging, supportive language, outline a minimum of two engaging at‐home strategies for student behavior and social/emotional improvement, considering historical and family backgrounds.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
Benchmark – Comprehensive Report: Summary and Recommendations