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Select 5 primary research articles published in peer reviewed journals. These should be the articles that  you have obtained from

Select 5 primary research articles published in peer reviewed journals. These should be the articles that  you have obtained from your literature search. Write a simple sentence  for each article to demonstrate your knowledge of formatting in-text citations using APA  guidelines. Then provide an APA-formatted reference list for the 5 articles. See Sample in Moodle. See Syllabus Supplement for Grading Rubric. **No late submissions or resubmissions will be allowed. Do your best work the first time.**  RESOURCES  LoBiondo-Wood, G.,
Central Florida Institute Palm Harbor Moment of Inertia of the T Beam Questions.

I’m working on a engineering multi-part question and need guidance to help me learn.

– You will have 120 minutes to complete it., ( 6:00pm to 8:00pm) Florida Timing. – Show all work, including relevant equations, sketches, or free body diagrams- All final answers must be clearly boxed/circled and must include units.- Answer the exam questions on paper, scan the sheets at the end of the exam (using Mobile Apps like Adobe Scan or pdf Scanner) and send it as pdf.- Add page numbers on the bottom of your exam sheets.Please note: (Submission must be one pdf file)- Quiz Subjects: ( there will be 5 questions total). Note: *I can provide similar questions If needed*One shear force and bending moment diagram question.One problem on finding centroid of areas, ( Expect 1 Centroid of Area Problem (shaded area)Expect a problem on finding Centroid of Composite Bodies but tied with Chapter 10, Moments of Inertia). One problem on finding centroid of composite bodies, ( Expect 1 Moment of Inertia Problem involving Composite Bodies, Application of Parallel-Axis Theorem) Two problems on TRUSSES, FRAMES AND MACHINES, ( Expect 1 Multi-Part Truss Problem involving the use of Method of Joints, Method of Sections, Zero Force Members and Expect 1 Frames and Machines Problem).Thank you
Central Florida Institute Palm Harbor Moment of Inertia of the T Beam Questions

University of Michigan Lufax Holding Ltd Competitive Advantage Discussion.

This is a group work, only write the highlight part. Total word count at least 700, need include a VIRO framwork. Don’t need to write introduction or conclusion, just write my own part. Need to write comparative advantage, write a VIRO Framework The company I write is: Lufax, please check the attached file for detailed case company information. I post one VIRO example, please check. This is what i need to write: Competitive Advantage: Describe the key sources ofthe firm’s competitive advantage and present what youbelieve are its core competency(s). Consider here theVRIO framework to see what insights they may give youin your diagnosis or your recommendations.
University of Michigan Lufax Holding Ltd Competitive Advantage Discussion

IFSM 304 UMGC Ethics in Information Technology Discussion

IFSM 304 UMGC Ethics in Information Technology Discussion.

Paper A: Application of a decision making framework to an IT-related ethical issue.This assignment is an opportunity to explore and apply a decision making framework to an IT-related ethical issue. A framework provides a methodical and systematic approach for decision making. UMGC Module 2 – Methods of Ethical Analysis (see LEO Content – Readings for week 2) describes three structured frameworks that may be used for ethical analysis, namely Reynolds Seven-Step Approach, Kidder’s Nine Steps, and Spinello’s Seven-Step Process. There are several ways described in UMGC Module 2 to systematically approach an ethical dilemma, and while each of the frameworks described has its merits, each will result in an ethical decision if straightforwardly, objectively, and honestly applied.In addition, consider the ethical theories described in Module 1 – Introduction to Theoretical Ethical Frameworks (see LEO Content – Readings for week 1) which help decision makers find the right balance concerning the acceptability of and justification for their actions. A separate write-up of the ethical theory that supports your decision is part of the following requirements.For this paper, the following five elements must be addressed:Describe a current IT-related ethical issue: Since this is a paper exercise, not a real-time situation, you may want to construct a brief scenario where this issue comes into play, and thus causes an ethical dilemma. The dilemma may affect you, your family, your job, or your company; or it may be a matter of public policy or law that affects the general populace. See the list below for a list of suggested issues, which may be a source of ethical dilemmas.Define a concise problem statement that is extracted from the above description or scenario. It is best if you define a specific problem caused by the dilemma, that needs a specific ethical decision to be made, that will solve the dilemma. Be aware that if it is a matter of public policy or law, that it may require a regulatory body or congressional approval to take action to implement a solution.Analyze your problem using one of the structured decision-making frameworks chosen from Module 2. Make sure that you identify the decision-making framework utilized. In addition, the steps in the decision-making framework selected must be used as major headings in the Analysis section. Consider and state the impact of the decision that you made on an individual, an organization, stakeholders, customers suppliers, and the environment, as applicable!State and discuss the applicable ethical theory from Module 1 that supports your decision.Concerning your paper:Prepare a minimum 3- 5 page, double-spaced paper and submit it to the LEO Assignments Module as an attached Microsoft Word file.Use headings for each topic criteriaProvide appropriate American Psychological Association (APA) source citations for all sources you use. In addition to critical thinking and analysis skills, your paper should reflect appropriate grammar and spelling, good organization, and proper business-writing style.Include a Cover Page with your Name, the UMGC/Name of the Class, and the Title of the Paper.PLEASE CHECK FOR PLAGIARISM
IFSM 304 UMGC Ethics in Information Technology Discussion

CRJS 2003 Walden University Defensible Actions Discussion

custom writing service CRJS 2003 Walden University Defensible Actions Discussion.

The line between criminal and defensible acts can be blurry. For instance, if the homeowner in the burglary scenario had shot the intruder 10 times rather than just once, the reaction would be considered excessive. If the burglar had been turning to walk out the door when he was shot, that too would be cause for further investigation. In situations like these, criminal justice professionals play key roles in determining criminality, gathering evidence, and addressing the defense.For this Discussion, you use an example case to explore those criminal justice roles related to defensible actions and probable cause.To prepare:In this Discussion, your Instructor may post a contemporary news story or other current example about a crime that has occurred, or you may find of your own story.In the story, identify the action that may or may not be defensible.Use information from the story to respond to the prompt.Post a response to the following based on information in the story:How do you determine whether actions are considered criminal when defensible?If there is probable cause that a crime has been committed, what is the obligation (duty) of the police?Who decides if the defense presented is usable—the police, the prosecutor, or the judge?Support your responses with information from the story and evidence from the Learning Resources.
CRJS 2003 Walden University Defensible Actions Discussion

BC Political Career of the Former Governor George C Wallace of Alabama Discussion

BC Political Career of the Former Governor George C Wallace of Alabama Discussion.

Instructions: Each discussion response (5) must be a minimum of 300 words. Discussion 1 Please watch the video below, and discuss your thoughts. How did George Wallace use the Media to establish himself as the Governor of Alabama? In your opinion, did his comments to the media trigger the Alabama Church bombing? Discussion 2 Watch the video attached concerning the aftermath of 9/11. How did the media influence the response the United States and public opinion, in the wake of 9/11. In your opinion, did the US government use the 9/11 attack and citizen emotions, to justify invading countries not involved in the attack? Has the war on terror been successful? Has the US government and the media, fueled the hatred for toward our country? Discussion 3 Discuss the connection between the portrayal of guns, violence, and victims in the media and the crime-fighting policies that are implied in these portrayals. Discuss how the portrayal of crime fighting as individual battles between predatory criminals and heroic crime fighters rather than as a social problem encourages punitive criminal justice policies and discourages preventative and rehabilitative policies. Discussion 4 Please watched the attached video concerning the deadly shooting of Walter Scott in Charleston South Carolina. Share your thoughts on how New Media was involved in changing this case from the usual “I feared for my life” routine, to a police officer being charged with Murder. Compared to other countries, law enforcement officers in the US use deadly force at an alarming rate. As a nation, how can we reduce the number of police related shootings? Discussion 5 For the purpose of this discussion assignment, please read the following three articles in their entirety. How has social media and “new media” outed certain individual working in public safety? How can public safety agencies better screen potential employees? In your opinion, why would these individuals feel as if making these statements/post was acceptable?
BC Political Career of the Former Governor George C Wallace of Alabama Discussion

Orange marketing Report (Assessment)

Executive Summary Orange is a leading mobile phone network service provider in UK. The company has succeeded in the market due to its strong brand image, ability to offer a variety of products and the use of innovative distribution channels. UK’s mobile phone industry is characterized with intense competition, high regulation, saturation and slow growth. These threats have negatively affected mobile phone network operators. Orange for instance, has experienced a reduction in subscriptions and market share. Thus, Orange should implement an effective marketing strategy in order to improve its competitiveness. In particular, appropriate marketing objectives should be pursued, the marketing mix, as well as, segmentation, targeting and positioning should be improved. Marketing Strategy for a UK Branded Mobile Phone Network Provider Introduction In this report, a marketing strategy will be developed for Orange Ltd. Orange is a leading mobile phone network provider in the United Kingdom (UK). The essence of the report is to enable the management of Orange to understand the dynamics of the UK mobile phone market. It will also help in developing products that will enable the company to remain competitive and profitable. The report begins with a situational analysis of the UK mobile phone market. Recommendations on how to adapt Orange’s marketing strategy to the current situation will then be highlighted. Terms of Reference Background The UK mobile phone market is characterized with intense competition and slow growth. Consequently, mobile phone network providers must develop effective marketing strategies in order to overcome the competition. Purpose In this report, a situational analysis will be conducted on the UK mobile phone market. Based on this analysis, recommendations will be made on how Orange can enhance its competitiveness through an effective marketing strategy. Scope The report will include a detailed analysis of the external environment, as well as, the internal environment of Orange. The recommendations will focus only on the marketing strategy. Methodology The external environment will be analyzed using the PESTEL framework, while the internal environment will be analyzed using the SWOT analysis. Recommendations will be made with the aid of marketing concepts such as 7 P’s, segmentation, targeting and positioning. Secondary data will be used for the analysis. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Limitations The main limitation is the difficulty in finding accurate and latest information about Orange and the UK mobile phone industry. Thus, the statistics used in the report are assumed to be accurate. Situational Analysis PESTEL Analysis PESTEL analysis is a tool used by marketers to study the macro-environmental factors that influence competition in a given industry. These factors include political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors. Political Factors Political factors are the government policies that affect the operation of businesses in a given country. The UK is one of the most politically stable countries in Europe (Jain 2007, pp. 471-492). The country is governed through a constitutional monarchy. The political stability enhances investments since it minimizes risks such as wars which can negatively affect businesses. In order to promote rapid economic growth, the government supports local businesses through subsidies, removal of tariff barriers to trade, bailouts and effective regulation. Currently, the government has implemented economic stimulus packages and austerity measures in order to promote economic growth. Economic Factors UK has the sixth largest economy in the world and the third largest in Europe, according to nominal GDP measures. In January 2010, UK left the recession it entered into in 2009, following the 2008/2009 global financial crisis (Michael 2011, pp. 420-431). UK recorded an increase in GDP by 0.8% in 2011 and is expected to record a GDP growth of 1.2% in 2012. Hence, the business cycle of UK is at its recovery stage. UK’s GDP per capita is $39,604, according to 2011 estimates (Dungey 2011, pp. 123-130). In January 2012, UK’s inflation rate was 3.6%, down from 4.2% in December 2011. The Bank of England lowered its interest rate to 0.5% in 2011 in order to enhance economic growth. Thus, unemployment rate has since reduced from 11.9% in 2009 to 8.1% in 2011. Nearly 60% of UK’s population is made up of median income earners, while 14% lives below the poverty line. The implication of these statistics is that UK has a large consumer market with a high purchasing power. We will write a custom Assessment on Orange marketing specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Social Factors According to the 2001 census, UK’s population is estimated to be 60 million people. Approximately two thirds of the population consists of individuals between the age of 15 and 60 years. This age group consists of the youth who spend their leisure time on entertainment through hand-held devices such as smart-phones. It also consists of the working class that highly depends on mobile phones for communication, organization of personal schedules and entertainment (Khuong 2011, pp. 357-372). Generally, consumerism remains very high in UK, despite the decline in economic growth. This has resulted into high consumption of luxurious and high quality goods and services. For instant, in 2011, the rate of mobile phone penetration in UK was 130%. Over 90% of the population has access to mobile phones, hence the high demand for mobile phone network services. Technological Factors UK invests approximately 3% of its total GDP on research and development (R

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