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Reflection EssayThe final assignment, the reflection essay, provides an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned about human rights standards, norms, and practices and your diplomatic experiences representing a country in the UNSC. ( I represent the Urguay ) 1. Content:Your essay should address the following questions:a. Has your perspective about global human rights in general changed given your research and experiences in the UNSC?b. What are 3-4 significant things that you now know about global human rights that you weren’t aware of prior to researching and writing the paper?c. Based on your experiences in the UNSC simulation, what are your perceptions about the UN and its Security Council and the global problems that it undertakes to resolve?2.Technical Requirements:The technical requirements below need to be met for your essay.a. Length: 2 pages (650 words)b. All technical aspects of the paper (margins, spacing, citations, page numbers, etc.) should conform to APA style.This is what I was required to do during the UNSC simulation. As a member state, it is your responsibility to address and resolve problems for the entire global community. That is, as the ambassador for a particular country, you will need to balance the interests of your country with those of other states and the global community at large. You will need to be prepared to represent your country’s policies with respect to the following key issues:a. Armed Conflict in Central Africa b. Climate Change and its impact on SecurityIn both cases, the emphasis is on the link between human rights standards, norms and practices and the issues. Each delegate should be focusing his/her efforts on thoroughly discussing the related issues as they currently exist and working toward solutions to address on-going problems of the violation, protection and promotion of human rights
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UCLA Creating Multicultural Organization Diversity Discussion Questions.

Complete “Rehearsal 9.1: Assess the Multiculturalism of Your Organization” from pp. 140-141 of the textbook. Answer each of the four questions in 1-2 double-spaced paragraphs, and use concepts from this week’s reading to support your points. Ensure that your submission is in APA format, with a title page and a reference page that cites the textbook.Rehearsal 9.1 Assess the Multiculturalism of Your OrganizationPurpose: To apply the material from Holvino, Ferdman, and Merrill-Sands to your organization1. Where would you place your organization on the continuum of moving from monoculturalism to multiculturalism? Why?2.What structural changes in recruitment practices, policies, pay and benefits, holidays, work–family balance, and the like would support multiculturalism?3.How do employees’ communication patterns contribute to or inhibit multi-culturalism? Are certain voices muted in the organizational dialogue? Does employee communication about diversity policies limit policies’ impact?4.What behavioral changes are necessary to promote more effective intergroup relations?
UCLA Creating Multicultural Organization Diversity Discussion Questions

Evaluating weight loss.

You are evaluating a 78 year old white male who comes to your office today with unintentional weight loss of 10lb in the last year, self-reported exhaustion weakness based on grip strength, and slow walking speed, and low physical activity. Notes that he has been feeling worse over the past 6 months and just does not have the strength to do anything anymore. The patient states they are not currently on any medications except a multivitamin. He notes that he lives alone and does not want to leave his house. Answer the following questions with supportive rationale: What questions should you as the patient/family to further assess?What screening tools would be appropriate in this case?Do you have concerns with fraility in this patient? If so why?What referrals should be made if any on this patient?
Evaluating weight loss

math problems please pt 2.

3.  Suppose you buy
a $2075 savings bond that pays 1.54% annual simple interest. Determine the
value of the bond after 7 years.

4.  Suppose that
you deposit $5,490 in a savings account that pays 3.2% annual interest with
interest credited to the account at the end of each year. Assuming no
withdrawals are made, find the balance in the account after 8 years.

math problems please pt 2

Excelsior College Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace Questions

Excelsior College Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace Questions.

Please join us in our next discussion that explores workplace health promotion. An active discussion is the key to an interesting and engaging online course. Discussion in this course is designed to simulate a classroom discussion. As others join in the discussion, you should read what has already been posted and then add substantively to the discussion.DiscussionThe first question is opinion-based so that you can begin the discussion immediately without having completed all of your readings. For this response, please provide clear and descriptive examples from your experiences or examples from others that you have heard/read about.Do you think workplace interventions can improve health? What are some of the barriers you might encounter when implementing a workplace intervention and how would you overcome them?Please respond to 2 of your classmates’ posts.Now please apply your readings to the following questions as you progress through the rest of the week’s discussions.Why some workplace interventions effective and others are are not?
Excelsior College Promoting Health and Wellness in the Workplace Questions

Imagine yourself as a tour guide leading adults for three days anywhere on the planet where you can showcase and explore an area of Earth

research paper help Imagine yourself as a tour guide leading adults for three days anywhere on the planet where you can showcase and explore an area of Earth.

Brief description of this project:Please select one particular geographic region and become an expert of the area’s physical and cultural points of interest. On this three-day field excursion, indicate where you will go and why (i.e. how do sites you stop at relate to information within your textbook or topics covered in course lectures). Make sure that your trip provides a day-to- day scenario. In addition to describing the sites visited, indicate where you will be staying, how you will be getting around, what local foods you intend to try, any local people you will meet, unique species (flora/fauna) encountered, and/or any customs and festivities you intent to participate in while there. Maps, images/photos, diagrams greatly aid in conveying information about your project. You may choose any place on Earth that you find most interesting, but do keep in mind scale. Places that may seem close to one another on a map might actually require hours of flying or multiple days drive by car, particularly in rural areas not connected by modern highway networks.Details instruction and requirement will be in the file below. There is no page limit BUT doubled-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font and 1” margins on all sides (including right, left top and bottom) is required.
Imagine yourself as a tour guide leading adults for three days anywhere on the planet where you can showcase and explore an area of Earth

ELM 550 GCU Instructional Strategies that Support a Learning Activity Worksheet

ELM 550 GCU Instructional Strategies that Support a Learning Activity Worksheet.

I’m working on a education & teaching writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

In order to engage students in instruction that integrates social studies and the arts, teachers need to use a variety of questioning strategies. Questioning engages students’ depth of knowledge and promotes problem-solving and higher-order thinking.Part 1: Questioning StrategiesIn Topic 1, you researched instructional strategies that support a learning activity that integrates social studies and the arts.For this assignment, you will use fourth grade level standards in social studies and the arts, and the learning objective you used in Topic 1. (see attached assignement as reference) Examine questioning strategies that develop higher-order skills, stimulate discussion, and promote inquiry and critical thinking, in order to complete the “Questioning Strategies” template. The questions you create should include concepts in social studies and the arts, procedures and applications from social studies and the arts, activate prior knowledge for the lesson, and encourage exploration and problem-solving. The “Questioning Strategies” template includes:Social studies standard and an arts standard, grade level, and learning objectives from Topic 1.A variety of five probing questions that can be used as pre-assessment and formative assessment questions.Part 2: ReflectionIn 250-500 words, summarize and reflect on how asking a variety of questions and using different questioning strategies can help students develop higher-order skills, activate prior knowledge, encourage exploration, and promote problem-solving and inquiry. Explain how questioning strategies can be implemented to meet the learning needs of diverse students in your future professional practice.Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources.
ELM 550 GCU Instructional Strategies that Support a Learning Activity Worksheet

ISSC421 Central Texas College CISO Discussion Response

ISSC421 Central Texas College CISO Discussion Response.

Hello,I need two responses of at least 150 words each for the below students discussions for this week. Also in the bold below are the questions the students at answering.Scenario:Your CISO was very happy with the recommendations that you made in Week 3. They have accepted your recommendations as valid, but have requested additional information on the firewall solution. The CISO is now asking for:Firewall best practices that you will implement to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA, page 6, first mention in textbook).The best firewall to support his requirement for detailed logging.The firewall type.Your plan for managing it.Student one:Hello,After my CISO is pleased with my recommendation, I will then have him/her sign my proposed Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) in which I outline and document the responsibilities and policies. This SOP will be the guideline to which IT members and employees should adhere. That way, the CIA triad (sometimes called AIC triad to avoid the confusion with the other three-letter agency) will be implemented to the letter. Availability, Integrity, and Confidentiality are crucial components of organization security and IT members should regularly maintain and monitor the organization’s firewall(s) to ensure the firewall system is working properly. It is worth noting that IT members should configure their firewalls based on the need and type of data the organization wants to protect and secure. Personally, I would configure the firewall with deny all rule and manually accept or block traffic as I see fit. However, it is recommended for enterprise network to configure the firewall with deny by default/allow with exception rule. This rule ensures malicious packets are automatically blocked by default.I believe most firewalls on the market can perform adequate logging tasks, and usually an IT member can tweak logging through real time experience over time (Stewart, 2014). Also, it is recommended to log and monitor everything while deploying a versatile UTM firewall type. Incidentally, UTM firewall can manage myriads of security services from a single interface such as content filtering, detailed logging, firewall filtering, antivirus scanning, and anti-spam filtering (Stewart, 2014).Firewall management is a crucial step to ensure an organization’s firewall is doing its job. One cannot expect a firewall to block malicious traffic without applying updates and patches to it. As I mentioned in week three, it is better to perform pen-testing on your organization’s firewall to ensure your system can resist any hacking activities. Not to mention that there are tools an IT member can utilize to monitor the performance and the dependability of a firewall like using Nmap to check the state of ports, Snort to detect firewall breaches, Nessus to scan for vulnerabilities, and Wireshark to sniff for any packets that enter and leave a firewall (Stewart, 2014).Reference:Stewart, J. M. Network Security, Firewalls and VPNs. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from…Regards,SaidStudent two:Firewall best practices that you will implement to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA, page 6, first mention in textbook). The best practice of any firewall is the use of blocked traffic default behavior. As in, rather than rely on the ability of a technician to determine which traffic to block, it is simpler to block all traffic. From this position, the firewall is then modified to accept specific traffic relevant to a given organization/purpose. Consider this, the Wannacry ransomware utilized Port 445 (SMB). If this protocol had been denied by default, as well as all other ports not needed, then the ransomware wouldn’t have succeeded. A second best practice is to ensure that the firewall updates autonomously with released updates or hot fixes relevant to the CIA Triad.The best firewall to support his requirement for detailed logging. The majority of firewalls, especially commercial related ones, therefore logging will be a matter of specific associated levels. The given common levels of logging are:Fatal – Catastrophic issue, remediation required. (I.e. corruption)Error – Serious Issue, investigate. (I.e. dropped connections)Warn – There may be a problem, consider investigation.Debug – Detailed information relating to debugging or general maintenance.Trace – Basically promiscuous mode for a firewall log, all data collected and reported. With non-critical systems, it is most likely that the logging would pivot towards an Error, or above level. This reduces the auditing processes and alleviates the work load of IT personnel. With the critical systems, the logging process would most likely be of a Warn and higher level as to ensure effective remediation efforts. Along with this level, the likelihood of achieving agreed “up” time increases as well. In either critical or noncritical systems, the enabling of Debug would be wise for allocated maintenance interval timeframes preapproved through the change management process.Your plan for managing it. The management of a firewall should focus on automation for both maintenance and upgrading. With this given automation, the manual inspection of processes should focus on evaluation rather than implementations. This ensures a reduction in human error likelihood, such as failing to enable “hot fixes”. A failure to audit is a much less devastating than a failure to apply updated defenses responding to fringe threats.-Joshua
ISSC421 Central Texas College CISO Discussion Response

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