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There is no check in/check out points for any of the employees which can be easier for them to steal. The furnace of the building prevents the fire protection system. The building does not have any fire extinguishers systems only alarm switches. The sprinkler system can only be activated by pulling one of the alarm switches located along the production line. My first recommendation for this plant is to have the property more closed to stop anybody from trying to burglarize or vandalize. For example they can have all the plant ensured with high security fence which won’t allow anybody to jump over the fence.

The fence that has swirled wire on top so if anybody tries jumping it, it will cut their hands. I know that this fence can’t be 100 percent to stop them from jumping but it can deter them from jumping it and this can give the security guard some time to notice anybody trying to jump over. It should have fence even around the parking lot and the parking spaces should be closed with a gate not allowing any one to come in or come out until their working hours are over. Their should also be a security guard at the ront gate just in case if anybody from work has to leave early he can open the gate and check him for any property stolen from inside the company. Another thing this plant would have to be stricter with their employees. Like for example to don’t let them get out of the premises until their job is finished. Allow them to take their lunch so they won’t have to leave the property this can help stop any employees from stealing. Also after leaving having them stop at a check point by a security officer were he can check if they have stolen any property from the plant.

Since theirs 800 employees their should be more than one security guard checking at the check point and not all should get checked only randomly because that would just deter them from leaving to their house since theirs 800 of them. There should only be one entrance and exist to the parking lot and plant. They should also have an ID from the company just to double check they are currently working in the plant and its no one else just trying to get in easy. Every time they go into work they should present that ID to the security officer.

Without that ID they shouldn’t be allowed in the plant even if they are workers who forgot it. Every business or building has security cameras and I believe this plant should have way more security cameras than any other business. There should be a couple hundred cameras inside the large valve plant even in the blind spots. In the small valve plant there should be less since it’s smaller but definitely the same security measure for both plants. Some cameras outside the plant would be a good idea too. For example the parking lots around the building making sure no ones trying to jump over the fences or cause property damage.

Of course their should also be a couple of security officers watching the security cameras making sure everything is going good. Im sure that these cameras can help save the company more money when it comes to loss prevention. Security officers are very important to the business when it comes to safety. This plant only has one security officer patrolling the premises. I think that is irresponsible just to have one security officer for the whole plant. That’s why I believe more security officers should be hired to patrol the plant, to stand by the gate, to monitor the security cameras.

At least four to five officers patrolling the plant and one or two standing near the gate. Another four inside monitoring the security cameras. I understood that at night time the plant was only lighted by four mercury vapor street lights located at the corners of each intersection. They should add the new L. E. D lights all around the premises to keep everything well lighted in the night time. This will help the security officers in their job and also doing a better job because if they can see better they can spot an intruder easier.

When the business tries to prevent any accidents they should prepare for the worst accidents that can occur. The plant isn’t very well protected against fires because the fire protection system consists of a dry pipe sprinkler system that can only be activated by pulling one of the alarm switches located along the production line. It only affects the building in which the switch is pulled. The alarm activates a signal which is transmitted to the fire department. The building does not have any type of fire extinguisher system, only alarm switches.

This plant should have the best sprinkler system which can detect any fire and it should activate by itself. Once the sprinkler system activates by itself it should notify the fire department without anybody having to pull any switch. There should also be fire extinguishers all around the plant. Like I said the owners should have everything prepared for the worst accident that can happen. Im sure the company can afford all this. It’s also great to apply all these security measures. Fence around the Plant L. E. D lights for the plant lightning

Case Study of Elizabeth Holmes CEO of Theranos

Case Study of Elizabeth Holmes CEO of Theranos.

Case Study of Elizabeth Holmes CEO of Theranos 

Paper details The assignment will be a case study research on Elizabeth Holmes and the situation that lead to her downfall. This case study paper is not a Biography. For my project, I selected Elizabeth Holmes and a specific situation that was her defining moment, in a negative sense. Identify the problem or issue for Elizabeth Holmes leadership, explain why it is important, what are Elizabeth Holmes leadership strengths and weaknesses, ethics, organizational culture, external influences, results, and your lessons learned that allowed her to become one of youngest billionaires, start her company Theranos, and eventually have her charged with multiple felonies? The case study seeks to determine what happened and why. The case study is more than just reporting of the activity or a biography of your Elizabeth Holmes. The paper should be 8-10 pages in length, double-spaced, excluding title page and reference list, and conform to APA 6th Edition style and formatting. This paper is the Key Assignment for LLO 4.3 and 6.3 and must be submitted to in Moodle, as well as Chalk and Wire. The minimum acceptable score for this assignment is a 3 on that rubric. If a student does not meet the minimum LLO score, they will fail the assignment and receive no credit for the LLO.

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