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Securing Nuclear Plants

The references may be from websites, government reports, textbooks, research articles, and other journal information or supported by scholarly documentation such as a thesis or dissertation. Using only news reports is not exceptable for the assignment. You must also include at least one research article that supports the  topic of the paper or is related to some concept pertaining to your topic. There many radiological/nuclear websources that references articles that would be acceptable. Some new information that you have discovered in your search for information that addresses your topic. Wikipedia is NOT considered scholarly documentation. Be sure to include all the following essential elements in your assignment:1. Include a title page with your submission. It should be the same title page you used as the topic  paper. The title of your work should not be ‘Annotated Bibliography.’ 2. Provide a paragraph that details the key words/phrases used to search for the references. Include the databases reviewed to find your references. Include the number of original references returned from each database or area searched.3. Include how many of the original references returned were pertinent to your topic from each database or area searched.For example if I selected a topic that was  on safety measures on nuclear facilities and I was using Three Mile Island to discuss this topic, I might have the key words of nuclear facilities, nuclear facilities safety measures, Three Mile Island and Three Mile Island Melt-down. I may then state that I used Google search engine applying these key words that returned over 10,000 sources with five relevant to my topic; I searched the Arkansas State library with the same key words that returned over 15 sources with 10 selected that pertained to my topic. This is only an example of how this should read. This is only an example! I have no idea about what Google or Arkansas State may or may not have regarding this topic and search terms.4. For each reference that you intend to use, provide 1-2 paragraphs that summarizes the information reported with correct in-text citations. One sentence does not make a paragraph. This information should read like an article you are preparing.This should be a synthesis of the article; do not copy and paste sections of the article.5. You must include the different levels of headings in the  paper. In other words, each article cited should have its own heading in this assignment.6. You must develop a reference page using APA formatting. Any reference on your reference list should have a heading and summary paragraphs in the paper. Any reference with a heading and summary paragraphs should also be reflected in your reference list.

Agriculture: Investing in Sovereignty

Agriculture: Investing in Sovereignty.

Description Essay Question: Imagine that you have the opportunity to invest $100,000 in improving your community’s food and agriculture systems. You’ve been tasked with outlining how you will deploy the $100,000 investment in your community and you will use this essay to share how this investment will support Indian Agriculture as a whole. In your proposal, make sure to outline the following: What needs exist in your community and how can enhancing Indian agriculture and food systems meet this need? How can your investment create a lasting, regenerative impact? What intertribal collaborations will you pursue to ensure this investment improves multiple communities? As applicable, connect your investment’s relationship to economics, conservation and innovation, legal and policy work, communications, professional development, and food systems.

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situation/ individual project

Securing Nuclear Plants PART 1
You are working in a health care setting that is adopting an electronic health record system to replace paper medical records. The nurse manager has asked a group of the nurses to train all staff on the regulatory issues that affect patient privacy and confidentiality related to the new system. You have used computers to complete medical records at another facility, so you are going to be conducting this training and preparing a summary paper on the topic for your colleagues.
Write a 2-page paper on the following:
Identify 1 regulation that affects the use of health care information.
Write a paper discussing all of the following:The history of the regulation (why or how it came into being)
The effect of the regulation on the behaviors and actions of nurses
The effect of the regulation on the delivery of health care

Include at least 2 references in addition to the textbook.
Format the paper in APA style.
Please click on this APA Style for CTU Students link for help with APA formatting. Use the CTU Writing Style Guide (templates provided)—not the Introductory Writing Style Guide
PART 2 Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write 250 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. You are required to use 1 scholarly resource in addition to your textbook. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.
You are explaining to new staff nurses that they have to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality when using patient information from the health care information system.
Describe a situation in which you have had to make an ethical decision or invoke a regulation when deciding how to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality in the use of information from an information system in a health care setting.
Describe the ethical dilemma.
Describe what you did and your rationale for your action(s).
Did the situation involve others from the heath care team (e.g., physician, aide, therapists, etc.), and how did your decision and action affect the others on the team?

How Cannabis Legalization as a social policy will impact Canada’s economy.

How Cannabis Legalization as a social policy will impact Canada’s economy..

Using California and Uruguay as examples (as they have legalized Cannabis) in a Microeconomic sense, socially, and politically. Mainly want to see how the legalization will affect Canada’s economy, using California and Uruguay. – expected to apply microeconomic tools to assess the economic impact Grading Criteria : Adequacy of research. Evidence of sufficient breadth and depth of research and sufficient and appropriate sources and data. Please cite at least 5 different sources, with at least one from a peer-reviewed journal or published book. Data sources must be clearly identified. The report must contain a reference list or bibliography.

Use of Concepts: The report must make specific reference to microeconomic concepts, frameworks and theories introduced during the course. Graphs and Figures: The report must contain at least one graph and one figure. Where the graph may illustrate a concept or represent actual data relationships such as a trend-line, bar chart, scatter plot etc. The figure may be a map, photo, or drawing etc. Please label figures and graphs and cite data sources. Form: Is the report clear, professional, logical and well presented (verbal and written format)?

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Book: Sam Houston A Study in Leadership

Book: Sam Houston A Study in Leadership.

Book: Sam Houston A Study in Leadership

Author: Bill O’Neal (state historian of Texas) Book report Instructions: History Writing Assignment RUBRIC FOR PAPER PROJECT: BOOK REVIEW OR RESEARCH PAPER Choose a monograph on Texas history. If it is on the approved list that is fine, if not, get my approval. Find at least two outside reviews of the book from a site such as JSTOR ( ). The rubric below will be used in grading your book review. Reading the rubric ahead of time will give you a fairly clear idea of the expectations. Each book review is to be at least 5-pages in length, typed double-spaced with proper academic style. Any quotations must have a citation (last name, page number, in parentheses). In place of a title, a proper MLA bibliographic citation for each book should precede your review (as in the book review section of any academic journal; see below for template). Find the author’s thesis and assess his or her use of evidence to support this thesis. Comments on readability and style are allowed. The review should contain a summary of the major arguments, and an assessment based on your knowledge of Texas history, the readings and lectures, as well as comments by other reviewers. Set the book in historical context. Once completed, upload a copy to safeassign for plagiarism check and turn in a hard copy for grade. Prepare a 5-8 min presentation on the most interesting thing you discovered as a result of reading this book. Research Paper alternative. As an alternative, you may do a five to ten-page research paper on a topic in Texas history. See me for more guidance if you wish to do this. GRADING CRITERIA: (Rubric on page 2) 1) Essay demonstrates a clear understanding of the subject matter. 2) Adherence to required format grammar, spelling, neatness, etc. a. Format b. Introduction, body covers each item, conclusion that addresses questions and the opinion part. 3) Essay contains sufficient support for author’s position. 4) Turned in on time REQUIRED FORMAT: • Minimum of five (5) pages (full). (no cover page) • Twelve (12) point Arial or Calibri font type; double-spaced on 8.5 X 11-inch paper • Stapled—No binders, folders, paper clips, etc. • Avoid contractions (can’t, won’t…) • Spell numbers below 100 normally, except dates/percents. • Write in third person. • Italics for Book/magazine titles. “Quotes” for article titles • One-inch margins. Many word processing programs have default margins of 1.25 inches. Adjust your margins accordingly. • Page number on bottom of each page • Header as on the top of this page. Style guide: Avoid the word ‘thing’ or any word containing thing. Avoid words that contain ‘up’ or ‘out’ (ex: stir-up, head-out). Be careful to use the word ‘would’ correctly. It is normally not correct to use in a history paper, except most often use this to describe actions outside of the time line in the future, not for the next thing that happened. Grading sheet

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