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Secondary treatment activated sludge process

Describe the measures/considerations that you will take to reduce the materials and process hazards.Estimate the quantity of flammable and toxic materials handled in your process and suggest appropriate safeguards on handling these materials. Also discuss about relief systems that needs to be taken care in the plant design, in case of accidental releases.

Financial Support for Environment

Financial Support for Environment.

Financial Support for Environment

Paper details Case Study Writing Assignment Quick facts: Must be a minimum of 600 words. You must meet or exceed this word count. Must use references to BOTH the Hutt and MacIntyre essays as well two additional research sources related to the topic. Alasdair MacIntyre’s “Regulation: A Substitute for Morality” articulates and explores the conflict between what we should do for the greater good of our society and what we should do in terms of protecting individual freedoms. This conflict is central in our political debates—both now and in the past. On 280 he writes, “Each of these ways of thinking has deep roots in our political culture: the first in the eighteenth-century ideal of a republican people, a people inspired by a common regard for virtue and community, and ideal that informs much of the founding documents; the second in the individualist vision of society as a device for the protection of individuals, of society as a collection of strangers, each of whom wishes to protect himself or herself and his or her property form government and from each other.” Currently, this exact conflict is being played out in terms of coal mining and its effect on our environment. There is no doubt that we need to lessen our global dependence on fossil fuels if we want to control climate change. However, our move away from coal-powered energy has a direct, negative effect on the areas of this country—specifically Appalachia—that depend on the coal industry for their livelihood. In many parts of Appalachia, it isn’t easy (or in some cases possible) to find other comparable jobs to replace those lost when coal mines close or lay off a significant number or workers. Look into this issue a bit. Read the article in the LA Times linked below, but also conduct a bit of your own research into this issue and then answer the following questions. We know that we need to control climate change in order to insure the continued existence of our planet. That is a crucial problem that cannot go overlooked. However, what responsibility do we have as Americans to financially support those who would lose their livelihoods in the pursuit of environmental protection? For this assignment, answer the following question: Would you vote for a bill that raised all taxes for all Americans if those added tax dollars went directly to a substantial unemployment benefit for people who lost their jobs as a result of environmental regulation? Answer this question in no fewer than 600 words. Use direct references to and knowledge of the two articles we’ve read that argue the moral end of government regulation (Hutt and MacIntyre) and use references to two additional sources you’ve found that discuss this important political issue. Be careful with the resources you plan to use to support your arguments. They need to be credible sources (No blogs or highly biased sources).

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Assistive technology- i pads and tablets

Secondary treatment activated sludge process Assistive technology- i pads and tablets.

This is an assignment on universal design for learning. fill out the outline first and then use it to create a powerpoint presentation on how to use the assistive technology(i pads and tablets) in the universal classroom.

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Healthcare in the United states of America

Healthcare in the United states of America.

 Annotated Bibliography Background To prepare for your Argument Essay, you first need to choose a topic and familiarize yourself with the issues and conversation around that topic. An annotated bibliography will help you identify an issue to research further, think critically about your topic, as well as practice your critical reading skills. This work will also prepare you to propose a detailed plan for your Argument Essay. Assignment After you choose a topic to research, you will build an annotated bibliography consisting of at least 5 varied and credible sources. Your annotated bibliography should begin with a short introduction, and each entry should consist of the full APA/MLA citation for the source, a rhetorical précis, and a thoughtful evaluation. Requirements – An introduction in which you introduce your topic, what the problem is that you’re researching, and why you’re interested in this topic – At least 5 varied and credible sources – Full APA/MLA citation for each entry – Rhetorical précis for each entry (follow the same guidelines we’ve practiced in the past) – A thoughtful evaluation for each entry. Some questions to consider: Is the source useful/relevant to your research? How? How can you use it in your paper? Does the source have any unique or especially helpful features? How does this source compare to other sources in your bibliography? What’s your reaction to this source? What are your questions? Does the source change how you think about your topic? – Standard formatting (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, hanging indent).

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Insert surname4 Professor’s name Student’s name Course title Date Twitter post (120

Insert surname4

Professor’s name

Student’s name

Course title


Twitter post (120 characters)

Apple is donating 200 iPads to support learning activities in the local inner-city school as part of her CSR activities.

Facebook post (226 words)

Apple Computers has continued to invent, explore and create technology marvels with its cutting edge technologies. A lot of industry firsts have been traced back to the company with the most reliable products in the market. The products are made from materials that are ecologically friendly. This is a major step in protecting the environment by the use of recycled/recyclable material to minimize the effect of logging and littering and stuffing to the environment.

This is the reason that the company also extends her commitment to the society by also rolling out initiatives that help the communities within which it operates. In line with the spirit of giving back to the society, Apple is initiating a program to support education in the local inner-city school. The company through its Corporate Social responsibility Department is donating 200 iPads to the school to aid their teaching and technology related curricular functions.

This program will go a long way in equipping both students and their instructors with the learning tools they need to better execute the techno-friendly learning processes. It serves as an open invitation to everyone to be part of a good deed somewhere because this does not stop here, rather goes all the way to the individual level. The company is happy about this initiative and to be part of this great stage of building the nation!

Therapy and mental illness

Mental health is a very vital part of the human life, alongside physical health spiritual health. It is therefore paramount to understand this subject together with intervention methods of dealing with individuals suffering from any of them. Therapy is one of the several ways of dealing with mental illnesses and conditions such as depression, stress and mental instability among others. In this article, the writer talks of a contrast in beliefs between the religion and therapy. This becomes an issue of discussion considering the fact that different communities choose different intervention. For instance, the black community is seen to believe in prayer more than in therapy while the while community has the contrast belief. The writer further demonstrates that therapy and prayer may work together while he projects therapy as the superior option (McGeorge, Christi, Carlson &Toomey, 2014).

Looking at these presented ideologies, the best comparison would be to present personal ideology on the same. Prayer and therapy can never work together. This is because the bible for the4 spiritual people is superior and its teachings offer solutions to every little, large and complex problem anyone can ever have. Therefore, therapy becomes non applicable in religion. On the other hand, therapy offers non religious, practical guidance on issues and situations that people go through. This means that one has to choose between the two regardless of their race (Elkonin, Diane, Brown & Naicker, 2014). The only influence here should be how spiritual they are and not which community they come from whether black or white. Finally, mental health can be addressed through both the therapy and prayers but the subject persons must understand the option that applies to their beliefs and lifestyle.

Work cited

Elkonin, Diane, Ottilia Brown, and Samantha Naicker. “Religion, spirituality and therapy: Implications for training.” Journal of religion and health 53.1 (2014): 119-134.

McGeorge, Christi R., Thomas Stone Carlson, and Russell B. Toomey. “The intersection of spirituality, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity in family therapy training: An exploration of students’ beliefs and practices.” Contemporary Family Therapy 36.4 (2014): 497-506.

Nursing Financial Management and Resources.

Nursing Financial Management and Resources..

 A. The Cost and Value of Magnet® Designation This assignment will help you explore the cost-benefit of the Magnet® process. Many hospitals that are considering Magnet® Accreditation or considering not to be reaccredited as Magnet® are concerned with the large fees associated with Magnet® recognition as well as the staff and consultant cost of Magnet® preparation. As the chief nursing executive, you have been asked to Write 4- to 5 pages paper that addresses the following questions. 0 Content Section o Introduction o Conclusion 0 Reference Page. Five REFERENCES & SHOULD BE LESS THAN 5 YEARS OLD answers to the following questions: 0 In terms of examining the nursing costs, does the allocation of resources outweigh the benefits gained from meeting the mission of: o Increased patient or family involvement o Increased patient outcomes o Decreased patient safety events

B. The Merging of Departments for Cost Containment This assignment will help you explore how the nursing leader can maintain human and ethical decision making while implementing a departmental merger. As the chief nursing officer, you have been asked to merge three departments— social work, discharge planning, and utilization review—with overlapping functions and different managers. You have been told at this point that no one will lose his or her position. However, you must justify each person’s role. Also, you must make the new department an economic revenue saver. Write a 4- to 5-page report that addresses the following:• o. Content Section o Introduction o Conclusion • Reference Page. FIVE REFERENCES & SHOULD BE LESS THAN 5 YEARS OLD o. Describe the process, strategic questions, and issues related to financial resource management that you must consider while merging the three departments. o. Outline and describe your approach to the following questions: o How will you maintain the human needs of the staff members in this merger? o How will you ensure that all the staff members engage fully in this merger? o How will you ensure the staff members feel good about this merger? o How will you maintain the fiscal focus of the merger?

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Johnson’s Theory

Johnson’s Theory.

Description Discussion Question: Johnson viewed health as efficient and effective functioning of the system, and as behavioral system balance and stability. Behavioral system balance and stability are demonstrated by observed behavior that is purposeful, orderly, and predictable. Consider a clinical-practice situation that demonstrates Johnson’s model of health. How can the nurse support this theory to return the patient to balance and stability

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Mobile Application Threat Modeling

Mobile Application Threat Modeling.

Discussions List Tool Navigation Discussions List selected Subscriptions Filter by: Filter Unread Hide All Topics Class Success Resources Topic Threads Posts Last Post Course Orientation Simplified instructions for Projects 1-4 are provided for your convenience in this forum. For Project 5, use the Projects Tab at the top and navigate to Project 5. We have provided a Reading and Resource List for all projects in this forum also for your convenience. You can download the PDF files for the course and refer to it for future courses while you are a student in this program. 0 0 Project 3 and 5 – Excel Template Use this Excel template for Project 3 and Project 5 as part of your Workspace exercises: Project 3 Excel Template for CST620 0 0 Project 1 Simplified Instructions This set of simplified project instructions is available as a PDF document for your convenience: Project 1 – Enterprise Key Management Project 1: Enterprise Key Management Project 1 Start Here Transcript As a security architect and cryptography specialist for Superior Healthcare you’re familiar with the information systems throughout the company and the ranges of sensitivity in the information that is used, stored, and transmitted. You’re also expected to understand healthcare regulations and guidelines because you’re responsible for advising the Chief Information Security Officer, or CSO, on a range of patient services, including the confidentiality and integrity of billing, payments, and insurance claims processing, as well as the security of patient information covered under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. You also have a team of Security Engineers, SEs, that help implement new cryptographic plans and policies and collaborate with the IT deployment and operations department during migrations to new technology initiatives. This week, this CSO calls you into his office to let you know about the company’s latest initiative. “We’re implementing eFi, web-based electronic health care, and that means we need to modernize our enterprise key management system during the migration.”, he says. The CSO asks for an enterprise key management plan that identifies the top components, possible solutions, comparisons of each solution, risks and benefits, and proposed risk mitigations. The plan will help create an enterprise key management system. The SEs would be responsible for the implementation, operation, and maintenance of the plan and system. The CSO also wants you to come up with an enterprise key management policy that provides processes, procedures, rules of behavior, and training. The new web -based system needs to be running in a month. So you’ll have a week to put together your enterprise key management plan and the accompanying policy. Transcript End In the previous course, you learned how security professionals employ cryptography, a system of algorithms that hide data. You learned systems can be unlocked with a key provided to those who have a need to know that data. An important part of cryptography is how to manage these keys to the kingdom. This involves learning and understanding enterprise key management systems and concepts. Cryptography is the application of algorithms to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, while it is at rest, in motion, or in use. Cryptography systems can include local encryptions at the file or disk level or databases. Cryptography systems can also extend to an enterprise-wide public key infrastructure for whole agencies or corporations. The following are the deliverables for this project: Deliverables: Enterprise Key Management Plan: An eight to 10 page double-spaced Word document with citations in APA format. The page count does not include figures, diagrams, tables or citations. Enterprise Key Management Policy: A two to three page double-spaced Word document. Lab Report: A Word document sharing your lab experience along with screenshots. There are seven steps to complete the project. Most steps of this project should take no more than two hours to complete. The entire project should take no more than one week to complete. Begin with the workplace scenario, then continue to Step 1, “Identify Components of Key Management.” When you submit your project, your work will be evaluated using the competencies at the end. Project 1 Step 1: Identify Components of Key Management Key management will be an important aspect of the new electronic protected health information (e-PHI). Key management is often considered the most difficult part of designing a cryptosystem. Choose a fictitious or an actual organization. The idea is to provide an overview of the current state of enterprise key management for Superior Health Care. Review these authentication resources to learn about authentication and the characteristics of key management.

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Evaluate Company’s culture for diversity

Evaluate Company’s culture for diversity.


Instructions Now that you have selected your area of diverse concentration, you are now tasked with designing a plan to aid your selected group in one of the following countries: China Japan Brazil India The new organizational strategic initiative is to expand into the selected country. The executive leadership team has asked you for a report on the diversity area (the one you selected) and the country (selected above) expanding to. The report should address the following questions: Introduce your diversity area and country What are some of the challenges your diversity area would face in the country culture you selected? Are there any ethical or legal implications that protect your diversity area in the selected country? Discuss some techniques that as the manager you would use in order to ensure an inclusive work culture. Conclude your diversity report. Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

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Reflective Essay on this course;Please do not simply answer the questions. I want you to develop full paragraphs based on the information I am requesting. Please type a 3 page essay that includes the following information: • What did you know/think abou

Reflective Essay on this course;Please do not simply answer the questions. I want you to develop full paragraphs based on the information I am requesting. Please type a 3 page essay that includes the following information: • What did you know/think abou.


College Composition
Please do not simply answer the questions. I want you to develop full paragraphs based on the information I am requesting. 
Please type a 3 page essay that includes the following information:

• What did you know/think about yourself as a writer before you entered this course? Did you have a process? What did you think about writing? Consider the first essay on writing. 
• What did you learn about writing that you didn’t know/think about? Or was this course pretty much full of information you already knew and used in your writing? Explain.
o Discuss your writing process as you worked towards final revisions. What did you do? Why did you do it? Was it effective? Explain. Is there anything you didn’t do, but plan to do in the future?
o Discuss rhetorical concepts that you learned this semester. In doing so, you will define the concept and discuss what role it plays in writing.
 Examples of concepts applied in writing,

• audience awareness ( students in class)
• writing process ( 2 drafts before the final, student comments on the drafts)
• thesis 
• research 
• paragraphs 
• introductions 
• critical thinking
• rhetorical triangle
• dialectic
• writing in context

o Finally, what do you think about writing? Yourself as a writer? Do you feel equipped to approach a future writing assignment? Explain your answer.

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Comparing a British and an American TV series

Comparing a British and an American TV series.

This is a comparative study of a British and an American TV program. You will need to watch at least one full episode of each show. Remakes of shows from the other country are not eligible. You should be able to find academic studies of your show, or of the genre

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