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Sean Spicer Statement on Media Reporting Following Presidential Inauguration delivered 21 January 2017, White House, Washington, D.C. Good evening. Thank you guys for coming. I know our first official press briefing is going to be on Monday, but I wanted to give you a few updates on the President’s activities. But before I get to the news of the day, I think I’d like to discuss a little bit of the coverage of the past 24 hours. Yesterday, at a time when our nation and the world was watching the peaceful transition of power and, as the President said, the transition and the balance of power from Washington to the citizens of the United States, members — some members of the media were engaged in deliberately false reporting. For all the talk about the proper use of Twitter, two instances yesterday stand out. One was a particular egregious example in which a reporter falsely tweeted out that the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office. After it was pointed out that this was just plain wrong, the reporter casually reported and tweeted out and tried to claim that a Secret Service must — agent must have just been standing in front of it. This was irresponsible and reckless. Secondly, photographs of the inaugural proceedings were intentionally framed in a way, in one particular tweet, to minimize the enormous support that had gathered on the National Mall. This was the first time in our nation’s history that floor coverings have been used to protect the grass on the Mall. That had the effect of highlighting any areas where people were not standing, while in years past the grass eliminated this visual. This was also the first time that fencing and magnetometers went as far back on the [M]all, preventing hundreds of thousands of people from being able to access the Mall as quickly as they had in inaugurations past. Inaccurate numbers involving crowd size were also tweeted. No one had numbers, because the National Park Service, which controls the National Mall, does not put any out. By the way, this applies to any attempts to try to count the number of protestors today in the same fashion. We do know a few things, so let’s go through the facts. We know that from the platform where the President was sworn in, to 4th Street, holds about 250,000 people. From 4th Street to the media tent is about another 220,000. And from the media tent to the Washington Monument, another 250,000 people. All of this space was full when the President took the Oath of Office. We know that 420,000 people used the D.C. Metro public transit yesterday, which actually compares to 317,000 that used it for President Obama’s last inaugural. This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period! — both in person and around the globe. Even the New York Times printed a – a photograph showing that – that a — a misrepresentation of the crowd in the original Tweet in their paper, which showed the full extent of the support, depth in crowd, and intensity that existed. These attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong. The President was also at the…as you know, the President was also at the Central Intelligence Agency today and greeted by a raucous, overflow crowd of some 400-plus CIA employees. There were over a thousand requests to attend, prompting the President to note that he’ll have to come back to greet the rest. The employees were ecstatic that he’s the new Commander-in-Chief, and he delivered them a powerful and important message. He told them he has their back, and they were grateful for that. They gave him a five-minute standing ovation at the end in a display of their patriotism and their enthusiasm for his presidency. I’d also note that it’s a shame that the CIA didn’t have a CIA Director to be with him today when he visited, because the Democrats have chosen — Senate Democrats are stalling the nomination of Mike Pompeo and playing politics with national security. That’s what you guys should be writing and covering, that this — instead of sowing division about tweets and – and false narratives. The President is committed to unifying our country, and that was the focus of his Inaugural Address. This kind of dishonesty in the media, the challenging — that bringing about our nation together is making it more difficult. There’s been a lot of talk in the media about the responsibility to hold Donald Trump accountable. And I’m here to tell you that it goes two ways. We’re going to hold the press accountable, as well. The American people deserve, and as long – deserve better, and as long as he serves as the messenger for this incredible movement, he will take his message directly to the American people where his focus will always be. And with that, a few other updates from the day. The President had a constructive conversation with Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada about strengthening the relationship between our two nations. They also discussed setting up additional meetings in the days to come, which we will follow up on. He also spoke to Prime Minister Peña Nieto of Mexico, and talked about a visit on trade, immigration, and security that will occur on the 31st. The President has — will welcome his first foreign leader this Thursday when the United Kingdom’s Theresa May will come to Washington — on Friday. On –Tomorrow, the President will oversee his Assistants to the President being sworn in. He will then — The staff will then have an ethics briefing, and [there will] be a briefing on the proper use and handling of classified information. Further updates as far as what he will do — oh, and then in the evening, he will have a reception for law enforcement and first responders that helped support the inauguration. Thank you guys for being here tonight. I will see you on Monday. Audio Source: Image #1 Source: Image #2 Source: Page Updated: 7/22/17 U.S. Copyright Status: This text and audio = Property of Images = Uncertain.

ANT 253H Grading criteria for essay assignment

ANT 253H Grading criteria for essay assignment.


(approximately 50%) Clearly defines scope of paper in response to given topic. Formulates central research question and adopts a position vis-à-vis this question. Argumentation is logically sound and effectively defended with supporting evidence. Demonstrates recognition of possible counterarguments to, and gaps in evidence for, own position. Displays critical understanding of sources, including examination of authors’ assumptions. Findings are thoughtfully contextualized in a wider body of scholarly research.

USE OF COURSE IDEAS (approximately 15%) Draws upon theories and methods in linguistic anthropology to substantiate analysis. Deploys specialized terminology accurately and appropriately.

ORGANIZATION AND QUALITY OF WRITING (approximately 25%) Introduction concisely sets out focus of essay, and conclusion explores implications of findings. Sets out ideas using coherent sentence structure and clearly developed paragraphs. Maintains consistent focus on topic without relying on unnecessary repetition. Points are made succinctly without losing substance, clarity, persuasiveness, or precision. Technical “jargon” is used carefully and only where ordinary language does not suffice.

SOURCING AND ADHERENCE TO ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS (approximately 10%) Proper citation practices (AAA or APA style) are consistently employed. Synthesizes a wide range of academic sources (i.e. does not rely too heavily on one or two sources). All assignment requirements are followed: — Number of student-authors does not exceed 3. — Title page specifies names, IDs, course code, essay title, topic, and TA’s name. — Individual essay is 5-8 pages in length, double-spaced, with a Works Cited list. (Jointly authored essays should be 9-10 pages long.) — Individual Essay refers to textbook and a minimum of four refereed scholarly sources. (Jointly authored essays should have a minimum of 8 sources including the textbook.)

JOINTLY AUTHORED ESSAYS ONLY Depth of research (e.g. sourcing and data collection), breadth of analysis, level of critical thinking, and overall argumentative quality are commensurate with the total number of contributors 

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