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SDSU United States History Q&A Paper

SDSU United States History Q&A Paper.

You need to answers all 10 questions below:Instructions: Please put your answers to all of the exam’s 10 written questions into one file, please make sure to do your responses in order,and number them so that we know which question you are answering. Please do NOT include thetext of the questions in the file you submit, only the question numbers of the questions as youanswer them. Each of the 10 questions is worth up to 10 points, so the whole exam is worth 100points total. Your response should be single-spaced and should require no more than 4 pages atmaximum. You should need most of the 4 pages to write a good and sufficiently detailedresponse to each of the questions, but please do not exceed 4 pages total. You should not need tocite any sources other than the lectures, the Kernell text, and Blackboard readings. Please domake sure to indicate when you are quoting from any source, whether from in the class resourcesor outside them, and make sure to provide full citations for any sources you use that are notincluded in the class syllabus. Usually, it is a bad idea to use any extracurricular sources becauseit is at the expense of the sources from class that you should be citing.1. In the Declaration of Independence, the founders of the United States wrote: “Prudence,indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for lightand transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are moredisposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing theforms to which they are accustomed.” Please explain how this sentence ties in withThomas Hobbes’ argument in the Leviathan, as discussed by Kernell et al.2. Why would it reflect on the legitimacy of the U.S. government if we view the comic bookcharacter of Batman as a hero or a villain? Please explain how vigilantes reflect ournotions of governmental efficacy.3. Please discuss the constitutional amendment process. Why is it difficult to alter thedocument? What are the positive and negative results of making it so difficult to change?4. Please comment on the fact that the preamble of the Constitution uses the term “ordain”to refer to the institution of the government of the United States.5. Are checks and balances an efficient way to govern a country?6. Please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of federalism in terms of consistencyand fairness.7. Please assess the trajectory of civil rights cases from 1857-1954, in terms of issues ofracial equality in the United States.8. Discuss the change over time in the civil rights movement strategy from one of litigationto peaceful protest and then one of confrontational demonstrations. Be sure to giveconcrete examples of activity from each era.J. INGRAM PAGE 2 OF 2 FALL 20199. What issues can you see with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s claim thatwhile it was difficult for him to come up with a written definition for obscenity, he knewit when he saw it?10. What is the disadvantage of depending on the federal judicial branch to protect people’srights, such as privacy? Please discuss.
SDSU United States History Q&A Paper

Purdue University The Honest Broker Science in Policy and Politics Bibliography.

Create an annotated bibliographyStep 1: Write the citation of the uploaded document. Write the citation in APA format.Step 2: Evaluate and synthesize information from the literature. Thoroughly read the article and reference major ideas, concepts, and information that will help to communicate current knowledge and understanding of the topic. You should be able to answer one or more of the questions below.1. Did the author discuss a theory or conceptual framework? If so, describe thetheory/framework and how it could be/has been applied to environmental problems.2. What is the thesis/ research question/ hypothesis?3. What methods were used to collect and analyze data? Note location and sample size ofthe study.4. What are the major ideas, findings, and conclusions of the study?5. Are there any limitations of the study/theory/framework?APA Citation FormatCite literature using the APA format. There are a number of sources of how to write a citation using APA format. One source is Purdue Owl: ( (Links to an external site.)). Must include the bibliographic and in-text citation.Pielke Jr. (2007) Chapters. 3, 6
Purdue University The Honest Broker Science in Policy and Politics Bibliography

FIU Nichia Nakamura Business Negotiation Discussion.

In the title of the post, write “Nichia Nakamura:” AND your name.Write one paragraph (not bullet points), for each of the Q&A questions at the end of the case study.Make sure to number each of the paragraphs so that I know which question you are answering. Make sure to reference the terms and concepts learned from the book.Make sure your responses contain original thoughts.Those that do not respond to other students (or do so with minimal effort) will not get full credit for the assignment. Responses should be at least 3 sentences in length and have original thoughts/ideas. Only one response per student required (but feel free to engage with more….it can only help your grade). Note: There is no need to rewrite the questions from the book in your response.
FIU Nichia Nakamura Business Negotiation Discussion

HRM326 Phoenix Week 4 Job Aid Training Process Outcomes Assignment.

***Format in accordance with APA 6th addition. Each bullet point in the assignment needs its own heading. Please include three ORIGINAL references!!!! PLEASE do not reuse any references, I can NOT afford another plagiarism charge! I am including the grading guide for the assignment. I received a ‘0’ on the assignment that I was called for plagiarism, so please follow the grading guide VERY closely because I can’t afford to give up any points. Thank you very much!***Create a job aid that can be used to improve team performance within your organization. Create a 700- to 1,050-word job aid that includes the following: Assess how it will be deployed.Determine what type of training methodology you will use.Evaluate whether or not there is a change management component to its roll-out.Analyze the type of training technology that will be utilized with your aid.Summarize what employees will be able to do after they complete training.
HRM326 Phoenix Week 4 Job Aid Training Process Outcomes Assignment

Critical Analysis Essay

Critical Analysis Essay.

** FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT I WOULD NEED A TUTOR WHO HAS EITHER READ THE BOOK DRACULA BY BRAM STOKER OR HAS ACCESS TO IT AND CAN SKIM THRU IT TO CHOOSE A TOPIC TO WRITE ABOUT. AMAZON HAS A FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FOR KINDLE. ASSIGNMENT: Critical Analysis GuidelinesYour analysis of Dracula may be on any topic of your choosing relating to themes found within the text and at least one other outside source. Examples of these topics may include, but are not limited to any of the essays we have reviewed in class. Some such examples may be comparing the concepts of Good vs. Evil among characters in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, female representation in Dracula vs. other vampire lore, and comparing the characteristics between the ways vampires are represented in Dracula vs. more modern iterations such as Twilight. This essay will be due on October 20th, and will be between 500 – 750 words. You may go over your word limit as long as you stay within your topic.Must be double spaced. Must follow MLA Guidelines Must include a Works Cited page.
Critical Analysis Essay

Importance of Database Security

help me with my homework To be able to manage a huge amount of data effectively and fast, a well organized system is needed to build. It will also need to store and retrieve data easily. Generally, a database system is designed to be used by many users simultaneously for the specific collections of data. Databases are classified based on their types of collections, such as images, numeric, bibliographic or full-text. Digitized databases are created by using management system to make, store, maintain or search the data. Oracle, MS SQL and Sybase servers are mostly used in companies, agencies and institutions for their different purposes of the assets. On the one hand, internetworking technology provides the assets efficiently and effectively among cooperation but it also gives opportunities to hackers or lawbreakers to make profits. So, database security becomes the most important issue and all related agencies have to focus on the availability of their data to the authorized users only. The protection of data from unauthorized disclosure, alteration or destruction is the main purpose of the database security process. Database security is the system, processes, and procedures that protect database from unintended activity that can be categorized as authenticated misuse, malicious attacks made by authorized individuals or processes. Databases have been protected from external connections by firewalls or routers on the network perimeter with the database environment. Database security can begin with the process of creation and publishing of appropriate security standards for the database environment. Particularly database systems in E-commerce, can access the database for exchange and retrieval of information from web applications. As many layers consisted for web application access, it is needed to make sure the security of each layer. In this paper, we are making an attempt to present how to make secure database in each layer of database system of ecommerce in details. Importance of Database Security In this information technology age, it is compulsory for all types of institutions or companies to make avail their information assets online always through databases. However, they must have a policy to divide the levels of users with to which extent they can asset the information. It is vital not to give opportunities to mischievous intruders. Databases are used to provide personnel information, customer information, credit card numbers, financial data and business transactions, etc. The information is very sensitive and highly confidential and must be prevented from disclosure by other competitors and unauthorized persons. The security of data is crucial not only in business but also in even home computers as personal files, details of bank accounts are difficult to replace and potentially unsafe if they will be in wrong hands. Data destroyed by hazards like floods or fire is just lost but handing it in unethical person will have severe consequences. Other threats will be included human errors and espionage. Therefore, the data security starts with strategies of identifying the area of exposure which will be affected. It is important to define who can access what data, who is allowed and who is restricted, whether passwords are used and how to maintain it, what sort of firewalls and anti-malware solutions to use, how to train the staff and to enforce data security. Furthermore, the backup continuity plan should be laid out so that even though the systems fail, the business can be carried out without delay. While constructing the infrastructure security of a company, database security should be well considered. Database is very crucial to most enterprises at present days; the damage of database will have tragic impact on it. Unsecured systems will make hurt both the company itself and its clients. Based on the research done by American National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) in 2000, the continuous attacks on U.S. e-commerce system are increasing. The most interrupted system is Microsoft Windows NT systems, but UNIX based operating systems have also been maltreated. The hackers are utilizing at least three identified system weaknesses to be able to achieve illegal access and download information. Even though these vulnerabilities are not freshly innovated and the mischievous activities of hackers had been in progress for quite long before the sufferer became noticed of the intrusion. The insecurity of the database can affect not only the database itself, but also the other running systems which have the relationship with that database. The process of an intruder can be first to get access to the poorly safe database, then use strong built-in database characters to get admission to the local operating system. In this way, other trusted systems connecting with that database will be easily attacked by the intruder. Database Security in E-commerce database Database system cannot stand alone and it needs to depend on many other systems. Hence, database security is a combination of many other associated and correlated systems are included as well. The following figure is a normal schema of E-commerce Company. In figure 1, the four basic layers are existed in order to defend a database system. These systems are the functioning system on which the database system runs. Firewall is a commonly applied mechanism to obstruct the interruption from the external network. Web server and web application offer numerous services to the end user by accessing the database. Network layer is the medium in which the data is transmitted. Operating system layer Operating system security is a very important characteristic in database administration. Some dominant features of database systems will possibly be a crack for the underlying operating system. Thus, the responsible person should very thoroughly scan the relations between a feature of database and it is operating system. According to Gollmann, there are five layers in Information Technology system. These layers are application, services, operating system, os kernel and hardware. Each layer is constructed on top of other fundamental ones. As the database system is at the service and application layer, it is existed in above the operating system layer. If the weaknesses of the operating system platforms are identified, then those weaknesses may lead to illegal database access or manipulation. Database configuration files and scripts are at server level resources and they should be sheltered severely to ensure the reliability of the database environment. In many database environments, membership in Operating system group is authorized full power of controlling over the database. To keep away from mistreatment and exploitation of the membership, those users’ membership and access to the database should be warranted frequently. One of the responsibilities of Administrator is to organize the settings of the operating system or to adjust the size of the buffer and the timeout period, so as to avoid the rejection of service attack stated previously. Most operating system vendors supply system patches generously and fast if any vulnerability has been detected on the system. Another weakness which is often ignored by the administrator is to bring up to date the operating system with the latest patches to abolish the newest revealed holes of the system. Network layer Data has to be transmitted through the network including local LAN and Internet when web applications communicate with database or other distributed components. The two major network transmissions are from user to web server, and from the web application to web database server. All these communications must be completely protected. Although the administrator can secured the network in local domain, the global internet is unmanageable. Encryption is another influential technology. It is set aside not only the invader cannot interrupt but also the encrypted data is unreadable and tremendously hard to presume or decrypt. The matching key can only be to decrypt the cipher text. The two means to apply encryption in database system are of the one way to use the encryption options provided by database products and another way to obtain encryption products form trusted vendors. In addition, one more approach for a safety connection is practicing the secured protocols above TCP/IP, for example, the technology of Ipsec and VPN (Virtual Private Network). The personal traffic in the course of the public internet by means of encryption technology can be provided by VPN. In generally, SSL (secure sockets layer) can be used as another way for cryptography on top of TCP/IP. Safe and sound web sessions can be obtained by Netscape. SSL has newly developed into Transport Layer Security (TLS) that make certain no other invasion may snoop or interfere with any communication. Utilization of SSL can help to validate and protect web sessions, but the computer itself cannot be safe. Web servers There are dissimilarities in functions of Web programs and common programs in area of safety. The major reason is safety for Web application program as the flaw is not easy to perceive. Web server that keeps the external disturbances is located in the middle of the application server and firewall. It can be applied as intermediary to get the data that we approved to be available. For the time being, the software commonly used in web applications is CGI (Common Gateway Interface). The web server can do a different function in easier way as it is uncomplicated. It is user-friendly as a web page counter. Moreover, for example as reading the input from the remote user, it can be used as multifarious to access the input as uncertainty to a local database. CGI proceeds the outcome to the user after retrieving the database. On the other hand, it is also risky since CGI scripts permit software applications to be carried out inside the web server. The well-known language for CGI scripts is Perl since it is simple to build applications and parse the input from the user. Nevertheless, Perl can be exploited by wicked users as it grants some forceful system commands. The invader can simply demolish the system if CGI was weakly executed by web server. This may be a huge hazard to the system as someone can easily eliminate the classified files from Web server as effortless to contact. To get rid of the intimidations, there are several ways to prevent these. The CGI scripts should be prohibited by abuser to write, and the arrangement should be done to CGI program that can be performed as a single way of directory. It should also be cautious in writing the CGI script. No more longer usage of CGI applications such as sample applications should be disposed as these are approachable to Web server and major intentions for invaders since older CGI samples have safety gaps. Without comprehensive handlings, default settings of Web application server can be a huge imperfection of the system if the database system networks with CGI. There need to make sure the system for which extent of operation is unapproved to the clients when a use logs into the database. Web serve with verification methods built in CGI is the most valuable way which means to prepare a CGI script with login name and password to prevent the files. By doing this, the files are protected to the web server apart from readable only. The safety gaps should be checked firmly and regularly to all the scripts even though these are obtained by self-developed, downloaded or bought from vendors. Firewalls The major significant layer to slab the external interruption of the system is Firewalls. Packet filter and proxy server are the two types of firewall mechanism. The connected data between the application and database are divided into packets which consist of much information in its headers, for examples, sources, destination address and protocol being used. A number of them are cleaned as with which source addresses are unbelievable to access to the databases. The arrangement of firewall should be done to access only one or few protocols which is helpful for application queries such as TCP whereas the other packets are choked-up firmly. Accordingly, the smallest amount of risks is maintained for the vulnerable system. Moreover, the ping of fatal loss will be kept systematically if the firewall is constructed to abandon the approached ICMP demand. The potential invaders should be marked out by reserving log files at the firewall. There are two connections in Proxy server. The first one is the connection between cooperation’s database and proxy server. Another one is the connection between proxy servers also provided the log and audit files. On the other hand, there are very hard to build up strong firewalls, and also too huge and tough to investigate the audit tracks. Database server Database servers are the fundamentals and essentials of greatest values in each and every sector of Education, Health, Military, Manpower, Economics, Modern Arts and Sciences, Information Technology, Electronic Businesses, Financial Institutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, and even universally comprised of sensitive information for business firms, customers, marketers and all stakeholders. The functions and purposes of Database servers are highly depended on the users of their particular intentions for applying the services provided by the operating systems. Some good safety practices for Database servers are to: use multiple passwords to access multi-functions of a server such as using one password to access the single system for administration; apply a different password for another operation; be audited for each and every transaction of the database; utilize application specific user name and password and should never use a default user name or password; back up the system thoroughly for late recovery in case of accidentally break down Allowing to know the end-user for the name and location of database is very worthless. In addition, exposing physical location and name of every database can also be a huge danger to the system. To cover up these issues, we should better practice the service names and pseudonyms. The several copies should be done for the important files which control the accessibility to the database services. Each and every copy should be also connected to a meticulous user group. Moreover, the members of each group should be allowed to access only the relevant documents concerning them. Conclusion The institutions, organizations and business firms mainly stored their important information and valuable assets as digital formats in online related excellent databases. The safety and security issues of Databases become strongly an essential role in the modern world for enterprises. To save from harm of database is to prevent the companies’ untouchable information resources and digital belongings. Database is the multifarious system and very complicated to handle and difficult to prevent from invaders. Last, but not the least, database protection is also to be taken significantly to the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the organizations like other measures of the safety systems. It can be guarded as diverse natures to cover up. Although auditing is critical, but analysis is also very tough while potential analytical tools will be an enormous contribution to protect the online rationality of database system. There should be reinforced to the corporate safety and security issues. Means of verification and encryption will play the essential role in modern database precaution and safety system.

Social Inequities and Disparities through the Lens of COVID 19 Essay

Social Inequities and Disparities through the Lens of COVID 19 Essay.

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided opportunities for health professionals to see the outcomes of social inequities and disparities through the lens of COVID 19. These may be disparities in access to information and resources to prevent COVID-19 (such as Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE), as well as disparities in COVID-19 outcomes. Individual and community ability to successfully practice social distancing has also been identified, often based in essential services and an individual’s necessity to work during the pandemic, if an essential employee.You will be asked to describe a specific community/cultural group in a particular place, their experience with COVID-19 disease and any health disparities that have been identified, and challenges that may be experienced by individuals and the community/cultural group in prevention efforts. After providing this analysis you will then design and describe a culturally appropriate intervention to increase COVID-19 prevention in the identified community or cultural group, or to address a related concern with the pandemic, such as social isolation among senior citizens.You should use data to support your assertions to items 1 and 2 and identify their use with in-text citations and a reference page.Your response should include:1) Identification and discussion of the community or cultural group, and their location, that you are writing about including basic demographics that describe the community or cultural group. Demographics may include, among others, race/ethnicity, age, socio-economic status (SES), educational levels, insurance coverage, and occupational status.2) Identify and describe pertinent disparities relating to COVID-19 infection and outcomes, including relevant disparities in the social determinants of health, as well as health disparities related to COVID-19 outcomes. Health disparities may include rates of infection and/or death, as well as those that compound COVID-19 infection outcomes such as obesity or diabetes rates in the community or cultural group. This section may also describe disparities related to access and availability of prevention methods, including PPE and access to COVID-19 testing. This section should end with the identification of specific areas that can be addressed in the programmatic intervention.3) Design and describe a culturally competent programmatic intervention to address the specific areas that were identified at the end of the previous section. Examples of interventions include (but are not limited to) access to prevention information and PPE, or actions to address associated outcomes of the pandemic such as social isolation among senior citizens of the community or cultural group. The intervention must include at least two levels of the Socioecological Model of Health (covered in the first weeks of the course and the early textbook readings) with a description of how each identified level is addressed.Grading of the final exam will be as follows:1) Identification and description of the community or cultural group: 5 points.4-5 points = thorough discussion utilizing multiple (2 or more), relevant data sources to provide a thorough understanding of the community or cultural group.2-3 points = general discussion utilizing 1-2 data sources to provide a basic understanding of the community or cultural group.0-1 points = minimal discussion of the cultural group. Minimal to no use of data to support description.2) Identification and description of pertinent disparities relating to COVID-19 infection and outcomes, including access to PPE and testing, if appropriate, as well as other disparities related to COVID-19 infection and outcomes: 5 points.4-5 points = Discussion utilizing multiple, relevant data sources to provide a thorough understanding of health and social disparities related to COVID-19 and the community or cultural group.2-3 points = general discussion utilizing multiple data sources to provide a basic understanding of health and social disparities related to COVID-19 among the community or cultural group.0-1 points = minimal discussion of disparities related to COVID 19 infection and/or outcomes among the community or cultural group. Minimal to no use of data to support description.3) Design and describe a culturally competent programmatic intervention to address the specific areas that were identified at the end of the previous section: 5 points.4-5 points = Proposed programmatic intervention addresses areas identified in #2, includes at least two levels of the SEM with a detailed description of the activity/activities associated with the specific level, and a thoughtful description of methods to assure cultural competence/appropriateness.2-3 points = Proposed programmatic intervention addresses areas identified in #2, includes two levels of the SEM with a basic description of the activity/activities associated with the specific level, as well as methods to assure cultural competence/appropriateness.0-1 points = Proposed intervention minimally addresses, or does not address, areas identified in #2, and/or provides minimal to no discussion of the activities, and/or does not discuss methods to assure cultural competence/appropriateness.4) Use of in-text citations and a reference page: 2 points (as an end-of-semester gift I will not be grading on the specific of APA citations and references, but they should be clearly identifiable and understandable).2 points = uses clear in-text citations and an associated references on a reference page for all data sources.1 point = in-text citations are used but the data they are related to is not clear in the citation use, and/or associated references are not included for each citation on the reference page.c. 0 points = does not use in-text citation nor a reference page.5) College-level Writing: 3 points3 points = Writing is clear, direct, professional in tone, and virtually error free2 points = Writing is clear, in a professional tone but may contain errors in writing. Nopatterns of error identified.1 point = Writing is somewhat clear, and/or may not be professional in tone, and/orcontains multiple errors in writing with patterns of error.0 points = Writing is not clear, and/or is not in a professional tone, and or containsmultiple errors in writing that impede understanding.
Social Inequities and Disparities through the Lens of COVID 19 Essay

NURS 4115 UOC The Role of The Nurse in Global Health & Developed Countries Essay

NURS 4115 UOC The Role of The Nurse in Global Health & Developed Countries Essay.

Post your analysis of one health problem between one developed and one developing country in comparison with the United States in terms of the WHO outcomes and criteria listed above. State your opinion about how well the United States is doing in terms of public health. Share what you think countries with worse outcomes could learn from countries with better outcomes. Explain the nurse’s role in public and global health and why nurses should be concerned with global health issues. Conclude by summarizing your view of the role of the nurse in public health. 
To prepare for this Discussion:

Reflect on Dr. Mancuso’s comments in this week’s media presentation; specifically, on the role of the BSN nurse in public and global health.
Select one health problem that you will use as a basis of comparison between countries.
Identify one developed and one developing country.
Compare and contrast the health problems and countries you selected with the United States in terms of World Health Organization (WHO) outcomes. In your analysis, be sure to include information about workforce availability to deal with the country’s disease burden.
Based on your examination of the research, how well is the United States performing in terms of public health as compared to the developed and developing countries you selected?
Think about what countries with worse outcomes could learn from countries with better outcomes.
Think about why nurses should be concerned with global health issues and what the role of the nurse should be in public health. 

NURS 4115 UOC The Role of The Nurse in Global Health & Developed Countries Essay