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However, I would advise that they spent at least half of that time not just finding something to amuse themselves (which these days would be tv, gaming, computers or otherwise being a bother to others) but something constructive. I think too many children associate learning with school, but six weeks is enough time to get fit, get into cooking or baking, start learning a new language, cultivate your own interests, read a book (fact or fiction), get into a new hobby, join a club, learn a new skill or even get a job.

Children would feel better for it. They would feel like they controlled those precious six weeks rather than the state. I’m a university student. I’ve been on summer break from the end of May and don’t return until the last week of September, but it’s packed with things I either have to do for next year or things I can do to improve myself. Of course, this will depend a lot on your parents and what they will allow and can afford, but children should take their life into their hands in this short and set about doing something to improve themselves.

Otherwise, if all that’s going to be done is lazing about for the whole of that time, cut them back to four weeks I would say! That’s plenty of time to enjoy doing sod all! School holidays were originally put into place for children to go and help farmers with the harvest. If children could return to school being able to say they’ve done something interesting which could be talked about to the rest of class, that would be ideal. Otherwise there’s no incentive.

History Question

The answers are to be provided in the form of short, written paragraphs. The essay answers will be longer than the identifications.
Part I
Directions: Choose five of the following ten terms. Define and give the significance of each in a short paragraph.
Voltaire 6. Conservatism
Bastille 7. Adam Smith
Napoleon Bonaparte 8. David Hume
Estates General 9. Socialism
Enlightenment 10. Battle of Jena-Auerstadt
Part II
Directions: Pick two of the following essays and answer them to the best of your ability.
1. What were the goals of the Enlightenment? Were any of these achieved? Why or why not?2. Which factor contributed more to the outbreak of the French Revolution, economic upheaval or social inequality? Support your answer.3. Why did it take the combined efforts of all of Europe to defeat Napoleon?4. Why did England industrialize first? What specific assets did that country possess which placed it in an idea position to take advantage of technological changes?5. How did Romanticism support different ideologies such as Conservatism, Liberalism and Nationalism in the early nineteenth century? Please give supporting examples of at least two of the political ideologies.