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Scheduling and email.

Using your previous experience, we ask that you prepare an interview schedule and communication email to the candidates confirming their interviews.  Typically, we expect this to not take more than an hour, so please use that as context as you consider the kind of detail you might share. Also, please consider these materials confidential and proprietary and not to be distributed outside of this email.Any questions at all, please let me know!——-Market Launch Analyst InterviewsWe have a schedule of 8 candidates coming in for final round interviews in our Chicago office this Friday for our Market Launch Analyst opportunity. Each candidate will be going to breakfast or lunch and will go through four 45-minute interviews (Behavioral, Case, Technical, Company Overview). The meals are with the analysts, the technical interview is with a director, the company overview is with a manager or above, the case interview is with a senior manager or above, and the behavioral interview is with a senior analyst or above. I have attached the template for the schedule and the resumes for the candidates. If you could please do the following: Complete the ScheduleDraft the email and add the attachments you would send to the interviewersDraft the email that you would send to the candidates to confirm their interviews. Here is some additional information you will need: Available Interviewers:Nina Boldt, DirectorAnn Barriere, DirectorDavid Parker, ManagerBrennan Dingler, AnalystJay Rose, Senior AnalystTiffany Jernigan, Senior ManagerKatie Knudsen, Analyst Previous Interviews:All candidates have gone through a business phone interview with Meggie Manley. Jeffrey, Mia, Sophie and Alex are interviewing in the morning and Maggie, Brandon, Janice and Alan are interviewing in the afternoon. Available Interview Rooms:Franklin St., Lake Shore Drive, Michigan Ave, Clark St.Upload Logo to excel worksheet.Please be charismatic in email.

discussion response 1

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment on the discussion. There are several methods that health care organizations use to measure their operational needs. It is extremely important for these organization to know and understand the areas that that need improving and the areas that do not. One such method is an operational assessment. An Operational Assessment determines a hospital’s status objectively and paves the path to performance enhancements and financial sustainability. The Operational Assessment process produces a report with its findings along with a step-by-step performance Enhancement plan. This report contains the hospital’s vulnerabilities as well as its opportunities, benchmark comparisons with comparably sized hospitals, specific recommendations for operational improvements including their estimated financial impact and frequent review of the Action Plan prevents straying from the path and ensures progress is occurring across all areas. Another method is Lean health care. Lean health care is” ideas in health care that minimize waste with ongoing process improvement”. The purpose of Lean Health care is to “dramatically increase patient safety and reduce the cost of providing health care” (Dahlgaarda, 2011). Examples of waste in health care are waiting, failures (defects) in care delivery, failure (defects), in care coordination, overtreatment, and fraud and abuse. Another method we can look at is Six Sigma. “Six Sigma is a metrics-system used to reduce medical errors and remove defects from processes involved in delivery care”. The difference between the two is Lean’s focal point is on the eradication of waste while Six Sigma seeks to lower variation by bringing down the defects to a specific analytical measure. Organizations seem to prefer Lean as a better overall approach for health care improvement. While Six Sigma requires analytical methods, costly training, and expensive platforms and systems. Finally, the Lean principles make it easy for every member of the organization from clinicians to operations and administration staff to participate in identifying areas of waste and get rid of anything that does not add value for patients. Therefore, it becomes set in the culture of a health care organization and the results are felt at every level.
Community Hospital Corporation. (2020). Operational assessment: The first step to long-term sustainability.
Dahlgaarda, J. (2011). Quality and lean health care: a system for assessing and improving the health of healthcare organizations. Total Quality Management

Portray the Problem and Potential Solutions Through the Symbolic and Structural Perspectives

Scheduling and email. Portray the Problem and Potential Solutions Through the Symbolic and Structural Perspectives.


You are on the selection committee that will choose the new leader of your department at your educational organization. Instead of having the person be a university president or principal which would only be relevant to a few of our MEd or MEd-EdL specializations, make the person the head of a major department such as the head coach, lead teacher for Headstart, or the Vice President of Global Training and Development etc. The outgoing leader has retired after 25 years and was well known for their attendance in the workplace and at community events and a spirit of servant leadership. It is a bittersweet time saying goodbye to them. The department is on relatively solid footing, but like any department, it has its problems, too. As a member of the selection committee, you want to draw a careful balance with candidates where you accentuate the strengths of the organization’s structure and traditions while still letting the candidates know that you are looking to them to solve specific problems. Part I Create a visually appealing brochure to attract the ideal candidate. Explain your organization’s structure and where the new major department head will fit in the hierarchy. Describe your department’s values, traditions, and ceremonies. Part of the brochure should be text and part should be graphics. A tri-fold Microsoft Word brochure like the one shown here should have enough space You may design your own tri-fold brochure if you wish, but please use Microsoft Word. Part II Next, write a list of five interview questions you would ask the candidate to determine the person’s position on your problem from Week 3. In a one-page Word document, in question and answer format in full sentences, answer the five questions about your problem in a way that shows understanding of the symbolic and structural perspectives and the leadership practice “Encourage the Heart.” Length: 1 tri-fold brochure with text and graphics created in Microsoft Word and a one-page document of interview questions and the successful candidate’s responses. References: Include a minimum of three credible resources appropriate to your specialization of which at least one should be from a scholarly journal. The brochure does not need in-text citations or references, but the onepage document should have both. 

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Cultural Information Paper

Cultural Information Paper.

Assignment 4: Cultural Information Paper

This paper should be at least 5 pages. Your new employee is going to be moving overseas! Develop a cultural information paper that will help them understand how to make the transition. (NOTE: You are able to choose any country–please make sure the county of choice is logical for the position.) Include in this paper: a short introduction to the country, the local customs, what to expect, and a list of what is needed to work in the country. For example: Certain countries require a work visa. Include the requirements for the work visa. Include country-specific information needed to live and work in that country such as: transportation availability, housing costs, union influence, work week, typical vacation time, and anything specific to the country we would not experience in the US. For example: Some countries the children wear uniforms and go to school all year. Use at least three (3) quality academic resources in this assignment.

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focused note

Assignment 2: Focused SOAP Note
Photo Credit: PexelsPsychiatric notes are a way to reflect on your practicum experiences and connect the experiences to the learning you gain from your weekly Learning Resources. Focused SOAP notes, such as the ones required in this practicum course, are often used in clinical settings to document patient care.
For this Assignment, you will document information about a patient that you examined during the last 4 weeks, using the Focused SOAP Note Template provided.
To Prepare
Select an adult patient that you examined during the last 4 weeks who presented with a disorder other than the disorder present in your Week 3 Case Presentation.
Create a Focused SOAP Note on this patient using the template provided in the Learning Resources. There is also a completed Focused SOAP Note Exemplar provided to serve as a guide to assignment expectations.Please Note:All SOAP notes must be signed, and each page must be initialed by your Preceptor.Note: Electronic signatures are not accepted.
When you submit your note, you should include the complete focused SOAP note as a Word document and PDF/images of each page that is initialed and signed by your Preceptor.
You must submit your SOAP note using SafeAssign.

Include at least five scholarly resources to support your assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning
The Assignment
Present the full complex case study. Include chief complaint; history of present illness; any pertinent past psychiatric, substance use, medical, social, family history; most recent mental status exam; current psychiatric diagnosis including differentials that were ruled out; and plan for treatment and management.
Report normal diagnostic results as the name of the test and “normal” (rather than specific value). Abnormal results should be reported as a specific value.
Specifically address the following for the patient, using your SOAP note as a guide:
Subjective: What details did the patient provide regarding their chief complaint and symptomology to derive your differential diagnosis? What is the duration and severity of their symptoms? How are their symptoms impacting their functioning in life?
Objective: What observations did you make during the psychiatric assessment?
Assessment: Discuss patient mental status examination results. What were your differential diagnoses? Provide a minimum of three possible diagnoses and why you chose them. List them from highest priority to lowest priority. What was your primary diagnosis, and why? Describe how your primary diagnosis aligns with DSM-5 diagnostic criteria and supported by the patient’s symptoms.
Plan: What was your plan for psychotherapy? What was your plan for treatment and management, including alternative therapies? Include pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatments, alternative therapies, and follow-up parameters, as well as a rationale for this treatment and management plan. Be sure to include at least one health promotion activity and one patient education strategy.
Reflection notes: What would you do differently with this patient if you could conduct the session over? If you are able to follow up with your patient, explain whether these interventions were successful and why or why not. If you were not able to conduct a follow up, discuss what your next intervention would be.

Entry into practice, the associates degree RN versus the BSN

Entry into practice, the associates degree RN versus the BSN.

Entry into practice, the associates degree RN versus the BSN

Write 1900 words with references and citations from peer reviewed articles (5 references from less than 5 years old) must be appropriate for a scholarly paper no Wikipedia or general interest websites. APA format.

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View the classic film Gone With the Wind

View the classic film Gone With the Wind.

View the classic film Gone With the Wind (1939).

This is one of the most important American films ever made, but as for HISTORY, it has some BIG problems. Answer the 6 questions in essay form 1. What is the film-makers’ view of the southern plantation way of life? How is slavery portrayed? 2. What was the main theme(s) of the film? What were the film-makers trying to get us to see? 3. Why, according to Rhett Butler, can the South not win the war against the North? Who/What does Rhett Butler look out for? How are he and Scarlett alike? 4. Which scenes in the movie are particularly authentic, in your opinion. 5. Was there something about the movie you did not understand? 6. In the broader context of American History, what is the meaning of the film’s title, “Gone With the wind”

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Langston Hughes: Significant influence on American literary history.

Langston Hughes: Significant influence on American literary history..

Discuss one work or one author from this course that you believe had the most significant influence on American literary history. DO NOT FOCUS ON AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY. Focus on the author’s writings and how the author’s work(s) influenced literature specifically. Please be sure to maintain third person perspective.

Submission Instructions:

Your essays should be in MLA Style and approximately 1500-2000 words, not including the Work(s) Cited page. Meeting the minimum word requirement makes you eligible for a C grade. Meeting the maximum word requirements makes you eligible for an A grade. As with most academic writing, this essay should be written in third person. Please avoid both first person (I, we, our, etc.) and second person (you, your). In the upper left-hand corner of the paper, place your name, the professor’s name, the course name, and the due date for the assignment on consecutive lines. Double space your information from your name onward, and don’t forget a title. All papers should be in Times New Roman font with 12-point type with one-inch margins all the way around your paper. All paragraph indentations should be indented five spaces (use the tab key) from the left margin. All work is to be left justified. When quoting lines in literature, please research the proper way to cite short stories, plays, or poems.

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The effects of plant protein on muscle recovery in body builders

The effects of plant protein on muscle recovery in body builders.

Choose a topic related to nutrition and exercise. Include 6­8 research articles relevant to your topic;

at least 5 from the past 5 years. Articles must be from reputable medical, exercise physiology and/or

nutrition journals. Create a hypothesis. In the last paragraph of your paper, summarize and conclude

your topic based on your literature review. Paper should be typed, double spaced, 7­10 pages in

length; references should be cited using APA format.


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